The Ultimate Guide to the 8-Day Jumpstart

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So, you’ve made a decision. You want better health! You want to lose weight. You want improved quality of life. You want to enjoy a more active lifestyle. And you’re ready to make it happen, to hit the ground running. But...where do you start?

Well, let us introduce you to the best way to ensure that you start this new health journey off on the best possible foot: Xyngular’s 8-Day Jumpstart.

The 8-Day Jumpstart is like the match that sparks your entire journey to wellness. It brings quick, tangible results and sets the stage for the healthy habits you’ll carry with you throughout this new healthy life you are choosing.

So...what is the Xyngular 8-Day Jumpstart?

What Is The Xyngular 8-Day Jumpstart

Xyngular’s 8-Day Jumpstart has essentially two halves. One part is an eight day reset—from bad habits, unhealthy foods, and harmful mindsets. The other side is the implementation of the right habits and supplements you need to embrace in order to start losing weight quickly and increase your overall health in the long run.

The 8-Day Jumpstart can guide you at the start of any Xyngular system and can be repeated throughout your system progress as needed or it can be used completely on its own! Whichever you choose, the 8-Day Jumpstart will provide you with a supplement calendar, meal plan, recipe suggestions, and other awesome tips to not only ensure that the new habits stick but are most effective for a new and improved lifestyle of health and wellness.

What Xyngular Products Are Included In The 8-Day Jumpstart?

The 8-Day Jumpstart includes incredible proprietary supplements and products that will help you gain success! The products in this program include:

Lean Chocolate—Lean is a minimal-calorie, gluten-free protein shake with a diverse blend of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and digestive enzymes. Not only does Lean provide 10 grams of protein to fight hunger, but the amino acid profile aids in lean muscle development and muscle recovery. With naturally-sourced digestive enzymes from pineapples and papayas, you can be sure you’re receiving all the benefits of the included vitamins and minerals.*

Accelerate—Accelerate helps you burn fat three times faster than the competition with its proprietary Thermolit Blend™. This vegan and caffeine-free thermogenic helps control your appetite and resets your fat-burning potential.*

Trimstix—Trimstix is a single-serving vegan mix, for on-the-go weight management. With only 10 calories and several delicious flavors, Trimstix is designed to support blood sugar levels in healthy individuals, and with its exclusive formula, you can curb sugar cravings while increasing energy levels and cognitive function.*

Xyng—Xyng’s invigorating blend of herbs and vitamins boosts and sustains energy levels. With powerful ingredients designed to improve mood and control your appetite, you’ll achieve your weight-loss goals while feeling incredible. That’s the sunshine power of Xyng.*

Resist—Resist offers quick appetite control in a soft wild cherry chew. Thanks to the HbG Complex, just one chew suppresses hunger and helps you feel full faster. Resist is effective because it helps you consume fewer calories and suppresses the production of ghrelin (a hunger hormone).*

Flush— Flush combines multiple ingredients into one formula with the ultimate weight loss goal of resetting the body by helping with digestion, removing harmful toxins, and improving nutrient absorption.*

So now that you’ve got your powerful product lineup, the 8-Day Jumpstart Guidelines will jump right in with a meal plan, the best schedule for the supplements you’ll be taking, and tips on how to make them work best for you.

It is literally a step by step guide to getting the most out of the first several days of this investment in YOU and YOUR HEALTH.

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8-Day Jumpstart Meal Plan

The 8-Day Jumpstart begins with a basic low carb meal plan that you’ll follow for 8 days in order to reset your body and train it to run on healthier fuel. That means fewer sugary, starchy carbs, and more protein and healthy fats.

But it doesn’t just leave it at that. It gets specific because, let’s face it, we all need the best support we can get when we’re trying to kick old habits and stick to new ones. Your 8-Day Jumpstart meal plan will lead you from the time you wake up to right before bed, with every meal and snack in between!

Let’s just walk through Day 1 of the meal plan so you can really get an idea of how comprehensive this is.

Breakfast: 1 Lean shake

Snack: 3-5 oz turkey breast and some Xyng

Lunch: Fajita spiced chicken with onions and peppers, plus Trimstix

Snack: 2 hard-boiled eggs and an Accelerate

Dinner: 4oz beef chili

Before Bed: 12oz of a warm drink with Flush

You see? Easy to follow instructions make it hard to go wrong. Plus you’ll be offered tips along the way for how to use each supplement to get the greatest benefits and fewest side effects.

The other great thing about the 8-Day Jumpstart is that it won’t leave you hanging when it comes to delicious and compliant recipes. You’ll have plenty of healthy, low-carb breakfast, lunch, and dinner options to choose from, right there at your fingertips.

