Gut Glow Drink, Gut-Healthy Collagen Drink Recipe

Passion Fruit Gut Glow Drink - With Collagen Powder

You’ve likely heard of the importance of collagen in your diet, and for a good reason. Collagen production decreases significantly as you age, and not only does this reduction in collagen result in more wrinkles and hair loss, but it also affects joint and gut health. As more research comes about the importance of collagen, our team has brainstormed how we can help make it easier than ever to get collagen into your diet.

That’s how we developed our now-famous Gut Glow recipe that includes Complete Prebiotic (to help “feed” the helpful bacteria in your gut) and Trimstix (to prevent sugar cravings from blood sugar crashes). This powerhouse combination of Xyngular products will help you feel great inside and out.

Gut Glow Collagen Drink Recipe

Gut Glow Ingredients:

● 1 scoop Complete Collagen

● 1 packet Complete Prebiotic

● 1 packet Trimstix

● 16 oz. water

● Ice

Gut Glow Instructions:

  1. Mix one scoop of Complete Collagen with 2 oz warm water
  2. Add 14 oz cold water
  3. Mix in one packet of Complete Prebiotic
  4. Mix in one packet Trimstix
  5. Pour over ice

Are Collagen Drinks Good For You?

The short answer is yes! Making up 25-35% of your body’s total protein content, collagen is a connective protein that gives skin a youthful appearance, helps with hair production, supports joint health, and boosts gut function. This means that as you age and your body stops producing collagen, you will notice wrinkles, hair loss, joint discomfort, and gut problems.

When you supplement collagen to your diet with a daily collagen drink, you are ensuring that you are giving your hair, skin, joints, and gut the collagen needed to function at optimal levels. When you drink collagen in combination with a prebiotic, you give your gut the reparative and anti-bloating benefits of collagen with the gut health-boosting benefits of prebiotics.

Complete Collagen, Complete Prebiotic, and Trimstix work together to create a healthy gut, helping your body absorb all the nutrients from your food, reduce bloating, support blood sugar levels in healthy individuals, and nourish the healthy bacteria in your gut.*

Boost Your Gut Health The Easy (And Delicious) Way!

This simple habit of adding a scoop of collagen to your daily routine is one of the easiest ways to ensure your joints, gut, hair, and skin stay healthy. A collagen routine makes it easier than ever to take care of your body from the inside out. When you combine the benefits of Complete Collagen with Complete Prebiotic and Trimstix in a delicious drink recipe, not only do you get to enjoy a sweet treat, but you are boosting your body’s gut health!

Try our Gut Glow Collagen drink recipe, and give your body the tasty treat of a happy gut, stronger joints, less bloating, thicker hair, youthful skin, and supporting healthy blood sugar levels in healthy individuals.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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