One Bundle. Complete Digestive Health.
Healthy Weight Loss.

Lots of things are wild... but your digestive system shouldn't be one of them.
That's why we created the perfect bundle to rein it in.
Meet the first totally comprehensive approach to gut health AND weight loss.
Meet Xyngular Tummy Tamer.

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Right Tools, Right Time

Your gut deserves more than one-size-fits-all.

Gut health affects every bodily function. Weight, emotional and mental health, hormone balance, sleep quality... even how well you absorb and metabolize nutrients from the food you eat.

And all that amazing work takes an entire system. Not just one part of your body, and not just one product (although each of these is revolutionary on its own). You want to beat bloat, improve digestion, support your metabolic health, and systematically say "SEE YA" to unwanted pounds.

We know that it takes guts to lose weight. And that's what makes the Tummy Tamer the most complete system for weight loss and health.

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Meet Your Good Gut Stars ⭐️

The Tummy Tamer puts you back in control with the right tools for the job. Each product has been specifically selected and developed for optimum digestive health.

Nourish and feed your good gut bacteria with Complete Prebiotic, then use Complete Probiotic to help introduce more good bacteria into your microbiome for better digestion, a strong metabolism, and a more balanced mood.

Complete Digestive Aid is your food's best friend since it helps you break down food, get more nutrients, and beat gas and bloating to the punch, while Complete Collagen keeps your skin glowing and your joints happy, then tie it all together in a bundle that's created to help you look and feel your best!

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Get the Right Tools.

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Gut With the Best, Forget the Rest!

Carefully crafted for optimum benefits, each product included in the Tummy Tamer is scientifically formulated with clinically-studied, premium ingredients, like organic prebiotic fibers, ethically-sourced collagen peptides, broad-spectrum enzymes, and targeted probiotic strains.🔬

You won't find more functional or expertly crafted formulas anywhere else, which is why Tummy Tamer is the perfect daily partner and one of the best bundles you can place on a subscription.

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Powerful Separate, Stronger Together

Each product featured in the Tummy Tamer is a solo powerhouse.
But together? You're looking at the most complete gut health solution on the market.

Complete Prebiotic

Complete Prebiotic
Nourishes and feeds good gut bacteria with multi-source organic prebiotic fibers, and polyphenol-rich botanicals that improve digestion and support metabolic health.🫐

Feed Good, Feel Good

Complete Digestive Aid
Digest efficiently and promote nutrient absorption to beat gas and bloat. 🥭This chewable tablet breaks down protein, carbs, fat, sugar, and dairy for smooth sailing from the very first bite!

Love at First Bite

Xyngular Complete Collagen
FIVE different types of ethically-sourced collagen meet with digestive enzymes, fulvic minerals, and vitamin C to boost and improve natural collagen production.🍍

Let's GLOW

Complete Probiotic
20 billion CFUs and 11 targeted strains work together to bring you better digestion, a strong metabolism, and a balanced mood!💙

Nourish Your Gut

Let's #GetGutSmart

We know that getting gut smart looks different for everybody. That's why Tummy Tamer gives you (and your gut, and your mood, and your weight) endless possibilities for total body wellness.

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Weight loss takes guts–so grab the only comprehensive solution on the market that's focused on giving your guts some love!
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Take Control of Your Digestion with Tummy Tamer
Weight loss isn't just calories in vs. calories out. Your body has a lot more going on! That's why we created the Tummy Tamer, to give you the right tools for the job...


Our Complete Guide to Digestion
Most of what you read about digestive health leaves a lot out. Having a healthy digestive system impacts every part of your day-to-day life, from your weight to your immune system, and even your mood!


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