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The days, they are getting warmer, and we are HERE FOR IT.

That's why we're bringin' back TRIMSTIX TIME with 10% OFF our fan-favorite Trimstix Fruit Punch for the whole month of April! The only April Fool's joke you'll be playing with this deal is the one on your budget when you come in 10% under 😉

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While supplies last. Exclusions apply. See all terms & conditions here.

Enroll Customers or Partners, Get FREEBIES!

During April, enroll Customers or Partners with an initial order of at least $343 CAD, and they'll get Trimstix Fruit Punch for FREE! But that's not all...

Do that three times (each with an initial order of $343 CAD at least), and not only will they get their Trimstix for free, you'll get Trimstix AND Xyng, absolutely FREE!

Details in terms and conditions here.

It's Official. 3x3=$635 😱

Upgrade or enroll 3 new Partners with at least 150PV in March, April, or May, and you'll get $127 CAD extra that month!

And that's not all...

If you do that for each of those months, you'll earn yourself an extra $254 CAD on top of your monthly $127s, for a grand total of $635 CAD!

See all terms & conditions here.

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Xyngular Incentive Trips

Our Passport Trips are unique completely unique to Xyngular! From visits to our corporate office, all the way to cruises on the Mediterranean Sea, the places you can go with Xyngular are ones you'll never forget! We can't wait to see you there!

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Why Xyngular? Why Now? Why Not?!

If you've been looking into weight loss, you're at the right place! The Xyngular community is ready to set you up for success so you can stop wondering where to start and actually begin on your path to weight loss and wellness!

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Don't just take our word for it, see what real customers have to say about our products, our community, and even the Xyngular opportunity! It's the best place to check out actual results to get you motivated and ready to go on your own adventure!

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