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Ketosis is the key to losing weight with the keto meal plan included in your system.

Getting your body into ketosis can be a little tricky and staying in it can be even more tricky, even when you’re following the plan to the T.

The key is to keep your glucose levels as low as possible in order for your body to use fat stores as energy instead.

If you aren’t careful with what you eat, though, you can kick yourself out of ketosis without even realizing it.

If your glucose levels get too high or if you aren’t eating the right foods, you could end up using glucose as energy or even breaking down muscle as energy, and you don’t want that.

Follow these tips below to make sure you don’t accidentally cut ketosis too short.

Stick to the Grocery List

Luckily for you, you’ve got an entire grocery list full of approved foods you can eat while you’re following the keto meal plan.

There are many different protein, healthy fat, vegetable, and snack options to keep you going during your time with the system.

Following the recipes will also help you stay in ketosis. We’ve done all the ground work to help you stay successful with this plan. Just stick with us and you should be ok.

Foods You Definitely Should Avoid 

If you want venture away from the meal plan a bit, go right ahead, just be mindful of what foods are best avoided. 

Let’s start with fats.

Fats to Avoid

Anything that contains trans fat is never a good idea, even if you aren’t following the keto meal plan.

Margarine and other spreads, most fried food, and many baked goods can lead to weight gain — the opposite of what ketosis is supposed to do.

Refined oils, like corn oils, soybean oil, and canola oils aren’t that great for you either. They are highly processed and don’t help you stay in ketosis.

Proteins to Avoid

Processed meats or meat products are never good. Most of them contain starch that turns into glucose, as well as excess sugar.

Stay clear of your hot dogs, deli meats, and processed sausages. 

The added sugar is important to watch out for. A lot of pork products, like bacon, sausage, and pulled pork will have sugar that will end ketosis sooner than you think.

Vegetables to Avoid

Even though we include vegetables in the keto meal plan, some vegetables should be avoided. Some vegetables have high amounts of carbs and starch, which turns into sugar when digested.

Steer clear of potatoes of all types, including yams because of their starch content. Corn is extremely starchy and should be avoided as well.

It’s best to keep beans and legumes out of the picture too, as they are also high in carbs.

Dairy to Avoid

Remember, cheese is your friend during the ketosis, but keep away from milk. Milk often times has sugar added to it, which can mess up ketosis.

Ice cream, of course is another no-no. Even though it is a great source of fat, the sugar content is extremely high.

And when we mentioned cheese was safe, just keep away from shredded cheese as potato starch is often added to it to keep it from sticking together.

Do Your Research

This list of course doesn’t contain everything you should avoid. Luckily, you’ve got a lot of help to guide you every step of the way.

We encourage you to do your own research. Go talk to your distributor or other Xyngular family members. You’ve also got your system resource pages, guide books, and Xander to provide you with valuable information.

One thing’s for certain, though, if you follow the food suggestions and meal plan in your guide book, you should maximize your opportunity for success.


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