The Surprising Power of Probiotics On Your Overall Health

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Even though research on probiotics for gut health is in relative infancy, experts have found with certainty that the gut is not simply comprised of an “eat—break down—expel waste” process they once believed it to be.

The gut is actually one of the most complex systems in the human body and its health, or lack thereof, can affect many more parts of your well being than previously known. Let’s break down gut health, what it really means, and how you can make sure you’re doing everything you can for it.

What Is Gut Health?

Gut health is the balance of good and bad bacteria living within your digestive tract. Did you know that you actually have more bacterial cells than you do human cells? Trillions of live bacteria are at work in your body every day, most of them in your gut. But it’s imperative that those good and bad bacteria remain in balance and where they should within the digestive system.

When that balance is out of whack, we will experience a range of effects telling us that something is off in our gut. Persistent bloating, gas, stomach pain, nausea, and diarrhea are all common indicators of compromised gut health.

However, gut health affects more than just your digestion. Researchers have linked the gut microbiome’s state with several other health issues as well. Lowered immunity, asthma and allergies, diabetes, heart disease, and even emotional and mental issues like anxiety, depression, and dementia have been associated with bacterial imbalance in the gut.

Though scientists know there is a long way to go in gut research, one thing is clear: gut health plays an integral role in our overall health and daily well-being.

Do Probiotics Help With Gut Health?

The good microbes in your gut are often referred to as probiotics. They are the helpful organisms, ever-multiplying in order to promote good bacteria OR maintain already healthy bacteria. Which means that probiotics are incredibly important for gut health.

There are two common types of probiotics for gut health: Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. Both types of bacteria can be helpful or assist with uncomfortable digestion and occasional diarrhea or constipation and other issues that may come from a lack of good bacteria in the gut.

But the power of probiotics extends beyond the gut. That good bacteria can also go to bat for better oral health, increased mental and emotional health, better skin, better urinary and vaginal health, and support a healthy immune system.

What Happens When You Start Taking Probiotics?

When you start taking probiotics, the good bacteria and yeasts you ingest start working almost immediately. According to the Cleveland Clinic, many probiotics will:

  • Help your body digest food.
  • Promote or support the good bacteria and all the health benefits that come with it
  • Create vitamins.
  • Help support the cells that line your gut to prevent bad bacteria that you may have consumed (through food or drinks) from entering your blood.

The main job of probiotics is to maintain a healthy balance in your gut’s microbiome. So when you start taking probiotics, you may experience some mild digestive changes while your body works to promote and support a healthy gut OR while your body works to promote the good bacteria. Depending on your own unique gut microbiome and which types of probiotics you’re getting in either food or supplement form, they could trigger an increase in gas, bloating, or mild constipation in the first few days. But again, the purpose of probiotics for gut health is to increase the good, and those side effects shouldn’t last long.

Do Probiotics Clean My Intestines and Gut?

Aside from all the benefits that good bacteria can do for your body, it can also assist in “cleaning up” our digestive tract in the process, probiotics may have other cleaning powers as well.

Some research indicates that healthy gut flora is not only responsible for better nutrient absorption in the gut and bloodstream, but also acts as a detoxifying task force in our bodies. By helping remove toxins and other unwanted substances obtained by modern food production, probiotics can help to maintain your overall health and give our bodies the strength to stay strong and healthy.

What Is The Best Probiotic For Gut Health? *

The best probiotic is one that works for your particular gut microbiome! In many instances, you can replenish some of the good bacteria you’re looking for by making fermented foods like yogurt and kimchi a part of your gut-healthy diet. But often it’s not enough, and supplementing with a well-made, proven, and convenient probiotic is a great solution to restoring healthy gut bacteria.

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Probiotix contains 3 billion live colony-forming units of the most effective probiotics that your gut needs to maintain its ideal balance, all while supporting your immune system, supporting a healthy metabolism, and increasing your overall health in many incredible ways!

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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