What To Do After Your Xyngular 8-Day Jumpstart

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So you’re finished with the Xyngular 8-Day Jumpstart and you’ve lost a pound or two (or possibly much more!). First off, congratulations! Losing weight and reducing inches are no small feats. Interestingly enough, the battle between your personal weight loss vs weight gain are not over yet. It’s vital that you take advantage of the momentum you’ve built when you participated in the 8-Day Jumpstart. With just a little bit of effort, you can effectively maintain healthy weight loss for your life. Maintaining healthy weight loss is not just an item you can check off a list and be finished with. Health and wellness is a life-long journey and Xyngular’s mission is to help you build those healthy habits and sustainable and healthy weight loss goals. The 8-Day Jumpstart can be the beginning of this journey for you. Below we highlight frequently asked questions we hear from those who complete the 8-Day Jumpstart.

We’ve also included incredibly valuable resources and information to help you know what to do now that you’ve completed the 8-Day jumpstart kit.


You probably just finished the 8-Day Jumpstart or you’re closely approaching the end and you might just have some questions. Don’t worry, everyone has them. And that’s the unique predicament we find ourselves in when it comes to losing weight. We solve one problem (losing weight) and it opens up a new problem (What do I do now? What am I supposed to eat? etc). We’ve put together a list of some of the more common and frequently asked questions we receive about what to do after the Xyngular 8-Day Jumpstart.

What Do I Eat After The 8-Day Jumpstart?

Once you’ve completed the 8-Day Jumpstart, it’s important that you continue to develop healthy eating habits to ensure your success continues beyond your 8-Day Jumpstart experience. You’ll want to determine if you want to select a low-carb meal plan or a keto meal plan. Choosing the appropriate meal plan depends on your weight loss preferences and lifestyle. If you’re looking to boost your metabolism, burn fat, and overcome weight-loss hurdles with delicious meats and veggies, a low carb meal plan is probably for you. On the other hand, if you want your body to burn fat instead of carbs while eating hearty proteins and rich, healthy fats...the keto meal plan might be what you want to try.

Each meal plan is unique. Each one comes with different ratios of proteins, fats, and carbs for your daily limits. We have more on this below in our “Do I Choose Low Carb Diet Or The Keto Diet After The 8-Day Jumpstart?” section. We also have an incredible resource in our kit recipes that offer both keto and low carb meal plan recipes.

How Much Weight Can I Lose On The 8-Day Jumpstart?

You can lose up to 15 pounds in eight days with the Xyngular 8-Day Jumpstart. The 8-Day Jumpstart plan encourages healthy weight loss. You can lose an additional 1-2 pounds or more each week following the 8-Day jumpstart when selecting a new Xyngular kit. Start with a clean slate to help you achieve your weight loss goals. Results are not guaranteed and can vary.

How Soon Until I Can Do Another 8-Day Jumpstart?

You’ve finished with the 8-Day Jumpstart. You’ve most likely lost some pounds and inches. You’re excited. Your first reaction might be to want to do another Xyngular 8-Day Jumpstart right away. We recommend doing an 8-Day Jumpstart only once per month. This doesn’t mean your Xyngular weight loss journey needs to end immediately after the 8 days! Xyngular features many weight loss products aimed to support some of today’s most common health needs. Health needs you are most likely experiencing. A popular follow-up product(s) for those who do the 8-Day Jumpstart, is to choose one of our highly popular weight loss kits.

Do I Need A Xyngular Kit After The 8-Day Jumpstart?

Xyngular’s weight loss kits are one of a kind kits designed to target and help you overcome some of the most common and challenging health needs. They are very popular and effective for those wanting to continue losing weight and maintaining overall health and wellness. Whereas other industry weight loss plans are focused only on supplements, or only on coaching, or only on exercise, etc, our kits come equipped with a bevy of products to help target health and wellness maintenance along with detailed meal plans, nutritional programming, exercise suggestions, and meal plans. Whenever we get asked if someone needs a Xyngular kit, we emphatically respond with a resounding “YES!” because we stand behind their effectiveness to help you. Even better is that each Xyngular kit starts with an 8-Day Jumpstart so once you receive a kit you can move straight into the post-Jumpstart schedule and use the 8-Day you’ve already done to launch into your new kit.

