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Life is meant to be lived to its fullest.

When weight gain and health problems set in, though, they can prevent us from living the lives we want.

Luckily, there’s a way to keep us on the happy, fulfilling journey of life.

Xyngular makes it easier than ever to make weight loss and better health a reality.

The Ultimate system provides complete access to the best that Xyngular has to offer to help you every step of the way toward better health and a happier life.

Ultimate provides:

·      the fastest way to lose the most weight

·      Xyngular’s most potent products that produce the best results

·      more resources to assist you on your weight-loss journey

·      the most value (save 30%, plus a $100 product credit) to continue with your goals

Products That Make a Difference

The Ultimate system offers the most products of all the Xyngular systems. There are 13 effective products total, and they work together to better your health in a variety of ways:

·      Xyng: creates natural energy, improves mood, and controls appetite to help you achieve your weight-loss goals.

·      Flush: combats the buildup of toxins and reinforces the body’s natural defenses by resetting the body by aiding in digestion.

·      Cheat: curbs appetite while preventing the body from absorbing a certain number of calories.

·      Lean: combines two different types of proteins with vitamins, minerals, and digestive enzymes for a high-quality snack replacement.

·      Global Blend: provides complete free-radical support through powerful nutrient-dense super fruits, primary antioxidant precursors, herbal adaptogens, and anti-inflammatories like aloe.

·      Axion: supports everything from your immune system, cardiovascular system, metabolism, and brain function through essential vitamins and minerals from whole foods, as well as enzymes, omega fatty acids, and probiotics.

·      Xr2: improves sleep quality and helps combat stress to help you lose weight and gain more energy.

·      Spryng: hydrates and improves recovery from exercise by delivering clean, natural energy.

·      Trimstix: controls blood sugar levels that helps curb unwanted cravings to support healthy weight loss.

·      Accelerate: burns fat by boosting your metabolism, suppressing appetite, and aiding in controlling blood sugar.

·      Lean Meal: provides you complete nutritional support through a full serving of fruits and vegetables, proteins, adaptogens, and probiotics.

·      Probiotix: Balances gut health with over 3 billion CFUs of the best probiotics available.

·      Advanced Omega: boosts brain and heart health by providing you with the essential omega-3 fatty acids most people are deficient in.

This impressive lineup of Xyngular products gives you access to essential vitamins, minerals, and weight-loss ingredients that supplement your health and boost your weight-loss capability.

Jumpstart Your Weight Loss in Eight Days

With Ultimate you can lose the most weight, the fastest of all our weight-loss systems. 

This is possible, in part, due to the 8-day jumpstart at the beginning of the system.

The jumpstart acts as a sort of detox that’s designed to reset your body. 

Your metabolism can also reset, which can help you to start losing weight without feeling hungry.

This jumpstart will get your body back on track to improving your overall health.

Meals That Matter

You are your own person, which means you shouldn’t try to fit your likes and dislikes into one diet or meal plan.

With the Ultimate system, you not only have a choice between both a low carb and keto meal plan, you have dozens of recipes to keep your taste buds excited. (Yes! Food that actually tastes good and is good for you.)

The low-carb meal plan keeps you from consuming too many carbs, which can turn into excess sugar that is converted into fat by your body. This allows your body to focus on shedding stored fat.

The keto meal plan focuses on switching your body’s source of energy from glucose (sugar) to fat in order to help you burn fat faster by using it as fuel for your body.

By giving you options, you’ll choose a meal plan to help you reach your own personal goals and change your eating habits.

Stay Accountable With Xander

The Ultimate system comes with everything you need to get your health and weight on track in no time, including a virtual coach named Xander.

Xander is an important part of the system, because he makes sure you stay accountable.

He’ll send you daily texts to remind you when to take your supplements, as well as important information to guide you every step of the way.

You can also text him if you need any help.

If you have questions about either the keto or low carb meal plans, he’s got your back 

Need to know how much water you should drink or why you should take a supplement? Just text away and he’ll be there to give you the details.

You don’t have to go through your health journey alone when you have Xander to support you.

More Value for More Results

The Ultimate system is the best system Xyngular has to offer to help you on your journey toward better health, because it offers you Xyngular’s best products at the most savings (30% savings!), and comes with $100 product credit — which makes it a fantastic value.

It’s important to note that this system will offer amazing results, but since your health is a journey, you’ll need more than 30 days to make positive, lasting changes.

That’s why Ultimate is the only system that comes with a $100 product credit for you to use as you continue your weight-loss journey. 

We know the power our products have, and Ultimate allows you to try some of Xyngular’s most popular products to see what works best for you. And the $100 will allow you to continue to invest in your health transformation, because we know you’ll see results.

Transform Your Body — Transform Your Life 

You deserve to live a happy, productive life.

The Ultimate system can help make that happen with powerful products, effective meal plans, and more. 

Ultimate will transform your body and will transform your life to help you become the ultimate you!


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