South Pacific Expedition

250,000 QV

Feel the soft ocean breeze on your skin, and hear the soothing rhythm of the tide during your stay while in tropical Bora Bora. With the Pacific sun inviting you out to play, catch some waves, make new friends with ocean life, and maybe even nail that golden tan you’ve wanted.*

Rules and Regulations:

  • Must meet QV requirements for two consecutive months.
  • Trip includes airfare, seven-night accommodations for Distributor and guest (spouse, partner, or immediate family member), and select meals.
  • Expedition cannot be canceled for credit after airfare and retreat are booked.

Tip to Earn:

Distributors who earn their Quick Start Bonus and reach Manager rank are more likely to continue to grow. Help your new team members do just that. When they grow, you grow.

*Trips and travel are earned through the Xyngular Passport Summary. Learn more at