Caring for Your Skin from the Inside Out

Beautiful Skin from the Inside Out

Did you know that you’re carrying around an eight-pound, 22 square foot waterproof, insulating shield? It’s true! Your largest organ not only makes you look good, but provides many other benefits, such as absorbing vitamin D and to help convert calcium into healthy bones and giving you a sensory experience in the world around you. Your skin is quite amazing. Taking care of it is vital. Here are a few tips to help you care for it from the inside out.

  1. Hydrate. Water. We all need it. It’s essential for life and your skin—which is about 64% water. Your body uses water in so many ways including allowing your cells to grow, reproduce, and survive so it stands to reason that your body needs water to reproduce your skin cells. Water flushes out toxins and hydrates from the inside. It’s always a good place to start if your skin seems dull, plus it’s quite possibly the easiest way to help your skin! There are lots of recommendations about how much water is best—start by drinking half your weight in ounces every day.
  2. Vitamins. All vitamins contribute to your skin health because they enhance your skin’s beauty at the cellular level. Take Vitamin C, for example. Have you ever noticed that it’s a key ingredient in many skin care products? There are plenty of reasons for this. It’s an antioxidant that helps neutralize free radicals in your system, it enhances the effectiveness of sunscreen, and helps the body produce more collagen. So why not eat foods high in Vitamin C like strawberries, spinach, and broccoli instead of rubbing it on your skin? Try adding other vitamins, too, like A, B7, B12, D, E, and K to name a few. (Read: eat citrus fruits, leafy greens, unprocessed grains, seafood, chicken, turkey, nuts, seeds, green beans, and more!)
  3. Omega-3 Fatty Acids. And last on our list, but certain not least are cell building blocks that your body needs but can’t produce on its own. Omega-3 fatty acids must come from your diet. These good fats not only help your heart and brain but have a marvelous effect on your skin too. Every cell has a type of “skin” itself, called the membrane. Omega-3 fatty acids help protect that membrane and keep it healthy—in order to absorb nutrients and block harmful things. The cell membrane also helps hold that water you’re drinking—which ultimately results in softer skin. So, if you make the “skin” of your cells is healthy, then your actual skin will be healthier too. If you’re like most Americans, you’re not getting enough omega-3s on your own. Enter Advanced Omega, our trio of essential Omega-3 fatty acids that combine to not only help your skin, but provide a plethora of other health benefits. Made using Menhaden Fish and then refined for a flavorless and odor-free experience. Contact your Xyngular Distributor today to get yours. Your skin will thank you.

There you have it! A few simple steps to care for your skin from the inside out. Now, just because we didn’t mention sunscreen, washing your face, exfoliating, and moisturizing doesn’t mean those aren’t important too—we’ll have to save those for another day.

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Be kind to your skin. Be consistent about taking care of it. And it will continue to take care of you.

And perhaps most importantly, be comfortable in it.

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