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Are you living your best life? What would you be able to accomplish if you were more healthy? Sadly, weight gain can prevent us from living the lives we’ve always wanted. The lives we’ve envisioned for ourselves.

But all is not lost. Your health goals are within your reach, and we’re here to help. Xyngular makes it easier than ever to make weight loss and better health a reality.

The Ultimate System Provides a Way to Better Health

The Ultimate System from Xyngular gives you complete access to the best products, information, and tools that Xyngular has to offer. It is designed to help you every step of the way as you journey toward weight loss, better health, and a happier life.*

Ultimate System Provides:

The fastest way to lose the most weight. The Ultimate System starts you out with the 8-Day Jumpstart that will rapidly increase your weight loss results and chances of success from day one. The 8-Day Jumpstart lays the foundation for weight loss by preparing your body in much the same way as a detox does. It resets your body and metabolism, and can even help with healthy digestion. This sets you up for success on the rest of your journey.*

Xyngular’s most potent products that produce the best results. Most diet programs focus on the one or two reasons people can’t lose weight. In actuality, there are 15 common causes for not losing weight. The Ultimate System is our most comprehensive program that contains products and programs to address each of those 15 reasons. This holistic approach provides better results.*

More resources to assist you on your weight loss journey. The Ultimate System is more than just supplements. It also includes meal plans and a virtual coach. Xander, Xyngular’s virtual coach, will give you daily tips and information, and will even remind you to take your supplements so you never miss a day.

The most value. When you purchase Xyngular’s Ultimate System, you save 30% over purchasing each of the products individually. Plus, you’ll receive a $100 product credit you can use to continue towards your goals.

Products That Make a Difference

The Ultimate System provides you with the most products of all the Xyngular systems. With 13 effective products included, you’ll find they work together to better your health in a variety of ways and address each of the 15 reasons you’ve struggled to lose weight. Here’s what you get with the Ultimate System:

Xyng: This blend of natural vitamins and herbs will boost your energy and can even improve your mood and help control your appetite. You’ll find yourself with more focus and clarity to tackle the daily challenges.*

Flush: Putting healthy ingredients in your body does no good if your system isn’t absorbing them. That’s where Flush comes in. It combats the buildup of toxins and reinforces your body’s natural defenses by resetting the body by aiding in digestion and promoting intestinal health.*

Cheat: This bit of magic comes from the Japanese Konnyaku root. When it comes in contact with water in your stomach, it forms an expanding gel that literally traps a portion of consumed food in it. The result is a longer-lasting full feeling, and fewer absorbed calories.*

Lean: You’ll love this protein shake in chocolate or vanilla, and your body will love the amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and digestive enzymes it contains. With two different types of proteins, Lean fights hunger, builds muscle, and helps your muscles recover quickly.*

Global Blend: This antioxidant-rich supplement is made from super fruits that help stabilize the damaging free radicals in your body. You’ll get the nutrients your body needs to help combat the damage free radicals can cause.*

Axion: If ever there were a comprehensive supplement, this is it. Axion supports every cell and function of the body—everything from your immune system, cardiovascular system, metabolism, brain function, and digestive health. It combines essential vitamins and minerals from whole foods, as well as enzymes, omega fatty acids, and probiotics.*

Xr2: Sleep is an important part of weight loss. Xr2 improves sleep quality and helps combat stress to help you lose weight and gain more energy. More restful sleep will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to conquer the day.*

Spryng: When you need the energy to power through a workout, or just make it through the day, Spryng delivers. Its clean, natural energy hydrates, may improve mental clarity, and aids in recovery from exercise.*

Trimstix: When you need a little boost during the day, or are feeling like you want something sweet, add Trimstix to your water, sip, enjoy, and feel the benefits. Trimstix comes in delicious flavors and helps support blood sugar levels in healthy individuals that help curb unwanted cravings to support healthy weight loss.*

Accelerate: This supplement provides a rapid metabolism boost that controls your appetite and resets your fat-burning potential. It contains our patented Thermolit Blend, which burns fat by boosting your metabolism, suppressing appetite, and aiding in helps support blood sugar levels in healthy individuals.*

Lean Meal: Give your blender a break with this meal replacement shake. It’s packed with a full serving of fruits, greens, proteins, adaptogens, and probiotics. All you have to do is shake and drink to get the benefits of its nutrient-dense ingredients.*

Probiotix: It’s easy to introduce healthy bacteria to your system with this simple and tasty powder. It balances gut health, supports healthy weight loss, fights gas and bloating, and promotes healthy oral and digestive health.*

Advanced Omega: Omega-3 fatty acids may be the building blocks of your brain, but they’re hard to come by in a normal diet. This combination of three essential Omega-3 fatty acids boosts brain, heart, and metabolism so they are functioning at peak levels.*

This impressive lineup of Xyngular products gives you access to the essential vitamins, minerals, and weight-loss ingredients you need to supplement your health and boost your weight-loss capability.*

Meals That Matter

There’s no one right way to diet. With the Ultimate system, you have a choice between both a low carb and keto meal plan. Plus, you have access to dozens of recipes to keep your taste buds excited. (Yes! Food that actually tastes good and is good for you.)

The low-carb meal plan keeps you from consuming too many carbs, which can turn into excess sugar that is converted into fat by your body. This allows your body to focus on shedding stored fat. While the keto meal plan focuses on switching your body’s source of energy from glucose (sugar) to fat in order to help you burn fat faster by using it as fuel for your body. You can choose a meal plan that fits your needs to help you reach your own personal goals and change your eating habits.

A Way to Stay Accountable

The Ultimate System comes with everything you need to get your health and weight on track in no time—including a virtual coach named Xander. Xander is an important part of the system, because he makes sure you stay accountable. He’ll send you daily texts to remind you when to take your supplements, as well as important information to guide you every step of the way. You can also text him if you need any help.

If you have questions about either the keto or low carb meal plans, he’s got your back. Need to know how much water you should drink, or why you should take a supplement? Just text away and he’ll be there to give you the details. You don’t have to go through your health journey alone when you have Xander to support you.

More Value for More Results

The Ultimate System is the best system Xyngular has to offer to help you on your journey toward better health, because it offers you Xyngular’s best products at the most savings (30% savings!), and comes with $100 product credit —which makes it a fantastic value.

We know that amazing results take time. That’s why Ultimate is the only system that comes with a $100 product credit for you to use as you continue your weight-loss journey beyond the initial 30 days. You can use that credit to continue your journey and make positive changes that will last.

We know the power of our products, and Ultimate allows you to utilize Xyngular’s most popular products to see what works best for you. The $100 credit will allow you to continue to invest in your health transformation, because we know you’ll see results.

Transform Your Body—Transform Your Life

You deserve to live a happy, productive life. With the Ultimate System’s 8-Day Jumpstart, comprehensive product lineup, meal plans, and virtual coach, you will have everything you need to succeed. Powerful products, effective meal plans, and expert support.

Get the Ultimate System to transform your body and transform your life to become the ultimate you! Contact your Xyngular Distributor or log in to your Xyngular account and get Ultimate today!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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** Xyngular systems include a variation of the 8-Day Jumpstart. If you have additional weight to lose after your Jumpstart and select a Xyngular system to support your efforts, DO NOT complete another 8-Day Jumpstart immediately. Instead, move to the post-Jumpstart meal plan of your choice and recommended product usage included in your system.

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