Why You Should Stop Body-Shaming Yourself Now


“Ugh, she’s way too skinny, she looks sick.”

“Are you sure you want to eat that?”

They’ve really let themselves go since getting married.”

Body-shaming has become a huge issue, especially over the past few years. Usually defined as discriminating, mocking, or judging others based on their body type, you may have seen articles or news segments about this unfortunate trend.

Odds are, you’ve experienced it yourself. And you’re not alone—in a recent study, 94% of women and 64% of men have experienced body-shaming, often beginning even before age 13. 

And the worst part? You’ve probably said even worse things than the above about yourself. Just stop it! Here is why you should stop body-shaming, and ways to make a positive difference.

It Doesn’t Work—And Could Be Making Things Worse

Some people mistakenly believe that body-shaming is a form of motivation and that it could lead others, or themselves, to change. However, researchers have shown that this is simply not the case

Beyond being ineffective motivation for healthy change, body-shaming can actually make it more difficult to make healthy choices. Body-shaming has been shown to lead to stress, overeating, and a significantly increased risk for several eating disorders and mental health conditions, including anxiety and depression. If you have body shamed yourself, you probably know these feelings and effects all too well. 

What to Do Instead

Given how widespread this problem is, and the pressure you may be feeling from others and yourself, you may be wondering how you can change things.

First, there is nothing wrong with wanting to lose weight, gain weight, gain muscle, or make other changes, in a healthy way. This desire to become more is a big part of why we’re here at Xyngular—we want to help!

Now that you know that shaming or talking down to yourself isn’t helping things, think about what you’re really wanting to change. Experts have shown that individuals who make changes based around being healthier or more active have more lasting success than those who are motivated by a scale number, dress size, etc.

What does that mean for you?

·      Realize you can be healthy, active, and happy at any size.

·      Know that the scale isn’t telling you the whole story.  

·      Obesity (or any other physical condition) is not a choice you made. It is a complex blend of many factors that have no reflection on your character, your heart, your abilities, or you as a person.

·      Focus on all the amazing things your body and mind can do, and make healthy choices that make you feel good—not because you “should” or from a place of shame.  

Stop Body-Shaming, Start Body-Thanking

Take stock of all the great things about your body and the things it lets you do. The power of positivity can’t be underestimated!

Body-shaming is at the center of many different factors, and there isn’t a quick and easy fix. Building self-esteem is a journey, and there’s nothing wrong with needing a little help along the way. If you are struggling with the effects of body-shaming, reach out to a friend, loved one, or a supportive professional counselor. 

We all want to live healthy, meaningful lives. If you are unhappy with where your health is at currently, you have the power to change, and Xyngular is here to help. As part of our #BecomingMore movement, we will cheer you on no matter where you’re starting from, or where you’re going.

Start your journey today by talking to your Distributor, or calling Member Service at (801) 756-8808.

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