What Xyngular Products Can I Use After The 8-Day Jumpstart?

You can use any of the products featured in Xyngular’s product catalog. We recommend consuming Flush no more than 10 days consecutively before taking a break, so you may need to adjust and take that recommendation into account. A very popular route many take after the 8-Day Jumpstart is choosing the best Xyngular weight loss kit (X Bundle, X Plus, or X Advanced) for you because they each provide the best value for continuing and maintaining your specific weight loss and wellness goals.

Each of Xyngular’s products is specifically engineered to help you depending on your health and wellness goals, problems, and needs. Is appetite control a major problem for you? We have a kit and products for it. What about stress and emotional eating? Is energy a major factor for you not losing weight? Ask yourselves these types of questions and let them direct what products or kits you use after the 8-Day Jumpstart.

Do I Choose Low Carb Diet Or The Keto Diet After The 8-Day Jumpstart?

Before you can choose between keto and low carb diets, you need to have a basic understanding of what each one is so that you can pick the one that you can stick with long term. The keto diet is about significantly limiting the amount of carbs you consume, while also increasing your fat intake as a main source of calories. Your daily calorie intake on the keto diet should look like this: healthy fats (70% of calorie intake), proteins (25% of calorie intake), and healthy carbs (5% of calorie intake). The ketogenic or “keto” diet logic is that when you decrease carbs your body will begin breaking down fats stored in the body for energy and produce ketones, which becomes the primary energy source. This effect (“ketosis”) forces the body to burn fat for fuel.

On the flip side, the low carb diet won’t have you consume as much healthy fat for calories as the keto diet. The logic behind low carb is to restrict carbs commonly found in sugar, breads, and pastas. It requires you to increase protein intake, lessen the carbs, and in some cases slightly increase the amount of healthy fats you consume. Your daily calorie intake on the low carb diet should look like this: healthy fats (40%-50% of calorie intake), proteins (40%-50% of calorie intake), and healthy carbs (10%-20% of calorie intake).

So which one do you choose? It depends on your personal preferences and situation. Some struggle with consuming more than 50% of the calories from fat, so they opt-in for the low carb diet. On the other hand, some see more fat loss quicker on the keto diet, so they opt-in for the ketogenic diet. We provide plenty of resources for both diets. The ideal question to ask yourself to find out which diet is best for you is, “Which plan aligns with my health and wellness goals and which one is going to fit my lifestyle?”


Here are a handful of important and effective ways to help you maintain healthy weight loss. First, make sure you eat breakfast every day. Eating a nutritious breakfast can boost your metabolism for the day and help reduce cravings. Secondly, pay attention to your weight. There’s a popular quote that says, “What gets measured, gets managed.” This is so true. Regular weigh-ins can help you catch any unnecessary weight gains before they become bigger problems.

Next, drink water! Sounds simple, right? That’s because it is simple! And this small, tiny habit can make a huge impact on maintaining healthy weight loss. Drinking just a cup of water before a meal can lead to a 13% reduction in calories consumed.

Finally, be aware of your hunger and cravings and discover the triggers. We have some vital tips on managing your hunger and appetite control in this guide.

Building healthy habits doesn’t mean that you’ll never make a mistake, it means building routines and systems into your day to help you stay on track so that it’s easier to consistently make the best decisions for you. You might make a mistake, but never let that mistake be the end of your wellness journey!


Understanding how we lose weight and why we fail to lose weight is important for maintaining overall health and wellness. There are many myths and misconceptions as to why we can’t lose weight. If you just finished the 8-Day Jumpstart and didn’t lose the weight you expected, the chances that you are experiencing a common cause of weight loss failure is probably high. Five of the most common causes of weight loss failure are too much stress, lack of energy and motivation, hypothalamus function, dehydration, and poor sleep quality. If you want to check out the complete list of common causes of weight loss failure, feel free to check out more information here.