Understanding The Difference Between Keto And Low Carb

Once your 8-Day Jumpstart is over, Xyngular’s post-Jumpstart meal plans diverge into keto and low carb options. Which you choose is ultimately up to you and will be based on your lifestyle choices and wellness goals, as well as any other limiting factors you may have.

But what is the difference between the low carb and keto diets?

While many are familiar with the general idea of the low carb diet—see ya later, bread!—you may not know that it does get a little more specific than that. The low carb diet requires certain macro percentages, just like the keto diet. The numbers are different, but the idea is common to both: fuel your body with something other than sugary, starchy carbs in order to lose weight, feel better, and accomplish your dieting goals.

On the low carb diet, you follow this meal planning formula: 40-50% protein, 40-50% fat, 10-20% carbs. And unlike the keto diet, you can enjoy a few more veggies doing low carb since most vegetable carbs come in the form of fiber which lowers your net carb intake. That’s a key difference that may sway dieters deciding between the two eating styles.

The keto diet is kind of like an amped-up version of the low carb diet. To achieve ketosis, which is the cornerstone of this diet, you have to keep your carb intake low enough to force your body to switch from using glucose to fat for energy. Which means you’ll be eating a lot of healthy fats and very few carbs on the keto diet. We’re talking 75% fat, 20% protein, and 5% carbs, so you’ll need a bit of laser focus in order to stay in ketosis long enough to really start achieving your goals. And when you do—get ready, because they’ll blow you away.

8-Day Jumpstart Approved Foods

But let’s get back to the specifics of the 8-Day Jumpstart. If you weren’t convinced about just how comprehensive this powerful, results-driven wellness plan was before, maybe a massive Jumpstart Approved Foods list will tip the scales in its favor. Not quite there yet? What if we add a complete shopping list for those first 8 days, too? Yeah...that’s the sweet spot.

Not only does the 8-Day Jumpstart provide you with the meal plan to maximize the results of this program, but it hands you the exact grocery list you’ll need to make it all happen AND an additional list of Jumpstart approved foods in case you want to mix things up a bit from the outline given.

We walk you through all the crave-worthy vegetables, healthy fats, lean proteins, and lean proteins you’ll need to fuel your body with during the 8-Day Jumpstart and beyond. It also covers flavorful sauces and high-protein snacks so there are no gaps left. With everything from eggs to oysters, snow peas to brussels sprouts, and avocado to almond butter—this list covers it all.

The 8-Day Jumpstart program leaves nothing to chance because we know what’s at stake. Listen, we all need results in order to stay on track sometimes. And we KNOW that sticking with the 8-Day Jumpstart will be the exact motivation you need to continue making the incredible choices you’ve already proven you’re ready for. We’re just here to help in any way we can.

8-Day Jumpstart Recipes

So, about those delicious recipes in the Jumpstart meal plan…

What do you feel like eating? A vegetable frittata? Basil chicken? Morrocan-spiced salmon and kale? How about a green salad with seared tuna and balsamic vinaigrette? Yeah, it’s all in there. Plus dozens of other interesting, or simple, or exotic dishes that you may never have realized you could eat while dieting and losing weight fast.

But you can. Because dieting isn’t about starvation or missing out on the good stuff. It’s about finding the right balance and making the good stuff work for you, alongside the proven products that play a part in the 8-Day Jumpstart.

Tips For Maximizing 8-Day Jumpstart Success And Results

The 8-Day Jumpstart is going to get you results, period. It’s a proven formula for success in fast and healthy weight loss. But are there ways to maximize your efforts and make sure you’re getting exactly what you want out of that first week of your new lifestyle? You betcha.

  • Utilize your Xyngular distributor and the rest of the Xyngular community on social media for support and encouragement. You are NOT in this alone, and when things get a little tough and you want to reach for the old habit stand-bys...reach out to your community instead.
  • Plan ahead. Take your 8-Day Jumpstart shopping list to the store to make sure you’re ready with the right ingredients to create delicious recipes that won’t leave you craving the old junk.
  • Oh, by the way, get rid of the old junk. You are in control of your environment—so make it a good one.
  • Set your intention upfront. Hey, WE know what you’re capable of. Do you? Remind yourself just how powerful and worth it YOU are from the get-go. That’s a pretty solid foundation to lean on when things get overwhelming or just plain tough.

Listen, we know you’re ready for this. For big changes that will make your life better, easier, and fuller in the long run. And we know the 8-Day Jumpstart can help get you started. Head over to the 8-Day Jumpstart resources page if you want to learn more, or reach out to your Xyngular distributor to get started today!

Go ahead, light the match.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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