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Power of Confidence

“Because of the lifestyle changes Xyngular has helped me make, I'm healthier than I've ever been. I have more time for myself, for my family, and building my own business.*"

Toddy Sylvestre-Dallow
New Xyngular Executive

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Power of Growth

"It's so hard for someone to come out of their comfort zones and this business is not comfortable. I want to be their biggest cheerleader so they can enjoy the benefits of working hard and so they can use their strengths to find success."

Cristina Stults
July Top Enroller

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Power of Sharing

"It’s time to grow! We have the absolute best compensation plan in network marketing, we already knew we have the best products. Now is the time to share not only our products, but our opportunity! People need to see they can create an income from their phones with us. They need to see that we can help them financially. We need to get better about sharing the whole picture, and the biggest part of that picture is the financial opportunity we have for others.*"

Ursula Myers
July Top Enroller

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Power of Consistency

"I believe it all goes back to the small goals like helping team members get their $100 Quick Start Bonus and getting them to Manager. Break down the process for people and give them step by step instructions on how to share, how to respond, and how to follow up!"

Nicole Koetting
July Top Enroller

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Power of Dreams

"What gets me excited is how many lives I am changing! It is truly so rewarding at the end of every day. My next goal is to never stay stagnant. Don’t ever just settle. Keep pushing forward always."

Megan Landis
July Top Enroller

Power of Connection

"That's how you start the energy and get the ball rolling for your team is just to be present with each other. Hop off of text messaging and get on phone calls, get on Facetime, and go meet each other. That has been the biggest thing that has helped our team."

Shelby Myers
New Director

Power of Consistency

"I share the products I'm using, as I'm using them on social throughout the day. Anything to get people interacting me with is what I want. Now that I've been consistent with my posting I’m not only having to reach out directly to people through messenger, or in person, or on the phone talking to them, but now they're coming to me. My hard work from May and June is paying off already!"

Callie Davis
New Silver Manager

Power of Community

"When you say this is a family and community, I mean we pray together, we cry together, we celebrate together. Who doesn't want to be part of that? A close knit family and community. I've never felt this way before working anywhere else, or any other companies. It fits nice for me."

Rosi Brown
New Gold Director

Power of Trust

“I’m a small victory person. Let’s start here and figure it out as we go. You don’t have to know all the things. If you can believe in yourself, or believe in the product until you believe in yourself, and learn as you go, that is everything.”

Marlee Stevens
New Platinum Director

Power of Relationships

"Keeping engaged with your distributors is so important! What's duplicatable? Enthusiasm, work ethic, attitude. You set the standard for your team. You be the leader you want to recruit! When you step up and become that leader, people want to follow successful people. Be the successful person who is excited and has a vision."

Melissa Adams
I Am Xyngular Award Winner 2022

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