Grow Your Xyngular Business with the Simple Duplication Model

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Congratulations! You took a leap and are on your way to building a successful business and a better life. But with the first step behind you, you may be wondering, “What now?” Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We’re here to help you start building your business, and it all starts with this key principle—Your success depends on helping others succeed. Read on to find out how.

Starting Your Xyngular Business

As a Xyngular Distributor, you’re doing more than just selling products. Of course, sharing the products is part of it, but you’re also sharing the business opportunity. You’re helping others reach their potential and achieve their dreams. The secret to a successful Xyngular business lies in serving others. After you reach a goal, you look back and teach others how to reach the same goal. It’s the principle that all boats rise with the tide. When you help others succeed, you find success yourself.

What Is the Simple Duplication Model?

To further illustrate how you can build a successful Xyngular business, we’ve broken it down into three simple steps we call “The Simple Duplication Model.” To keep increasing in rank and growing your business, complete each of the three steps in The Simple Duplication Model. Once you’ve done that, start over at Step 1 and do it all again.

If you’re serious about building a business and increasing your income, consistency, repetition, and helping others is all it takes. Each time you complete each of the three steps, you’ll find yourself on a new level with a stronger business than before. Remember, the sky's the limit.*

The Simple Duplication Model


What You Do: Enroll four new people with 120 PV in sales volume.

Reward: You’ll earn a Quick Start Bonus

How it Works: This is the very first step in building your business. When you enroll four new people with 120 PV in sales volume during your first month as a Distributor, you’ll earn a Quick Start Bonus.*

Getting 120 PV in sales is achievable. In fact, if you also use the product, your personal monthly order may even qualify you for this bonus. The goal can be met by selling one Daily Essentials Bundle, or a Global Blend, Axion, or Genesis multi-pack. Even the Trim Down Trio will reach your goal by giving you 125 PV.*


What You Do: Help three people earn their Quick Start Bonus*

Reward: You’ll earn the rank of Manager

How it Works: By helping three people reach their Quick Start goal, you will advance to the rank of Manager.

Now that you know how to earn a Quick Start Bonus, teach three other people how to do the same. When they reach their goal, you’ll earn a new rank. Get them excited about the products and the business opportunity and help them achieve success early.*


What You Do: Help three people reach Manager

Reward: You’ll earn the rank of Silver Manager

How it Works: When you help three people earn their Manager rank, you will advance to the rank of Silver Manager.

You’ve earned your Quick Start Bonus. You’ve helped three people do the same. Now it’s time to help others rank up to Manager. Grow your business by mentoring three team members and teaching them how to help others reach their Quick Start Bonus. As each of those three people helps three people get a Quick Start, you’ll level up to the rank of Silver Manager.*

This model not only works when you’re starting your Xyngular business, but you can use it over and over to achieve higher ranks, bigger checks, and trips of a lifetime. Just remember, if you want to achieve success yourself, you must first help others by simply showing them how to do what you’ve done. You’ve already walked the path, now cheer and coach your team on to victory.*

Ready to start? Here’s how to get the ball rolling…

Launch Your Business with a Party

The Simple Duplication model is great, but now you may be wondering where to start and how to share this opportunity with others. The best way to get people interested and excited is to let them sample the product and hear about the business firsthand. And nothing makes people happier than a party.

You don’t need to throw an elaborate shindig to get the word out. A simple party in your home that allows people to sample the product, hear your story, and get excited about the opportunity will do the trick. Here is a sample agenda:

  • Welcome/Mingle (10 minutes): Invite people in, introduce them to each other, make small talk…basically do all the things you would do as a party host. Play music and be yourself. You can even offer some simple door prizes to your guests. This is going to be fun!
  • Product Tasting (10 minutes): Have some Xyngular products available for guests to sample. You may want to provide some other simple refreshments as well, but be sure everyone has a chance to try the Xyngular products.
  • Share (10 minutes): Nothing is as compelling as a personal account. Let people know why you started and what the Xyngular products and business model has done for you.
  • Play Launch Party Video (2-3 minutes): We made the special Launch Party Video just for this occasion. Use it to help get people excited about the opportunity.
  • Invite and Close (2-3 minutes): A simple invite is the best invite. There’s no need to apply a lot of pressure and make it awkward. A simple, “Who’s ready to join me today?” will get the job done.

Keep the whole thing simple so your guests will feel empowered to be able to host their own parties in the future.

Who to Invite to Your Xyngular Launch Party

Now that you have your party planned, it’s time to put together a guest list. Think outside the box on this. Your first instinct may be to only invite your closest social circle, and that’s a great place to start, but consider others who may be interested in the opportunity. Consider who you know from your:

  • Neighborhood
  • Community: Bank teller, coaches, dentist, realtor, mail carrier, teacher
  • Personal Resources: Best friends, parents, siblings, grandparents, co-workers, in-laws
  • Extracurricular Activities: Athletic teams, book club, church, choir, committee members
  • Kids: Teachers, coaches, daycare, therapists, music teachers, friend’s parents
  • Online Connections: Instagram, blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter

You can also consider people by their occupation and select people who are social for a living, or who are connected to a lot of other people. Geographic location is another good way to invite people. Perhaps you know people in areas that haven’t been introduced to Xnygular products, who would be interested in learning about its benefits. Or you can select people based on their personality traits. For example, those who are goal-oriented, like to socialize, enjoy learning, are self-motivated, or are health-conscious individuals would all be good candidates. Because your party can be in-person or online, the options are endless.

Learn More: How To Become A Xyngular Distributor

How to Invite People to Join You

Your party is planned, the guests are chosen, and now it’s time to extend invitations. Again, simplicity is the name of the game here. You can invite in-person, by phone, through a text message, or through social media. No matter how you invite, here are some key things to remember:

  • Be Friendly: Remember, this is a party! Be excited and personable as you extend the invitation.
  • Give Options: Offer a few date options to avoid the “I’m busy” excuse.
  • Keep Spoilers to Yourself: Share your excitement about the opportunity and how it has impacted you, but don’t give all the details in the invite. Save it for the party.

Keeping the invite simple and friendly will help people feel comfortable accepting and attending your party.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Once you’ve found what works for you, keep doing it. Host more parties, extend more invites and continue helping others reach their goals. Every time your team gets to a new level, you’ll level up too. It’s that simple.

The Simple Duplication model is a great path to Founders Club 2020, our exclusive trip to Riveria Maya, Mexico. The deadline is September 30, 2020. Log in to your account to check your point standing and access more business builder resources today!

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