15 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight (And a Solution)

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Have you ever heard the story of Sisyphus in Greek Mythology? He’s the guy who was tasked with rolling a boulder up a hill, only to have it roll back down again so he had to start over...for ALL ETERNITY.

Sometimes trying to lose weight can feel a lot like this. You make some progress and are doing well, then there’s a holiday, a celebration, a craving, or a need to drown your sorrows in a gallon of ice cream, and BAM you’re back where you started, struggling to climb weight loss mountain again.

Whatever your reasons for not losing weight, you’re not alone in your struggle. Multiple medical and government agencies believe that half of the American population will be overweight by 2030. A statistic like that tells us there are a lot of people in the same boat.

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “why am I not losing weight?” it’s time you got some answers.

It turns out, your failure to lose weight may not be your fault. There’s more to healthy weight loss than meets the eye. It all starts with the misconception that there are only one or two reasons we gain weight. The truth is, there are 15 common reasons people gain weight or struggle to lose weight. 15! Most weight loss programs or diet plans only address the most common one or two of these reasons. That means they likely didn’t target each of your weight loss needs. Since there could be many other reasons for your failure to lose weight, you become caught in an endless loop, fixing one gap while being thwarted by another.

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15 Common Causes of Weight-Loss Failure

The real truth as to why those past products, diets, and everything else didn’t work is. . .

They didn’t target every weight-loss need you have personally.

Researchers have found that there are actually at least 15 common causes of weight-loss failure. And the reality is, since everyone is unique, you will struggle with a different number of those 15 causes than, say, your spouse or neighbor or friend.

Most of those pills, gadgets, and diets only address one, maybe two causes of weight-loss failure anyway.

So you get caught in an endless loop, fixing one gap while being thwarted by another.

So What Exactly Are the 15 Common Causes of Weight-Loss Failure?

1. Too much stress

2. Lack of energy

3. Hypothalamus function

4. Dehydration

5. Poor sleep quality

6. Slow metabolism

7. Weakened digestive system

8. Blood sugar

9. Nutrient deficiency

10. Imbalanced microbiome

11. Inflammatory response

12. Toxins and pathogens

13. Lack of support

14. Lack of activity

15. Lack of knowledge

Which reasons stood out to you? Now think back on your previous weight loss attempts. How many of those reasons did your program address? It’s time to take control of your ability to lose weight. It’s time for you to start achieving your weight loss goals.

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The Ultimate Way to Combat the Most Causes of Weight-Loss Failure

The fact is it takes more than a single product or diet to achieve your own weight loss results. You need a system of products, diet, and support to give you the ability to take control of the weight you lose.

That's Where Xyngular's Weight-loss Systems Are Different.

The Xyngular products and systems are formulated to help you combat weight loss failure so you can reach your goals. Xyngular weight loss systems are more than just supplements. They are total support structures that give you all the tools you need.

Trim Down Trio - If you’re looking to achieve noticeable weight loss in just a month, the Trim Down Trio is for you. It helps you curb cravings and control your hunger while giving you all day energy and supporting a fat-burning metabolism.*

Core - Five high-quality products, two meal plan options, and the virtual coach, Xander, will help you get results in 30 days.*

Ignite - Nine of our best products come together in this 30-day system that starts with the 8-day jumpstart program. You’ll begin shedding pounds and have the support of comprehensive, head-to-toe nutritional support to boost your metabolism, burn fat, and remove toxins that cause stress on your body.*

Ultimate - If you want to know how to lose the most weight on Xyngular in the least amount of time, this is it. Ultimate addresses ALL 15 of the common causes of weight loss failure. Not only do you get our best products with this system, but you also get access to the 8-day Jumpstart, our keto/low carb meal plans, and Xander the virtual coach to help guide you through the process.*

Which System is Right for You? Xyngular Ignite vs. Ultimate

To figure out which system will be most effective for you, let’s compare the top two: Ultimate and Ignite.

Xyngular Ignite: If you’re looking for something to jump-start your weight loss, Ignite is the system for you. This system will give you noticeable weight loss in just 30 days. It comes with an 8-day jumpstart to rapidly increase your weight loss from the start. In addition to the supplements to support your body, it also includes meal plans to accelerate weight loss and a virtual coach to help encourage and guide you along the way.

Xyngular Ultimate: This system includes all of the best products Xyngular has to offer. It is Xyngular’s most effective system to lose the most weight while addressing ALL 15 of the common causes of weight loss failure. With the Ultimate system, you receive everything included with Ignite—the 8-day jumpstart program, supplements, meal plans, and virtual coach. The added bonus is you also receive additional supplements to make sure each of your weight loss needs is being met. No more slipping backward, or gaps in your diet plan.

Here’s A breakdown Of How The Ultimate Tackles Those Common Weight-loss Failures:

Too Much Stress

Xr2 calms your body and mind while helping prevent binge eating associated with everyday stress*

Lack of Energy

Xyng and Lean deliver all-day energy and mental focus*

Hypothalamus Function

Lean Meal and Cheat enable you to feel full longer*


Spryng hydrates you with electrolytes for improved cell function and weight loss results*

Poor Sleep Quality

Xr2 helps you sleep soundly to get the rest your body and mind need*

Slow Metabolism

Accelerate boosts metabolism, enabling faster weight loss*

Weakened Digestive System

Flush and Cheat aid in healthy digestion and nutrient absorption*

Blood Sugar

Trimstix helps maintain already healthy blood sugar levels for sustained energy*

Nutrient Deficiency

Axion delivers vital nutrients essential for overall healthy*

Imbalanced Microbiome

Probiotic restores and balances good flora and fights off bad bacteria for overall organ and tissue health*

