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A Xyngular business is built by the power of you. Meet the people who partner with Xyngular to change lives every day.

Power of Consistency

"Be consistent. You can work part-time or full-time in this business, but not sometimes. Work daily and it WILL pay off more than you can imagine."

Hillary Brown
New Xyngular Executive

Meet Hillary

Power of Uncomfortable

"It's so hard for someone to come out of their comfort zone, and this business is not comfortable. I want to be their biggest cheerleader so they can enjoy the benefits of working hard, and so they can use their strengths to find success."

Cristina Stults
March Top Enroller

Meet Cristina

Power of Determination

"There are two types of people when a storm is coming; a Buffalo who puts his head down and charges through or a Cow that turns and runs. I am a Buffalo. I will straight up charge a challenge, goal, or adversity. I won’t be diverted. I won’t be stopped. I won’t be a piece of paper blowing through the storm. So are you a Cow or are you a Buffalo? Will you charge head first in and weather whatever is holding you back?"

Robin Packard
I Am Xyngular Award Winner 2023

Meet Robin

Power of Lifting Others

"We've been able to start college funds, pay off debts, say yes more to our children, and make responsible long-term life decisions, which helps us feel more secure. Of course there has been ups and downs. It's not all sunshine and rainbows every day, but it's pretty close when you keep your eyes on the prize, helping others reach their goals. Our favorite quote is 'we rise by lifting others', and we believe that is absolute truth."

Holly Parrish
March Top Enroller

Meet Holly
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Power of Now

"It's not too late to be a success story! Here I am starting a new business at 57, but I'm diving in and doing my research. I want to be a great leader, and support to my team."

Jari Love
March Top Enroller

Power of Together

"The reason you got married was to spend time with your spouse. This company allows you to work with your spouse to earn money and trips. We don't know how much time we have, so to be together and enjoy some quality time means everything."

Mark and KimAnn England
New Silver Directors | U.S. Top Newcomer | Business Builder Award Winners

Power of Culture

"I get excited about working with Xyngular every day. They always seem to be creating new products and doing more for us to make it easier to share and easier to sell. We have a phenomenal corporate team and incredible culture. I feel so blessed that this opportunity has come into my life.
In my first month of doing Xyngular I actually reached Gold Manager, which I think is a pretty special accomplishment. I also reached my first leg of the Xtreme Business Builder in the first month. I'm going for two and three. Really, the sky's the limit!"

Trina Burgos
New Gold Manager | Canada Top Newcomer

Power of Motivation

"Staying on plan myself helps me motivate others. I am able to share my success and my progress pictures on Facebook to talk about what Xyngular has done for my life. I get excited to help others who are struggling just to get through the day like I was. It is so exciting to hear how great they feel on our program!"

Angie Scripture
New Platinum Director

Power of Community

"This community of encouragement and support is like none other!! It truly keeps me motivated every day. If someone hasn’t told you lately that you are awesome and amazing, that you are MORE than enough, let me take a moment…. Because you ARE!"

Debbie Hanks
New Gold Director

Power of Progress

"Since Xyngular I had been able to drop the weight I gained and still continue to work to be the so-called 'powerhouse' I once was. To me it’s all about the journey, not reaching that goal and boom, all done. I enjoy reaching for that next level. The 'What can I do next?' 'How can I be better?'"

Leah Hendricks
New Silver Director

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