What can you do about these common causes of weight loss failure? Aside from specific Xyngular products designed to target these specific causes of weight loss failure, ask yourself a question directed at each cause. For example, along with taking Xygnular’s Xr2 for stress,* ask yourself, “How can I better manage stress in my life?” Perhaps mindfulness and meditation is the key. If you have a lack of energy, along with taking Xyng and Lean,* ask yourself, “What part of my lifestyle is leading to a lack of energy?” Some may discover their current lifestyle (maybe you live a sedentary life and sit around and don’t get hardly any exercise) may be contributing to a lack of energy. The key is to ask yourself specific questions targeted at the common cause of why you are failing to lose weight. Along with Xyngular’s products and all of our resources, we can help you overcome those common failures many experience when it comes to losing weight.

In some cases, if expected weight loss results weren’t met with the 8-Day Jumpstart, you might need the support which comes with one of Xyngular’s weight loss kits.


One thing we hear from our community about what to do after the 8-Day Jumpstart and just in general is about what to eat. Because of this, we’ve provided a variety of recipes you can have at your fingertips to take advantage of the success you’ve experienced with the 8-Day Jumpstart. Losing weight doesn’t mean you have to ditch all of your favorite meals for boring and bland meals. If this has been your approach in the past, then that’s probably one reason why you failed or gained the weight back. Knowing what to eat after you’ve experienced weight loss is crucial.

How To Use Xyngular Kit Recipes

Xyngular recipes allow you to follow your plan and reach your goals, all while enjoying fresh, vibrant, and delicious foods. Our recipes are categorized based on which kit and/or meal plan you desire: All Recipes, Jumpstart Recipes, Keto Recipes, and Low Carb Recipes. You can access every Xyngular recipe here. Make sure to bookmark that page as we are continually adding new recipes.

To easily access Jumpstart recipes, click here.

To easily access Keto recipes, click here.

To easily access Low Carb recipes, click here.

What To Look For In Healthy Recipes

When it comes to looking for a healthy recipe, it’s all about having a mental roadmap for success. And that’s easily accomplished by asking yourself some simple questions. It’s vital to know what’s in your food and even more vital to be able to identify the culprits which lead to excess weight gain and poor overall health. It’s important to know where extra sugars are added, but not needed.

Knowing your carbs, being aware of proteins, and discovering healthy fats are also crucial. So the next time you come across any recipe (not just the new ones but those old ones you have tucked away in the recipe box on a 3x5 card), ask yourself these four really simple questions as a framework for success when looking for healthy recipes:

Question #1: Where Are The Sugars In This Recipe?

Does the recipe really need them? If you do need them and know that extra sugar is going to sabotage your health and wellness goals, you might need to pivot away from that recipe for the time being. Or discover a healthy alternative to the sugars the recipe may be using. Refined sugar is used a lot in recipes because it’s easy to use and refined sugar is the default ingredient. It doesn’t have to be. Honey, monk fruit, agave, and an array of other delicious ingredients can be used to substitute for sugar.

Question #2: Where Are The Excess Carbs In This Recipe?

What percentage of each serving is carbs? Be aware of what your meal plan requires for maximum carb intake for the day. Remember, if you are on the keto diet limit those carbs to about 5% of your intake. If doing a low carb diet, you can have a little bit more. Identifying recipes high in carbs is not difficult. If there are more breads and starchy carbs per serving compared to protein, leafy greens, or perhaps healthy fats...chances are you are sabotaging your diets.

Question #3: Where Are The Proteins In This Recipe?

Are they whole proteins or processed proteins from a can (it matters). Will this protein intake help me achieve my goal with the diet plan I’m on? (Keto vs low carb). It’s important to understand that protein is one of the most filling things we can consume. Protein reduces hunger levels while at the same time boosting your levels of peptide YY, which is a hormone that makes you feel full. Protein is a key component when it comes to weight loss.

Question #4: Where Are The Healthy Fats?

Where are the unhealthy fats? What percentage of each serving is healthy fats? Go back to the meal plan (keto or low carb) and review the percentage of fat you can have each day. Be mindful of those percentages and use them as a guide. Why healthy fats? Fats are one of the last things to leave the digestive tract and because of this...fats provide satiety (the filling of fullness). Healthy fats are crucial in helping us feel full for longer periods while keeping us from overeating.

