The Benefits of Walking

Benefits of Walking

The benefits of walking are endless! Studies have shown that exercise is important for both your physical health and mental health. Not only is walking a low-impact form of exercise that is extremely affordable, gets you out in the fresh air for less stress and anxiety, and offers social benefits as well, but it’s a simple activity that may even take you to new places to explore and discover.

Let’s hit the pavement for better health.

Physical Health Benefits Of Walking

Not only is walking a fantastic way to reduce stress, but it also helps to prevent a variety of health conditions including high blood pressure, the risk of a stroke, cancer, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease.

Walking also helps to strengthen muscles and bones and improve your overall cardiovascular fitness as well as your muscle endurance. Keep walking for increased energy levels, improved sleep, and the benefit of a healthy waistline. Walking helps to discover new places, socialize with friends as you walk and talk, and a way to save money with no gym membership or special equipment required.

Time to put on those walking shoes and watch your physical health blossom!

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Mental Health Benefits Of Walking

In addition to being good for your physical health, there are many mental health benefits associated with walking. While you can take your walk with just Fido, it’s also a social opportunity to walk with a friend and catch up, or even to make new friends in your neighborhood. Walking also brings an improved sleep routine as well as more body confidence. It’s known for boosting energy as well as your overall mood and also as a way to reduce stress and anxiety. A Mayo Clinic study says that exercise, even if it’s just for ten or fifteen minutes, eases symptoms of both depression and anxiety.

Additional Benefits Of Walking

Now that we have covered the awesome physical and mental benefits of walking, let’s talk about the practicality benefits. Other than a pair of solid walking shoes, there is virtually no cost associated with this form of exercise. No additional equipment, and no gym memberships needed! It’s simple, convenient, and oh so cost effective. Walking is easily worked into a daily routine and is a wonderful opportunity for a quick recharge during the day whether you are taking your dog for a spin around the neighborhood or stepping out to do a lap around your office during lunch.

Connecting with nature and the outdoors is an instant stress reducer, and weather pending, getting a little vitamin D can add a much brighter and lighter feeling to your day. Walking is also a truly fantastic way to connect with a friend. Not many exercises allow for people to connect in the way that walking does.

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Tips For Starting A Walking Routine

Beginning a walking routine is simple and easy. The health benefits are massive, and it’s truly one of the easiest workouts to incorporate into your day.

  • Find the right shoes! One of the first things that will slow down your walking goals is foot pain. Do research, go for a fitting, and find the right shoe for your foot and your particular goals. Your feet will thank you, and your goal will become that much more attainable.
  • Make your goals achievable! Don’t start off your new walking routine with a plan to walk 10 miles on your first day. Start small for shorter periods of time and work up to longer distances. This is not a sprint. Slow and steady will take you exactly where you want to go as you continue to build up stamina.
  • Set an alarm! Promise yourself that you will close your computer and go for a short walk every day at 1pm. Working through and missing your goal? Set a reminder. Pay attention when the alarm goes off and treat your scheduled walk just as you would any other appointment. Taking time for yourself is a priority for your mental and physical health and should be treated accordingly.
  • Podcast time! If you don’t have a walking buddy, find your favorite music or a podcast that you have been wanting to listen to and save it for your walk time. The walk will fly by, and you might just learn something new.
  • Pay attention to the weather! If the weather is sweltering hot where you live, don’t hit the streets at 12 pm, but when you do head out on your walk once the temperature has cooled down, remember to bring your water with you. Freezing cold? Window shop as you do your walk through an indoor shopping mall. Don’t let the weather stop you from achieving your health and fitness goals!
  • Mix it up! If you find that you are taking the same route on your walk every day, you may need a change of scenery. Mix it up to target different muscles on different inclines as well as give yourself the opportunity to discover a new area to explore.

Exercise Is Vital For Health

It’s imperative to keep your body moving to maintain your optimal level of health. Walking is an incredibly valuable exercise that is a fantastic addition to anyone’s exercise routine. Making walking a priority in your daily exercise plan can lead to weight loss, healthy weight maintenance, lower cholesterol, and stronger heart health as well as improved moods, better sleep, less depression and anxiety, and more. Add in how low-cost walking is, and you might just have the perfect workout!

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