The X Bundle

Xyngular essentials for serious weight loss

The X Bundle contains all your essential supplements for serious weight loss with a simple timeline and products to last a full month, built to deliver real results!
If you're here for a change and ready to take the next step, this bundle is for you!

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With 6 quality supplements designed to work in harmony with each other, you can’t go wrong with the X Bundle. Whether you're starting with Xyngular for the first time, finishing up your Jumpstart or Xyngular System, or looking to get back on track, the X Bundle is the best next step.

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Weight loss isn’t complicated with Xyngular! With the X Bundle we've taken the guesswork out of how to use your products. Follow the product timeline below. It's as easy as that!

  • Lean - for breakfast
  • Xyng - with a mid-morning snack
  • Accelerate - at lunchtime
  • Trimstix - after lunch
  • Resist - before dinner
  • Flush - before bed*

*Flush is not intended for long term daily use.

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When we say effective products, we mean it! We've grouped these 6 products together specifically because we know they're going to deliver! From the cravings crusher, Trimstix, to the Sunshine in a Bottle, Xyng, you're going to love this line up.

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Eat Good, Feel Good

The best part about the X Bundle?
You have access to tons of our amazing Xyngular approved recipes! 😋
You'll be eating good and feeling even better!

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A better bundle makes for a better subscription! The X Bundle is great to add to your monthly subscription so your favorite products are always on hand and conveniently delivered right to your door.

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Already have your X Bundle?

Great! You already have your products! Here are some helpful resources to help you find your "X" factor with the X Bundle in three simple steps!

STEP ONE: Start with a Jumpstart!
For the first 8 days, choose Jumpstart approved recipes, follow the product timeline, and take your Flush each night. These first eight days are going to kickstart your results, so stick with it!

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STEP TWO: Keep going!
Continue eating healthy and following your product timeline. We have so many Xyngular approved recipes for you to choose from. Start with your Lean Shake each day, pick from our lineup of delicious recipes for your meals, and have a sensible snack. You've got this!

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STEP THREE: Stay Motivated!
Now all you have to do is stay motivated! Reach out to your Xyngular coach for more personalized coaching. Join our Facebook Group for even more tips and tricks and extra motivation.

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Check out our FAQ page RIGHT HERE for some helpful answers!