Nourish Your Gut

Made with real organic non-GMO whole plant ingredients...
And scientifically formulated with botanical prebiotic polyphenols.
Say hello to the right kind of fiber.
Meet Xyngular Complete Prebiotic™.

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Fuel for Your Microbiome 💜

And so much more!

This premium prebiotic fiber blend nourishes and feeds your good gut bacteria with multi-source organic prebiotic fibers, botanicals, and polyphenols that help support blood sugar, improve digestion, and support metabolic health.*

And it doesn't stop there. Complete Prebiotic is specifically formulated to totally avoid one of the main drawbacks of most fiber products--bloating. You won't need to worry about that here.*

Plus, it comes in a tantalizing Triple Berry flavor, and that's literally the perfect way to start your day. (Smoothie, anyone?)

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Let's Talk Fiber 🌿

On average, Americans are getting half of the fiber they need. And our guts are suffering.

That's why we created Xyngular Complete Prebiotic™. With five different types of organic fiber from whole foods, this is one prebiotic you can count on to feed your microbiome with the highest quality ingredients.

Diverse fiber and powerful prebiotic plants work together to help you digest better, manage your weight, improve digestion, and set the stage for a thriving microbiome.*

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Feed Your Good Gut Bacteria!

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Prebiotic vs. Probiotic: What's the Difference?

The short of it is this: prebiotics are high-fiber foods that feed your "good" bacteria (or normal microflora), and probiotics are generally the foods or supplements--like Xyngular Complete Probiotic--that contain live bacteria.

They complement each other to help you achieve optimum gut health. Think of your probiotic as reinforcements and your prebiotic as the supplies they need to thrive! 💪

We built our digestive health line to support this relationship, and you won't find better support anywhere else.

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Products That Love Your Guts

Complete Prebiotic can work even harder when it’s paired with these knock-out products!
See what our experts have created to help you reach your goals below!

Xyngular Complete Probiotic
20 billion CFUs and 11 targeted strains work together to bring you better digestion, a strong metabolism, and a balanced mood!*

Gut Reinforcements

Xyngular Complete Digestive Aid
Digest efficiently and promote nutrient absorption. 🥭 This chewable tablet breaks down protein, carbs, fat, sugar, and dairy!*

Beat the Bloat

Xyngular Complete Collagen
FIVE different types of ethically-sourced collagen meet with digestive enzymes, fulvic minerals, and vitamin C for optimum collagen production.🍍*

Let's GLOW

Tummy, Meet Tummy Tamer.

You already know about Complete Prebiotic, but did you know that it comes in a bundle?

The Tummy Tamer is a bundle dedicated to supporting your digestive health for a happier, healthier you. It includes Complete Prebiotic, Complete Probiotic, Complete Digestive Aid, and Complete Collagen.*

Create the balance your body craves with Xyngular Tummy Tamer, the best way to build a healthy gut! 💜 *

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Lasting weight loss takes the right tools, so start your gut wellness journey out right! Complete Prebiotic sets the healthy stage to prime you for weight loss, improved digestion, and metabolic health.
So what are you waiting for?

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Choosing the right supplements for gut health
A healthy gut looks completely different from an unhealthy gut. But what does "healthy" look like, and do you need to supplement? We thought you'd never ask...


Take control with Tummy Tamer
Weight loss isn't just calories in vs. calories out. Your body has a lot more going on! That's why we created the Tummy Tamer, to give you the right tools for the job....


A quick guide to prebiotic foods
When we say “listen to your gut” we mean it—your gut might be trying to tell you something! Find out what prebiotics can do for your health journey and delicious recipes to help with digestion, mood, and weight loss.


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