Unwrapping Resist Chews: Why They Work

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What are you to do when hunger and cravings strike? Resist!

When you unwrap up to four of these game-changing, tasty little chews daily, you’ll find the help you need to:

  • Control your cravings*
  • Manage your hunger*
  • Feel full faster*
  • Resist overeating to jumpstart your weight-loss success*

Wondering how these little weight loss chews work? Let’s unwrap Resist!

Hunger Begins in the Brain

It’s mid-afternoon, and you skipped lunch. Your stomach starts to growl. All you can think about is getting a big lunch to fill you up and also checking out those donuts you saw in the break room.

What is causing your hunger and cravings? You might think it’s all your stomach, but that’s only partly correct. Your brain plays a key role.

Strap on your science hats! Feeding yourself is one of your brain’s primary jobs, and it has developed a complex system to accomplish this.

The system is located in the hypothalamus, a part of the brain that controls key bodily processes like balancing body temperature and fluids, sex drive, as well as food and water intake.

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Think of it like your body’s thermostat, keeping everything balanced and comfortable.

In the hypothalamus, there are two sets of nerves. One that produces hunger-signaling compounds, and another that produces hunger-stopping compounds. Similar to a traffic light, the brain receives signals about being hungry or full.

Pump The Brakes On Hunger

While it may feel that you’re playing a game of “green light, red light” with your brain, your brain is built to preserve and feed itself which means that it may tell you to run the red light and consume extra calories as a precaution.

This may have been an intelligent strategy when food was harder to locate and taking advantage of opportunity could mean the difference between life and death. Today, these impulses for grazing and feasting on calorie-rich foods often lead to weight gain.

What Is HbG Complex? What Does It Do?

Resist chews feature a naturally-sourced ingredient called HbG Complex that promotes a feeling of fullness in your stomach, sending signals to your hypothalamus to flash the “red light” of feeling satisfied. So, Resist helps balance the signals in your body to help you to eat less and feel full faster.*

Understanding Hunger vs Cravings

It’s important to understand the difference between hunger and cravings. Generally speaking, hunger occurs when you have not eaten for several hours, it is not for a specific food, and it may result in a growling stomach or feeling of weakness. Cravings however are generally for fattier foods or what may be considered comfort foods. They can occur after you have recently eaten or may occur when you are experiencing negative feelings.

This is why Resist is such an important tool for weight-loss, because Resist works quickly when cravings strike! Using Resist before eating results in noticeable drops in hunger as well as the desire to overeat.

Did we mention this is a chew? Using naturally-sourced flavors, Resist tastes like a chewy wild-cherry candy, while being quickly and easily absorbed by your body. They are conveniently individually wrapped and handy to have on hand, so your helpful weight-loss weapon feels like a treat!

What people are saying about Resist…

“Right before Thanksgiving, I lost seven pounds in five days!”* - Deanna W., Xyngular Community

“My mind just automatically veers to food. I can’t help it, I’m a snacker and always have been until now.” - Christi B., Xyngular Community

“They are a game-changer. It’s like having a little dessert before you eat, and then you aren’t hungry!” - Carmin N., Xyngular Community

FAQs About Xyngular’s Resist Chews

Q. What are the benefits of Resist?

A. Supports healthy weight loss, suppresses appetite, and fights cravings to prevent excess calorie intake.*

Q. How do you use Resist?

It’s recommended to take Resist right before meals to help you feel full faster.*

Q. How many Resist chews should I take daily?

A. You can take up to four chews daily.

Q. What makes Resist different from other appetite suppressants?

A. Unlike other supplements that require you to take them 30-60 minutes before a meal, Resist can be taken immediately before eating.

Q. What are the ingredients in Resist?

A. HbG Complex (Yeast, Hydrolysate), raw cane sugar, rice syrup, natural flavors, soy lecithin, palm oil, malic acid, fruit and vegetable juice (for color), citric acid, glycerin, sucralose.

Q. Where are Resist made?

A. Resist is manufactured in the United States in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)-compliant facility.

Q. Does Resist contain fish or shellfish?

A. No, Resist does not contain fish or any shellfish products.

Q. Does Resist contain soy?

A. Yes, Resist does contain soy.

Q. Does Resist contain nuts?

A. No, and it’s manufactured in a nut-free facility.

Q. Does Resist contain milk?

A. No, Resist is dairy-free.

Q. Does Resist contain gluten?

A. No, Resist does not contain gluten and is considered gluten-free.

Q. Does Resist contain caffeine or stimulants?

A. Resist is stimulant-free and does not contain any caffeine.

Q. Is Resist vegan-friendly?

A. Yes, Resist is vegan-friendly.

Q.Can you use Resist if you are pregnant or nursing?

A. We recommend consulting your physician about any supplement if you are pregnant or nursing.

5 Ways To Control Your Cravings Right Away

What to do if you find yourself in the throes of an intense craving? Here are a few quick fixes that you can use to help stick to your nutrition goals.

  1. Drink a glass of water. (You might just be thirsty.)
  2. Get away from the craving. (Avert your eyes and keep walking when you see that plate of cookies.)
  3. Move the craved item to an inconvenient spot. (Out of sight, out of mind!)
  4. Eat something nutritious and filling like a handful of almonds.
  5. Grab a Resist chew! (Hunger cravings are quickly controlled by suppressing your appetite which in turn leads to a lesser calorie intake.)

Looking for ways to fight cravings in the long term? We’ve got 9 simple natural appetite suppressants you can try here.

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Ready to Resist?

Resist chews are a simple-to-use, tasty, and (above all) effective way to stop your cravings and hunger at the source and stop them quickly.*

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

*Lose up to 15 pounds in 8 days. Lose an additional 1-2 pounds or more each week following the 8-day jump start. Results are not guaranteed and can vary.

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