4 Ways Lean Mocha Can Help Build Your Business

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Xyngular’s brand new Lean Mocha is hitting the market soon!

Yeah, we’re all stoked about it. But are you ready to make it work for you?? I mean, we know you’ll want it all for yourself after you’ve tried it, but if you can spare some, we’re certain it’s going to do incredible things for your business, too. But how?

Read on for four easy ways Lean Mocha can help build your business and get you ready to crush this coffee lover’s protein shake launch.

Lean Mocha Features, Benefits, And What They Mean In Your Life

Lean Mocha is the newest member of the Xyngular Lean family. And just like with any family, Lean Mocha has some similar traits to the Lean Vanilla and Lean Chocolate OGs. But it also brings its own personality to the table.

Exactly like the Lean flavors you already know and love, Lean Mocha is packed with vitamins, minerals, all nine essential amino acids, and that proprietary blend of digestive enzymes to ensure every ounce of that nutritional goodness is absorbed and utilized in your body. And Lean Mocha still packs that 10 grams of protein punch in each scoop—with just 60 calories, to boot.*

All of this means that adding Lean Mocha to your wellness regimen is going to provide you with an incredibly convenient, nutritious, and delicious snack replacement shake that aids in curbing cravings, feeling fuller longer, as well as lean muscle development and exercise recovery.*

But where Lean Mocha strays from the family tree a bit is in its unique chocolate + coffee blended flavor and the added benefits that come from the coffee itself. Since it’s made with real coffee, Lean Mocha boosts your energy levels with a 25 mg jolt of caffeine per scoop. And it’s not just the increased energy that makes Lean Mocha so unique. It’s the idea that coffee is something like a way of life for many people. This means that Lean Mocha is the perfect replacement for a less healthy coffee shop habit that most diets require kicking to the curb.*

1. The Importance Of Routines In Life And Health

Let’s talk about that little coffee habit, shall we? Some people live for their warm and cozy cup of joe in the morning. Others die for an iced mocha every afternoon. And more than the yummy flavors a good coffee beverage can serve up, drinking it is more about the comfort and tradition of a nice routine.

People thrive on routine. Routines provide a sense of surety and safety in what can feel like a mad and decision-riddled world. With routine, you know what’s coming. You don’t have to choose yet another thing! Each day you know—you can sit and relax with your cup of coffee and just breathe for a minute.

One of the ways that Lean Mocha can build your business is by introducing the product as an opportunity for people to create a new, healthier routine. Lean Mocha can step in to replace sugary, expensive drinks while providing some control at a very unpredictable time, whether that’s because of a new dieting lifestyle or—let’s face it—just dealing with 2020 as a whole. Lean Mocha can be part of a routine that creates focus, purpose, and productivity, all while helping your customers achieve their health and weight loss goals!

Studies have even shown that healthy routines can reduce stress, increase sleep quality and energy levels, and generally improve health due to greater motivation to fuel your body the right way and exercise more.

Helping people understand the benefits of routine in their lives and on their health will be a great way to build your business, fire up your sales, and improve lives.

Plus, with summer right around the corner and health goals on almost everyone’s list after a year of being cooped up, Lean Mocha can be their summer weight-loss hero!

2. Best Way To Sell Lean Mocha? Serve By Telling Your Story!

Seth Godin has said this:

“People do not buy goods and services. They buy relationships, stories, and magic.”

Because you’re technically in the business of sales, it might feel strange to learn that one of the best ways to build your business is by serving your community instead of selling to them. But hear me out.

Why did you join Xyngular? Why are you excited about it? Have you lost weight with Xyngular? Do you feel better physically, emotionally, or financially since starting with Xyngular?

These are the magical stories you can tell in order to build relationships with your customers and potential buyers. And hearing those stories from someone else may have been the exact reason you’re on the journey that you are! Because really, I can’t think of anyone who loves to be SOLD on something. We all want to BUY IN because we believe in it. And it’s your job to help them believe—by telling them your conversion story.

By understanding your Xyngular journey and what it has done for you, your audience will feel a connection that helps them trust you and the products you sell. It builds community and helps people feel understood—both of which motivate consumers to buy.

