Personalized Dream Vacation

5,000,000 QV

Take things next level with the trip of a lifetime. You dream it up, we make it happen! All you've got to do is earn it and we'll take care of the rest!

Check out the pristine beaches of Phuket, Thailand or lounge on a yacht in the Caribbean for a week. If adventure is your call then maybe safari in the Serengeti. The world is your oyster with this Passport experience, and Xyngular is here to make it happen!*

Rules and Regulations:

  • Must meet QV requirements for two consecutive months.
  • Work closely with a Corporate member to plan and schedule your experience.
  • Trip cannot be canceled for credit after airfare and hotel are booked.

Tip to Earn:

It’s taken a team to get you this far, and it will take a team to help you earn this trip. The more you build and support your team, the more you grow. A little effort each day makes all the difference!

*Trips and travel are earned through the Xyngular Passport Summary. Learn more at