Inflammatory Response

Advanced Omega promotes healthy inflammatory response during exercise and activity*

Toxins and Pathogens

Global Blend cleanses your body by removing harmful environmental contaminants*

Lack of Support

The Xyngular community and Xander support you with helpful advice and lasting friendships

Lack of Activity

Your System Guidebook encourages you to get up and move daily for rapid weight-loss results

Lack of Knowledge

The Xyngular community, Xander, and your System Guidebook provide useful knowledge for lasting success


The Xyngular 8-Day Jumpstart is a great way to kick off your weight loss journey. You can lose up to 15 pounds in eight days by following the simple Jumpstart guidelines and meal plans. Not only will it help you see results quickly, but it helps you reset your system and prime it for the weight loss journey ahead.*


When setting a weight loss goal, the easiest metric to aim for is a certain weight. But when you’re measuring weight loss, it’s important to remember that the number on the scale doesn’t tell the whole story. (Read this for a list of 5 Reasons Not to Trust the Scale.) That’s why it’s important to take note of non-scale victories along the way.

A non-scale victory is a positive change that comes about because of your new healthy habits. It’s one that can’t be measured in ounces or pounds, but that has an impact on your health. Some ways to recognize non-scale victories are:

  • Take Progress Photos: Believe me, no one wants to take that photo on Day 1 of the journey, but you’ll be glad you did when you look back after 30 days.
  • Take Measurements or Measure Your Body Fat Percentage: Even if your weight isn’t changing, you could still be losing fat. Take weekly measurements and/or measure your body fat percentage to see how your body is changing.
  • Do a Fitness Assessment: This can be something like timing yourself walking or jogging a certain distance to mark your improvement, or it can even be as simple as noticing you’re not as winded after walking up the stairs.
  • Try On Your Old Clothes: Even though you may not feel like you’ve made progress, your clothes may tell a different story. Put on your clothes and see if they fit differently than they did a few weeks ago. Do they zip up easier, fit looser, or feel better? Those are all things to celebrate.
  • Healthy Habits: Sometimes weight loss is about what you gain. Track the positive changes you’re making for your health and well being. Whether you’re exercising more, eating healthier, drinking more water, or even getting more sleep, it’s all something you can be proud of.

You can check out our article about how to effectively measure weight loss for more ideas on ditching the scale as your yard stick.

Xyngular’s 8-Day Jumpstart: A Solution For Weight Loss Failure

Without help, the weight loss struggle can be difficult to overcome. Trying to pinpoint the reasons you’re not losing weight and figure out the causes of weight loss can seem like a guessing game. If you’re still considering which path to take to reset weight loss and get the results you want, try the Xyngular weight loss system—the 8-Day Jumpstart.

When you commit just eight days to this program, you’ll start seeing results. That’s just over a week to know that what you’re doing is making a difference. So if you’ve found you struggle to lose weight, it’s time to let go of your past failures, and let the 8-Day Jumpstart give you a glimpse of what success looks like. It addresses the reasons you’ve struggled with weight in the past, it will give your body the boost and reset it needs to drop the weight and reach your goals.*

How Much Weight Can You Lose On Xyngular 8-Day Jumpstart?

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again—everyone is different. There are many reasons people struggle to lose weight, and there are equally as many reasons for weight loss success. We’ve talked about the possibilities of why you’re not losing weight, but if you want to know how to lose the most weight on Xyngular, the 8-Day Jumpstart is one of our weight loss systems we recommend you start with.*

So, how much weight can you lose on the 8-Day Jumpstart? Again, that will be different for everyone, but in the eight days, you can lose up to 15 lbs! Even after the eight days, you can still lose around 1-2 lbs a week. The best part is, when you start seeing your results, you’ll gain the confidence and motivation to continue on your weight loss journey.

How Does Xyngular 8-Day Jumpstart Really Work?

You know how sometimes your computer starts lagging, and you realize it’s time to reboot it and refresh all the systems? Your body works the same way. The lack of sleep and exercise, combined with stress and poor diet can take their toll and leave your body in need of a reset. The 8-Day Jumpstart does just that.

The products included in the 8-Day Jumpstart, along with the included meal plan, work to clean out your system, reset your metabolism, break bad habits, and give you a fresh start. Once your body and mindset have a clean slate, you can move on to the next step of your weight loss plan. When you do this, you’ll take with you the meal plans and things that helped you succeed with this initial step. You can then use those to chart the course for continued weight loss success.*

Finally Achieve Real Weight-Loss Results

The bottom line is weight-loss struggles are real, but there’s hope. Even though you may have struggled to drop the weight in the past, there is a way to finally succeed. In only 30 days, you’ll begin to see that you’ve always had the ability to lose weight. You simply had to refocus on meeting your own weight loss needs, and not the promises of a blanket diet or program. And with Xyngular’s 45-day money-back guarantee for first-time purchases, you have nothing to lose but the weight.

Order a Xyngular weight-loss system by contacting your Distributor today or by calling our Member Service team at 1-801-756-8808. You can also log in to your Xyngular account to place your order.

See a new you in only 30 days!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

*Lose up to 15 pounds in 8 days. Lose an additional 1-2 pounds or more each week following the 8-day jump start. Results are not guaranteed and can vary.


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** Xyngular systems include a variation of the 8-Day Jumpstart. If you have additional weight to lose after your Jumpstart and select a Xyngular system to support your efforts, DO NOT complete another 8-Day Jumpstart immediately. Instead, move to the post-Jumpstart meal plan of your choice and recommended product usage included in your system.

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