So if you want to sell Lean Mocha and build your business, serve up parts of your personal story as inspiration, entertainment, education, and an offer of transparency and solidarity three times for every time you try to sell them.

And we’ll bet you’ll see the results.

3. 24 Ways To Tell Your Story RIGHT NOW

Okay so now you know you’ve got to share your story to sell Lean Mocha and help build your business but...where do you start? Truth be told—anywhere.

It doesn’t have to come in a perfectly wrapped package of a post. You can reveal snippets of your story as time goes on. You can repeat parts that you know have resonated with your audience in the past. The key is simple: be authentic. People can usually sniff out inauthentic communication a million miles away so be sincere and—even though it might feel intimidating at first—put yourself out there. The audience is sure to catch you.

Here are 24 ways to get started telling your story right now!

  • Tell people who you are and how you got started with Xyngular.
  • Tell people about your favorite product. (Hint: LEAN MOCHA!)
  • Share a favorite quote and why.
  • Open up to audience questions in your stories.
  • Share a tutorial.
  • Share a favorite Xyngular tip or hack.
  • Post a Throwback Thursday.
  • Ask for recommendations for something you’ve struggled with.
  • Share your favorite book.
  • Post a podcast episode that inspired you and why.
  • Share a mistake you made and how you’re working to overcome it!
  • Show how to use a favorite product.
  • Share a recipe.
  • Introduce the person who helped get you started with Xyngular.
  • Share what you’re most proud of right now.
  • Tell a funny story from your life.
  • Highlight your team.
  • Share a favorite tradition and why it’s meaningful to you.
  • Share your favorite workout songs.
  • Thank someone in your life.
  • Post a before and after.
  • Get your face on-screen with a how-to video as you make a favorite shake.
  • Talk about some of your summer plans.
  • Share a brand new Lean Mocha recipe and how it’s been a game-changer for you!

This list is obviously incomplete as we’re sure you’ll be inspired with even more personalized content as you continue to build your business. But for now, try a couple of these sure bets for sharing your story and grow from there!

4. Understanding The True Value Of Lean Mocha And The Xyngular Opportunity

As a Xyngular Distributor, you are becoming your best self, living your best life, and achieving your goals. You are making a difference and changing lives—beginning with your own.

Getting healthier with Xyngular has likely been a powerful upward journey for you, and you know what some of these products like Lean Vanilla and Lean Chocolate have done for you personally and for your customer base—which, hello, is another awesome way to serve up your story. If you’ve struggled with craving sweets or cutting out coffee, tell people! And then tell them the solution—Lean Mocha! You know it’s a useful tool to have in anyone’s wellness toolbelt, and YOU are the one who can get it to them.

This means that a new product launch like Lean Mocha is also an incredible way to build your business with Xyngular. Limited-time products that build on very successful existing ones are the perfect way to position yourself as a trusted authority figure in your community and increase sales quickly and easily. You can do that through acquiring new customers, getting existing customers to buy more (or try new products like Lean Mocha!), or encouraging current customers to buy more of what they love frequently through subscriptions.

And don’t think that timing isn’t key here—with Lean Mocha coming out as we head into summertime, the launch is primed to help build your business even faster. Think in terms of people wanting to shed a few pounds for their summer vacation, people missing out on summertime treats as they try to stick to a diet, and looking for a solution. Solve their problem. And don’t be afraid to mention previous limited flavor launches from Xyngular...and how quickly they’ve sold out. A little FOMO never hurt anybody.

Listen, Lean Mocha is here to help you stay on track with health goals—yes. But it can be a game-changer in building your business even further and reaching those wealth goals, too. So take this Lean Mocha launch, set your own goals, and make it work for YOU.

Ready To Start Your Own Xyngular Business?

If you’re just getting started with your own Xyngular business—welcome to the family! We’re here for you! And if you’re a seasoned pro and are already crushing your Xyngular opportunity—hey, we’re here for you, too!

And so is this new Lean Mocha product launch. We know that, with a little help from these easy to implement tips and that tasty new java shake, you’ll be well on your way to building your business and living the Xyngular dream!

Hop on over to the Lean Mocha product page and grab some ASAP—who knows how long this chance will last??

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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