Resist Wild Cherry Chews—5 Fast Facts

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Resist is a tasty soft chew that helps you feel full faster, reducing your cravings and urge to snack.

Here are a few quick facts to help you learn more about this popular product—and don’t miss out on claiming your Resist today!

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Resist Acts FAST—No Need to Wait Before Eating!

Resist contains a vegan formula that helps you feel full and satisfied fast. Just unwrap one right before eating and you’ll notice the difference. No need to wait!

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Resist is Perfect for On-The-Go

How often have you been forced to choose unhealthy meals or snacks, simply because you’ve been out and about? These chews come individually-wrapped, so you can always have a few on hand when cravings and hunger pop up.

Resist Outsmarts Cravings

Resist’s HbG Complex acts on the neurotransmitters in your brain that control hunger and cravings. When you unwrap a Resist Wild Cherry chew, you help your brain to recognize the “we’re full” signals sooner, switching off your cravings to overindulge.

“Resist works! After a busy day, I was definitely hungry. I had heard the best time to take Resist was right before a meal, so I unwrapped one and the cherry flavor exploded on my tastebuds! Wow! Then I sat down to eat and guess what? Couldn’t finish dinner! They DO work!”— Caren Vaughn Miller

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Resist Is the (Wild) Cherry on Top

Resist tastes like a cherry candy, and we love that it is a soft chew, making it fun to eat. We recommend taking up to four chews throughout the day.

Resist is the Perfect Addition to Your System

With a smart approach to Resist-ing cravings and overeating, Resist helps make your Xyngular system even more comprehensive. Add Resist to your system or subscription order for yet another tool to support weight-loss success.

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