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Why fear food when you could conquer it all with one delicious chewable?
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Digest BEST with Xyngular Complete Digestive Aid™.

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It's Love at First Bite


This unique blend of broad-spectrum enzymes comes in a tasty and convenient chewable that gets you the expected benefit of helping with general digestion, but it does so much more...

Decreasing gas and bloating, along with the associated discomfort, breaking down tough-to-handle foods so your body can maximize the nutrients it absorbs, and even serving as a delectable little treat in Tropical Citrus flavor. 🍊 *

Simply chew one tablet before (or after) eating a meal and let your food FOMO melt away!

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Expect More From Digestion

Upwards of 80 million Americans suffer from poor digestion. 😔 (Thanks, we hate it.)

That's partly because as our bodies age, they stop making as many digestive enzymes, which we need to break down and process the food we eat. If we can't break down what we take in, we're likely to experience poor digestion, gas, bloating, and even nutrient deficiencies.

That's where Complete Digestive Aid comes in. It gives your body the tools it needs (enzymes) to break down even the peskiest offenders–like sugar, fat, carbs, proteins, and dairy.*

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Digest Best With the Best Broad Spectrum Digestive Aid Available.

Add Complete Digestive Aid to your weight loss regimen today!

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Good News for Your Tummy 😋

By now, you probably have at least a cursory understanding of the importance of digestive enzymes to your digestive health... but that's not all there is to it.

The Tummy Tamer is a bundle dedicated to supporting all aspects of your digestive system, for a healthier, happier you. It includes Complete Digestive Aid, Complete Prebiotic, Complete Probiotic, and Complete Collagen.

Create the balance your body craves with Xyngular Tummy Tamer, the best way to build a happy gut! 💜

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Digestion Besties

Like so many iconic friendships, Complete Digestive Aid works best with its partners...

Get the X Factor
One pill, one scoop, one drink to keep you energized, support skin from within, and kick cravings to the curb! Put your best foot forward each day with these three impressive products.*

Level up

The Digestion Duo...
This powerful duo pairs two products that work together to strengthen your gut lining, replenish healthy bacteria, and improve your digestion. And when you feel better, you live better!*

Healthy and happy

Complete Prebiotic
Triple Berry deliciousness that feeds and nourishes your good gut bacteria while also helping to support your blood sugar and metabolic health.*

Feed my microbiome

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Don't be afraid of food. Enjoy it fearlessly with the most complete broad-spectrum digestive aid on the market!

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Our Complete Guide to Digestion
Most of what you read about digestive health leaves a lot out. Having a healthy digestive system impacts every part of your day-to-day life, from your weight to your immune system, and even your mood!


Take Back Control With Tummy Tamer
Weight loss isn't just calories in vs. calories out. Your body has a lot more going on! That's why we created the Tummy Tamer, to give you the right tools for the job...


Choosing the Right Supplements for Gut Health
A healthy gut looks completely different from an unhealthy gut. But what does "healthy" look like, and do you need to supplement? We thought you'd never ask...


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