15 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight (And a Solution)

15 Points of Failure

Why does weight loss seem so impossible?

With an almost endless variety of weight-loss pills, diets, shakes, programs, exercises, experts (you get the idea) claiming to be the tried-and-true method to shedding pounds, you’d think there’d be at least one that works?

Why is obesity still our generation’s biggest health concern then? Those pills, diets, shakes, etc., continue to promise real results, and never really deliver. And you’re left with the same amount of weight to lose (if not more), money regretfully taken from your wallet, and a deeply-embedded frustration of that 10-letter phrase: weight loss. 

So what gives? Why can’t you lose the weight?

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15 Common Causes of Weight-Loss Failure

The real truth to why those past products, diets, and everything else didn’t work is. . .

They didn’t target every weight-loss need you have personally.

Researchers have found that there are actually 15 common causes of weight-loss failure. And the reality is, since everyone is unique, you will struggle with a different number of those 15 causes than, say, your spouse or neighbor or friend.

This is why those diets and products you’ve tried in the past have failed you. They just don’t address enough causes of weight-loss failure personal to you.

Think about it. You know yourself better than anyone else, and when it comes to weight loss, you shouldn’t have to fit your personal needs and goals to a generic fad diet or pill.

Most pills and diets only address one or two causes of weight-loss failure anyway. And those popular, expensive weight-loss programs you see on commercials all the time? They address only three to four causes.

You don’t need to put yourself through a weight-loss attempt time and time again that will just fail.

So What Exactly Are the 15 Common Causes of Weight-Loss Failure?

1.    Too much stress

2.    Lack of energy

3.    Hypothalamus function

4.    Dehydration

5.    Poor sleep quality

6.    Slow metabolism

7.    Weakened digestive system

8.    Blood sugar

9.    Nutrient deficiency

10. Imbalanced microbiome

11. Inflammatory response

12. Toxins and pathogens

13. Lack of support

14. Lack of activity

15. Lack of knowledge

Go down the list, one by one, and you might realize that you struggle with a handful or more causes. And they definitely add up to take a toll on your weight and your health.

Now think back on the previous weight-loss attempts you took. . .

You may have had one or two needs met, but since the last attempt didn’t cover all of your needs, you were left stuck without any results.

Well, guess what? It’s time to take control of your ability to lose weight. It’s time for you to start achieving those weight-loss goals for yourself.

The Ultimate Way to Combat the Most Causes of Weight-Loss Failure

It takes more than a single product or diet to achieve your own weight-loss results. You need a system of products, diet, and support to give you the ability to take control of the weight you lose.

Reach your own goals with the help of the Xyngular Ultimate weight-loss system.

The Ultimate is designed to address all 15 common causes of weight-loss failure and has a 94% satisfaction rate!

Here’s a breakdown of how the Ultimate tackles those common weight-loss failures:

The Ultimate has specific and effective products, delicious and filling meal plans, useful and helpful daily support, and complete and simple guide books to make sure any and all of the common causes of weight-loss failure you face are addressed. And you’re left with real, lasting results that you can see and feel!

Finally Achieve Real Weight-Loss Results

Weight-loss struggles are real, but they don’t have to be your reality. Even though you may have struggled to drop the weight in the past, there is a way to finally succeed.

Get the results you’ve been looking for with the Xyngular Ultimate weight-loss system. In only 30 days, you’ll know that every. single. common cause of weight-loss failure will be addressed, and you’ll see an exciting change that you haven’t seen with any other diet, program, or pill.

You’ll come to see that you’ve always had the ability to lose the weight. You simply had to refocus on your own weight-loss needs, and not the promises of a blanket diet or program.

And with the Ultimate’s money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose but the weight.

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