FAQ: Xander

Q: Who is Xander?
A: Xander is your virtual coach! Xyngular created Xander to help you with any Trim Down Trio, Core, Ignite, Ultimate, or product support questions you may have during your transformation. Right now Xander is available in the English language and supports our U.S. and Canada markets.

Q: How much does Xander cost?
A: Xander is free for your first 30 days when you purchase a Xyngular Trim Down Trio, Core, Ignite, or Ultimate System. You can also use Xander any time for just $5 a month.

Q: Will Xander be able to answer questions?
A: Yes! You can text Xander any questions you have about your kit, the products, or other topics related to the Core, Ignite, or Ultimate Systems. Most of these questions Xander will answer, and some will be answered by Xyngular’s live support staff. Xander is also getting smarter all the time. As you ask Xander questions his knowledge expands.

Q: What kind of questions can I ask Xander?
A: Xander knows almost everything about the 8-day Jumpstart, Low-Carb, and Keto Meal Plans. If you are ever unsure about what foods to eat, when to take the products, or need some exercise tips, just ask. Xander is just a text away.

Q: Can I pause or restart my meal plan program while using Xander?
A: Yes, simply text Xander the word “HELP” to access live support. They can pause or reset your program as needed. Keep in mind that restarting outside of the initial 30-day period, you may have to purchase Xander access through Xyngular to continue to receive texts.

Q: Can I unsubscribe or opt out of Xander texts?
A: Yes. Text Xander “STOP” at any time to unsubscribe.

Q: How do I change my time zone for daily reminders?
A: Xander will ask your time zone during a series of setup questions. However, if you need to change your time zone after you have already started, text “HELP” to access live support. They can change your time zone at any time.

Q: How do I change my daily start time?
A: Xander will ask what time you’d like to start your messages at the end of day one. If you need to change the start time after this point, then text “HELP” and live support can adjust the daily start times for you.

Q: What should I do if I stop receiving my texts from Xander?
A: Occasionally, if you are asking Xander a lot of questions, or in other rare cases, Xander may stop texting you. Text “HELP” to access live support and get the texts started again.

Q: Who should I contact if I have questions about Xander?
A: You can text Xander the word “HELP” to access live support and ask questions about the service. Additionally, you can contact Xyngular Member Service for help with Xander at 801-756-8808 or email at [email protected]

Q: Can I purchase Xander as a stand-alone service?
A: Yes. Access to Xander is $5 a month and can be purchased as a standalone product from the Xyngular Back Office.

Q: Can I share my Xander access with a friend?
A: We would love for you to share Xander with everyone, but every order with a Trim Down Trio, Core, Ignite, or Ultimate System purchase comes with one 30-day Xander subscription, usable with only one phone number. Additional subscriptions can be purchased for $5 through the Xyngular Back Office.

Q: I’m ordering a Trim Down Trio, Core, Ignite, or Ultimate on my order but it's for someone else. How will Xander know to start texting them and not me?
A: When you purchase a Trim Down Trio, Core, Ignite, or Ultimate System, you will be prompted to add a phone number for Xander to use. Make sure you put in the phone number of the person who will be using the kit. Once you complete your purchase, Xander will automatically begin texting the phone number you provided during check out.