You Don’t Need Vitamins As Long As You Follow This Meal Plan

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You know, a healthy modern diet isn’t as complicated as everyone makes it out to be. Honestly, a no vitamin meal plan is as simple as filling your plate with the exact right foods in the exact right amounts, even if those foods are out of season or they’re super expensive or incredibly difficult to get your hands on or you hate them, EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

I hard could it be?

To Get Your Daily Vitamin Intake, Eat This...

Seriously, to get your daily vitamin intake and maintain well-balanced health, some sources claim all you have to do is ignore any limitation you may have including allergies, taste, time, money, and any number of other factors, and make sure you do all of the following, every day:

  • Eat at least 5 portions of fruits and vegetables (k, sounds smart…)
  • Base your meals around fibrous and starchy foods like potatoes, bread, rice, and pasta (say whuuuuuuuut)
  • Eat some beans, eggs, fish, and meat (like, how much tho)
  • Have some dairy or a dairy alternative (lactose intoleraaaaaance!)
  • Drink lots of water (seriously, vague much?)

And that’s it! Your no vitamin meal plan accomplished.

Mmmkay. That’s not going to work for 95% of the human population for one or many, many reasons.

Truth be told, it’s pretty difficult to get your daily vitamin and mineral intake every day if you’re relying on diet alone.

I mean, did you know that to get your recommended dose of magnesium, you’d have to eat 13 cups of kale every day? A couple of problems here: a) you would quickly be deficient in many other necessary nutrients because you’d be so full of kale that you could eat nothing else, and b) you’d be hardcore craving anything but kale after day 1.

And it doesn’t end with magnesium.

  • Getting enough vitamin d in your diet could require up to 8 glasses of whole-fat dairy milk every day.
  • To get your daily dose of vitamin c, you’d need to chow down on a full cup of brussels sprouts Monday through Sunday.
  • Providing your body with the right amount of potassium can add up to eating 9.5 bananas daily.
  • Want the right amount of vitamin d in your diet? Just consume 4 cans of tuna every day of the year.
  • And filling your vitamin e quota will be easy so long as you just eat a slice of toast each morning...with 4 avocados on top.

Contrast that with the idea that the right daily vitamin is going to quickly put the kibosh on a no vitamin meal plan FOR GOOD REASON. It’s nearly impossible to eat your vitamins completely with today’s nutrient-depleted, big-production food sources and ultra-busy lifestyles. And when you consider that one daily dose of, say, Xyngular Axion contains at least 50% of 16 key vitamins and minerals, why would you choose to go without it?

You’d likely have to earn a doctorate in vitamin science and become a culinary wizard to create an honest to goodness no vitamin meal plan. But just to give you some idea of the number and variety of vitamins that you’d have to keep track of in order to do so (to say nothing of other important daily nutritional requirements like protein, probiotics, fiber, omega-3s, etc.), check out this vitamin list from Harvard’s health department.

Overwhelmed yet?

Yeah, us too. And we don’t think health and wellness should make you feel that way. This is why we specialize in naturally sourced supplements that support you from the inside out and make getting your daily vitamin and nutrient intake possible and simple.

Check out our powerful Xyngular products today!

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