Tummy Trio

  • Digestion
  • Weight Loss
  • Gut Health


Your body runs on systems that are made up of multiple parts, and your gut is no exception! That's why we created the Tummy Trio. With probiotic, collagen, and digestive enzyme products, we’ve got your whole digestive system covered. Beat bloat, improve digestion, and support your metabolic health all with one great bundle.*

If you're ready to count on products that work to look better, and more importantly, feel better, try the Tummy Trio today!*

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INCLUDES: Collagen |  Probiotic  | Digestive Aid

The Products

Xyngular Complete Collagen
Daily Health
Xyngular Complete Probiotic
Award-winning Probiotic
Daily Health | Gut Health
Xyngular Complete Digestive Aid
Digestive Aid_Silo_580
Gut Health
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