Looking for healthy recipes that are not necessarily super simple to make but aren’t crazy difficult is another healthy recipe hack to be mindful of. Most importantly, it’s about whether the recipe fits your lifestyle. Ask yourself, “Can I see myself eating this on a regular basis?” Occasionally, it is good to try new foods and recipes, but many times we chew up resources and spend a lot of time on a new recipe only to experience frustration and the inevitability that we’ll never try it again.

Another great hack to finding (and even creating your own) healthy recipes is to ask yourself, “Can I substitute any part of that unhealthy recipe to make it healthy?” For example, regular pizza is no-no. You’ll consume your maximum daily carb intake just by smelling a pan pizza from Pizza Hut. But what if you really love pizza? What are you to do? Find the parts of the pizza that can be substituted. Instead of a regular pizza crust, create a low carb alternative made with cauliflower, almond flour, or something similar. We have two pizza hacks for low carb pizza and keto pizza to give you some ideas.

Our Top 5 Favorite Recipes To Try After The 8 Day Jumpstart Kit

Xyngular has a lot of recipes in our arsenal to help you achieve your weight loss goals. We’ve designed these incredible tasting recipes to fit into whichever meal plan you decide to enjoy post 8-Day Jumpstart. There are vegetarian recipes, recipes with chicken, fish, shrimp, beef, tofu (yes...that says tofu and yes those tofu recipes are delish), turkey, and more. We provide a diverse profile of recipes and a diverse profile of flavor in every dish. But we wanted to help you by making it easy to start with just five of Xyngular’s favorites. These are favorites from our staff and more importantly favorites from our community.

Recipe #1: Beanless Beef Chili

When the temperatures start to dip, nothing quite hits the spot like a nice warm bowl of chili. But if you’re trying to live a low carb lifestyle, chili might seem off-limits. Not anymore. This beanless beef chili recipe is one of the Xyngular low carb recipes that are short on carbs, but big on taste. Each serving of this delicious low-carb recipe has 6 grams of fat, 30 grams of protein, and only 12 grams of carbs (with the majority of those carbs coming from fiber).

ACCESS: Get the Beanless Beef Chili Recipe Here

Recipe #2: Turkey Taco Lettuce Wraps

This turkey taco lettuce wrap recipe is one you are going to want to save! This is a simple twist on that tried-and-true taco favorite and will soon be a staple in your kitchen! Start by using 99% lean turkey instead of beef and be sure to find the highest quality meat available. Substitute the taco shell for a lettuce wrap. These turkey taco lettuce wraps are so easy and come together in under thirty minutes for those nights where you need a quick meal that will leave you as full as your schedule. Each serving of this delicious low-carb and keto recipe has 6 grams of fat, 34 grams of protein, and only 5 grams of carbs (with most of those carbs coming from fiber). Yeah...it’s one of the best recipes ever.

ACCESS: Get the Turkey Taco Lettuce Wraps Recipe Here

Recipe #3: Keto Friendly Garlic Chicken With Roasted Cauliflower

Doesn’t matter if it is keto or low carb, chicken and cauliflower need to become close friends of yours. This flavorful garlic chicken with roasted cauliflower packs a mouthwatering meal for any night of the week. Roasting the cauliflower takes this cruciferous vegetable from a shy background actor to a complex star of the show. And paired with the pungent garlic-rubbed chicken with the nutty aroma of pan-toasted walnuts, you won’t believe the flavors you’re able to create with such a simple but delicious keto-approved recipe. Each serving of this delicious low-carb and keto recipe has 13 grams of fat, 57 grams of protein, and only 7 grams of carbs (with most of those carbs coming from fiber).

ACCESS: Get the Garlic Chicken With Roasted Cauliflower Recipe Here

Recipe #4: Low Carb Basil Chicken And Veggies

This recipe is one you don’t have to wait until after your 8 days to try. As we stated above, chicken needs to be your friend. You also need to get comfortable trying new herbs and spices. They are a simple and healthy way to add tons of flavors to any recipe. Chicken is good for weight loss because it’s packed with protein, low in calories, and easy to prepare. When you throw some vegetables in the mix, it will make your mealtime feel complete. Low carb basil recipes like this low carb basil chicken and veggies are great ways to add a new flavor to your chicken and take it to a different level. Each serving of this delicious low-carb and keto recipe has 15 grams of fat, 42 grams of protein, and only 7 grams of carbs (with most of those carbs coming from fiber).

