Give Fat a Fright with this 15-Minute Workout


What do you call a pumpkin that works out?

A “jacked-o’-lantern!”

What is a mummy’s favorite way to lose weight?

Body wraps!

Why don’t skeletons ever lose any weight?

They never have the guts to try!

Now that you’ve burned a few calories from laughing so hard, it’s time to get into the real workout.

15-Minute Full-Body Halloween HIIT Workout

Got 15 minutes? Then use it to scare those extra pounds away!

HIIT workouts are extremely effective at boosting metabolism and fighting fat in less time than regular cardio.

And all you need for this workout is a tabata timer. There are plenty of free tabata apps you can get on your phone or online.

What is a tabata timer? Coined by Tokyo doctor, Izumi Tabata, tabata is the term used for an interval-type workout where you exercise for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds, repeated eight times.

It’s time to put that tabata to the test. Get your game face on and make those extra pounds scream from your intense sweat sesh.

The Workout

Setting the Tabata Timer:

Preparation/Warm-Up time:           30 seconds

Workout time:                                   30 seconds

Rest time:                                          10 seconds

Cycles:                                               7 cycles

Tabatas:                                            3 tabatas

After you set up your tabata timer, the workout should look like this:

Repeat exercise three times with a 30 second break between each set or tabata.

If you find yourself struggling to get through the whole workout, try completing two out of the three tabatas, or even just one. Even a little exercise is better than no exercise. 

And feel free to modify any of the exercises if you’re unable to perform certain ones. For example, do knee push-ups instead of normal push-ups, wall sits instead of body squats, and even knee planks instead of normal planks.

It’s the actual activity of exercising that matters most. :)

Have a Ghoulishly-Good Workout

This quick 15-minute workout is perfect if you’re limited on time and also for getting all major muscles involved.

When you combine this workout with other daily exercise and any of Xyngular’s three weight-loss starter systems, you’ll begin to see amaXyng results! You’ll gain more energy, lose more weight, have a healthier immune system, and just feel better overall.

Get up, get moving, and give fat a reason to run away in fear!

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