7 Simple Ways to Cleanse the Gut Without Sacrificing Your Health

cleanse your gut

Your gut health can affect every aspect of your life, so taking care of your gut can have a huge impact on your overall wellness.

But what does it mean to “take care of your gut”?

A quick search for “take care of your gut” will yield millions of results, which—let's be honest—is overwhelming and can make you quit before you even begin. That’s why we’ve put together this handy dandy list of some simple ways to cleanse your gut that don’t require a Ph.D. in gut microbiology.

Tackling your gut health head on can mean reaping the many benefits of weight loss, better immune support, a more stable mood, and better digestive functioning without the headache. For starters, we recommend choosing just one tip to start with today and seeing how much better you feel, and if all this information still feels like too much, start with the easy-to-use X Advanced kit from Xyngular to get going on your gut health journey with ease.

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Gut Cleanse 101

A gut cleanse is just what it sounds like—cleaning your gut. The idea that your gut needs a spa day might be a foreign concept, especially if you don’t understand the importance of gut health on your overall health. But making sure your gut is working optimally is crucial for your health, and a cleanse is one way to help your gut.

So how do you cleanse your gut? You can try an intense multiple-day cleanse where you limit your intake of some foods, drink lots of water and eat gut cleansing foods only. Typically, this is what most people think of when they think of a gut cleanse. To do a thorough cleanse like this you will need to decide on the length of time, the foods you will eat and the foods you will absolutely avoid.

A good rule of thumb, especially if it is your first gut cleanse, is to start with 3-4 days, give yourself a wide variety of gut cleansing foods to keep you excited, and definitely avoid processed foods, alcohol, sugar, and saturated fats.

Why? Because these foods add toxins to your body and the point of a cleanse is to help reset your gut and remove those toxins. You’ll want to increase your water intake as well, as water helps flush out toxins and supports healthy digestion.

But if you aren’t ready for a hard reset like a full gut cleanse outlined above, you can always improve your gut health by simply adding gut cleansing foods to your existing diet.

It may sound crazy, but there are foods that help scrub out the toxins and feed the good bacteria in your gut. That’s right! By adding the right types of food to your diet you are helping remove toxins and add healthy gut bacteria, all leading to a better immune response, more stable mood, better digestion, and even weight loss. Dark leafy greens, in-season fruit, turmeric powder, oats, bone broth, and ginger are a few foods you can try that will help cleanse your gut and keep you feeling healthy and balanced.

Many people who try a gut cleanse feel the results quickly, while others may need a few cycles of gut cleanses to really feel a difference. One way to feel better during your gut cleanse is to add a probiotic to your gut cleanse. Probiotics are full of the good bacteria your body needs to have a well-balanced gut. Make sure that your probiotic is in capsule form, and has 20 million CFUs and a variety of strains of bacteria.

7 Simple Ways To Cleanse Your Gut

Gut cleanses can be so helpful for your overall health and well-being, but it’s easy to overcomplicate and then give up on a gut cleanse if you don’t have some simple tips to follow. Here are seven simple ways you can cleanse your gut.

1. Drink Plenty of Water

We all know water helps with all functions in the body, especially digestion. Water helps move food through your digestive system, ensuring all the nutrients are absorbed and toxins removed. Not only does water help with digestion, but one study found that people who drank more water had less of one type of bacteria that causes intestinal issues.

2. Reduce Stress

Obviously, stress is a part of life. But managing stress in a healthy way can help improve your gut microbiome. When you feel stress, your body goes into fight or flight mode and shuts down any systems that can’t be used to fight or run, including digestion. When digestion is slowed or stopped, it can cause uncomfortable digestive issues. If you notice a lot of stress in your life, take the steps you need to reduce your stress.

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3. Focus on Good Sleep

Sleep is an underrated star in your overall health but especially gut health. One study found that getting enough sleep correlates with a diverse gut microbiome, meaning when you sleep well your gut has diverse and abundant bacteria. Diverse and abundant healthy bacteria in your gut means your body is working efficiently to absorb nutrients and remove toxins.

4. Avoid Sugar, Saturated Fats, and Preservatives

Sugar, saturated fats, and preservatives are unfortunately difficult to avoid in a normal diet. Reducing these in your regular diet will help with gut health, but if you are going on a gut cleanse you need to make sure you avoid these foods completely. They add toxins to your gut, defeating the purpose of your cleanse.

5. Add Gut Cleansing Foods

These can be dark leafy greens, turmeric, ginger, broccoli, cauliflower, oatmeal, some teas, in-season fruit, and bone broth. Make sure to also include fermented foods like kefir, sauerkraut, kombucha, and yogurt, as these foods have plenty of the good bacteria your gut needs.

6. Make a Plan

Fail to plan and plan to fail—nowhere is the adage more true than with gut health. Depending on your lifestyle, a gut cleanse might be a huge change and difficult to maintain, especially at first. But if you have a set plan for your cleanse you will find it harder to justify breaking the cleanse. Making a plan can be difficult, there are so many types of cleanses. Start with simple changes and find products that can help you stay on track with ease.

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7. Add a Supplement

Planning for your gut cleanse can be foolproof when you try the X Advanced kit from Xyngular. This kit has all the supplements you need to take care of your body during your cleanse, from Flush to help with toxin removal to Complete Probiotic to help boost your healthy gut bacteria. With nine more powerhouse supplements, X Advanced takes the guesswork out of a gut cleanse and gives you your best shot at a successful gut cleanse.*

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A gut cleanse is a huge first step in taking control of your health, but when you give yourself the advantage of the X Advanced kit from Xyngular, your chances for a successful cleanse are even higher. The X Advanced kit includes 11 of our most popular products, chosen to work in concert with each other to help you lose weight, balance your mood, improve your immune system, support gut health, and more.*

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