Take Control of Your Digestion with Xyngular Tummy Tamer

Xyngular Tummy Tamer For Complete Digestive Health

Sometimes things that are good on their own, are even better together. Take a campfire and ghost stories, for example. They're both fun, but when you put them together, you’ve got the makings of a magical night under the stars.

So when we decided to combine the power of four of our best weight loss and digestive health supplements into one easy-to-buy grouping, we knew we were onto something. Because if combining two things is good, then combining four things is a recipe for success!

That’s why we’re excited to offer the Xyngular Tummy Tamer. Tummy Tamer comes with Xyngular Complete Probiotic, Xyngular Complete Prebiotic, Xyngular Complete Digestive Aid, and Xyngular Complete Collagen. These four Xyngular products are designed to promote gut health and weight loss, and while they’re good on their own, they work even better together.*

Why We Made Tummy Tamer

What inspired us to bring together four powerhouse Xyngular products?


That’s right, you. One of the main reasons we created Xyngular Tummy Tamer was because our customers and distributors requested it. And we love to give the people what they want!

And while the Xyngular community was the inspiration, the products speak for themselves. The Xyngular Tummy Tamer supplements combine to make one of the most complete solutions to support weight loss and lasting gut health. And that’s something everyone deserves.*

What’s In The Tummy Tamer?

Xyngular Tummy Tamer combines four powerhouse products: Complete Collagen, Complete Probiotic, Complete Prebiotic, and Complete Digestive Aid, for a comprehensive approach to gut health and weight loss. It helps you to digest best and #GetGutSmart.

Each of our Xyngular products use the highest quality ingredients, so you can feel good about taking them. Here are the products included in the Xyngular Tummy Tamer pack:

Xyngular Complete Collagen: Collagen helps build muscle, control cravings, and support the digestive system while aiding in nutrient absorption.*

Xyngular Complete Probiotic: Supports healthy weight loss by helping reduce bloat and cravings, and by providing mood and digestive support.*

Xyngular Complete Prebiotic: Promotes weight loss and weight management by nourishing good gut bacteria and supporting a healthy microbiome.*

Xyngular Complete Digestive Aid: Helps break down fats, proteins, carbs, fiber, sugar, and lactose to speed up digestion and reduce gas and bloating.*

Gut health impacts every bodily function, including weight, emotional and mental health, hormone balance, sleep quality, and even how well you absorb and metabolize nutrients from the food you eat. Xyngular Tummy Tamer has the right tools to tackle it all! Each product is revolutionary on its own, but better together, making Tummy Tamer the most complete solution to support weight loss AND lasting gut health.

How Does Tummy Tamer Help You Lose Weight?

It seems clear that the Xyngular Tummy Tamer products are good for gut health, but how do they help you lose weight? It turns out, a healthy digestive system is an important factor in weight loss. Here is how each of the Xyngular products works to promote digestive health:

Xyngular Complete Collagen: People don’t usually think of collagen for weight loss, but the digestive enzymes in collagen help improve gut health in addition to contributing to glowing skin, healthy joints, and strong muscles.*

Xyngular Complete Probiotic: As a probiotic for weight loss, Xyngular Complete Probiotic is designed to support a healthy mood and metabolism. Our probiotic has 20 billion CFUs, as well as 11 feel-good strains.*

Xyngular Complete Prebiotic: This prebiotic weight loss supplement supports digestion by feeding the good bacteria in your gut. It also promotes stable blood sugar, metabolic health, and more.*

Xyngular Complete Digestive Aid: It doesn’t matter what you eat if your body doesn’t absorb the nutrients. Our digestive aid breaks food down for easy digestion and nutrient absorption, which also helps reduce bloating and gas.*

Each of these supplements is highly effective on its own, but together they combine to help supercharge your gut health and weight loss efforts. Each takes a slightly different approach to supporting your digestive system, so together they offer a more complete solution than any individual product can. As you prioritize digestive health, you’ll also ramp up the efficiency of your weight loss efforts.

Digest Best With Xyngular Tummy Tamer

Contrary to popular belief, weight loss isn’t just about calories in vs. calories out. That’s a big part of it, but effective weight loss involves a healthy lifestyle and supporting the body to help it function at its peak. And while weight lifting and cardio get all the weight loss glory, the unsung hero in the equation is the digestive system that supplies your body with the nutrients it needs to function.

The Xyngular Tummy Tamer products help support digestive health by counteracting the toll bad habits, processed foods, and environmental factors take on your gut biome. The Complete Probiotic, Complete Prebiotic, Complete Digestive Aid, and Complete Collagen work together to help build up good gut bacteria, support your immune system, balance your mood, and more. All of these things can help lead to a healthier, happier life.*

Take control of your digestive system with Xyngular Tummy Tamer. Order Tummy Tamer today by logging into your Xyngular account, or contacting your Xyngular distributor. See what a healthy gut can do for your weight loss goals.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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