ACCESS: Get the Low Carb Basil Chicken And Veggies Recipe Here

Recipe #5: Moroccan-Spiced Salmon With Sauteed Kale

If you’re trying to find a way to add flavor and a little bit of spice to your recipe arsenal, this one's for you. This quick recipe is sure to become a crowd favorite. The salmon is well-seasoned and kale is always a fantastic side dish. These combined flavors are perfect for a fall meal. As a quick nutrition note, kale is a very Keto friendly vegetable. These super greens are a rarity in the vegetable world as it manages to be a good source of protein that is also low in carbs, while remaining high in other nutrients including Vitamin A, C, and K. Kale is also a versatile food that can be used in anything from an omelet to soups, salads, or even turned into chips. You can substitute other fish in this recipe, but we love salmon because it provides rich antioxidants and is an amazing source of high-quality protein, vitamins and minerals, and those important omega-3 fatty acids.

Each serving of this delicious low-carb and keto recipe has 24 grams of fat, 36 grams of protein, and only 3 grams of carbs (with most of those carbs coming from fiber).

ACCESS: Get the Moroccan-Spiced Salmon With Sauteed Kale Recipe Here


If you’re in that zone of not knowing if you should do the 8-Day Jumpstart again next month or potentially moving to a Xyngular weight loss kit, try any one of these products (or combine multiples) as a next step to help you continue to have success on your own personal weight loss journey. These are some of our top performers in each category and are also fan favorites amongst the Xyngular community.

Xyng - Energy and Metabolism + Appetite Control*

This blend of naturally sourced vitamins and herbs will boost your energy and can even improve your mood and help control your appetite. You’ll find yourself with more focus and clarity to tackle the daily challenges.*

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You’ll love this protein shake in chocolate or vanilla, and your body will love the amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and digestive enzymes it contains. With two different types of proteins, Lean fights hunger, builds muscle, and helps your muscles recover quickly.*

Accelerate with Thermolit Blend™ - Burn Fat + Control Your Appetite + Boost Metabolism*

This supplement provides a rapid metabolism boost that controls your appetite and resets your fat-burning potential. It contains our patented Thermolit BlendTM, which burns fat by boosting your metabolism, suppressing appetite, and aiding in helps support blood sugar levels in healthy individuals.*

Trimstix™ - Appetite Control + Fat Burn*

When you need a little boost during the day, or are feeling like you want something sweet, add Trimstix to your water, sip, enjoy, and feel the benefits. Trimstix comes in delicious flavors and helps support blood sugar levels in healthy individuals that help curb unwanted cravings to support healthy weight loss.*

Resist™ - Appetite Control + Reduce Cravings + Hunger Control*

This is one of our most popular products at Xyngular. Resist offers you immediate and quick appetite control in a soft flavorful chew. The science of how this works lies in the ability of the HbG complex to help suppress hunger and make you feel fuller faster.* These chews are tasty and you can pop one in your mouth whenever hunger encompasses you.


We believe that everyone deserves to live a joyful and productive life. Our bodies deserve to live up to their potential. Whether it’s the X Advanced kit with its full spectrum of proven weight loss products to support overall wellness and achieve fast weight loss in a short time or a simplified approach such as X Bundle™ to just shave a few of those stubborn pounds off, Xyngular has a weight loss kit designed for your needs and your body.

Get started today—right now—and transform your body by finding a Xyngular kit designed with your needs in mind. Or start with just one product to help you tackle that one big problem, whatever it may be. Contact your Xyngular Distributor or login to your Xyngular account to get it today!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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** Xyngular kits include a variation of the 8-Day Jumpstart. If you have additional weight to lose after your Jumpstart and select a Xyngular kit to support your efforts, DO NOT complete another 8-Day Jumpstart immediately. Instead, move to the post-Jumpstart meal plan of your choice and recommended product usage included in your kit.

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