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Founders Club

Founders Club is open to every Xyngular Distributor, no matter their rank, commissions earned, or time with Xyngular. Qualifications are simple! Earn an all-inclusive trip to an incredible beachside location, as well as many other rewards, by earning points throughout the qualification period, which will help you build your business and become more with Xyngular. Now is the time for you to join Xyngular’s Founders Club!


Founders Club 2019

Founders Club Trip Point Requirements

Trip Point Requirement - 100 pts

Trip + $300 Room Credit - 150 pts

Trip + Additional Night - 200 pts

Trip + Another Additional Night - 250 pts

Top point qualifier will receive an upgraded room!

Xyngular’s Founders Club Qualifications

Qualification for Xyngular’s Founders Club is based off of an easy-to-follow point system. Distributors need to earn a certain number of points in order to qualify for the different Founders Club incentives (see chart above). Each of the business-building activities that Distributors can do throughout the year have a point value attached, and those points add up to help you qualify to become an official Founders Club member!

Check out your current Founders Club points: click here

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