The Incredible Science Behind Collagen

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The inevitable process of aging just can’t be avoided. In an effort to keep the effects of aging at arm’s length, many seek out supplemental health products. Collagen is a favorite in the fight against aging. There is good reason to consider taking extra collagen, but how do you pick which supplement is right? Xyngular will break down the science behind collagen, why you need it, what your body does with it, and how you can start reaping the benefits of collagen now.

So Many Collagen Supplements: How To Choose?

When shopping for the right collagen supplement, it’s hard to know which one to use since you are likely sifting through thousands of collagen products. Most collagen products are marketed to help improve your skin and hair. And while this is a definite benefit of collagen, there are some aspects of a collagen supplement that are important to understand.

The first thing to consider is, why are you specifically looking to take collagen? Collagen can greatly benefit the body beyond skin and hair. Collagen can also help improve gut health, build lean muscle, support joint recovery, and improve skin elasticity.

The second thing to consider is science. If you understand collagen science and how your body uses it, you’ll have a better idea of what to look for in a collagen supplement.

Third, another key component to a high-quality collagen supplement, is understanding how the supplement is manufactured. There are a lot of different ways that companies can source collagen, but not all sources are created equal. The amount and way in which collagen is sourced can have a great impact on the quality of the collagen supplement.

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Why Xyngular’s Complete Collagen™?

Xyngular Complete Collagen™ was specifically designed with your body in mind. One complaint from other collagen supplements is that people have problems with digestion when they start taking a supplement. We took a critical step when formulating Complete Collagen to prevent any digestive difficulties. Complete Collagen uses hydrolyzed collagen peptides for optimal absorption. Hydrolyzed means that we broke down the collagen to allow your body to turn it into body-benefiting amino acids with ease. We also included collagen-specific digestive enzymes to ensure your body can handle the collagen and break it down gently.

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In addition to hydrolyzed collagen peptides and digestive enzymes, we have included fulvic minerals. These minerals are included to improve the absorption of the critical amino acids. Here is where collagen science will really make a difference for your choice in a supplement. Once the amino acids are in your bloodstream, there’s still more work to be done. To ensure your body takes those amino acids and starts to produce collagen on its own, we have added vitamin C. Vitamin C is an essential cofactor your body needs to actually produce collagen on its own.

Amino Acids And Collagen

Understanding the collagen science of amino acids and other processes of creating collagen is important. Collagen is truly an important aspect of your body’s overall health, and even though it can produce its own collagen, production can begin to slow starting at the age of 25. Even though your body slows its production, that doesn’t mean you don’t need it. A supplement is a great way to help increase collagen production and keep your body moving.

Within collagen supplements there are collagen peptides that are rich in amino acids. Amino acids are the body’s building blocks of protein to support your gut, nourish your skin, hair, and even your joints. Those collagen peptides will get broken down so the amino acids can be absorbed into your bloodstream where they will then find their way back together to form collagen. Once your body has created the collagen, it will be sent out to wherever the body needs it most.

The big kicker of collagen science that most people don’t understand is that the number of amino acids matters. Your body needs specific amino acids in just the right amount to make collagen. So, while most collagen products have similar types of amino acids, their amounts are definitely not the same.

Xyngular Complete Collagen™ comes from three different high-quality sources. Using three different sources, allows us to have higher levels of the needed amino acids than our competitors. Xyngular Complete Collagen™ contains a full 10 grams of ethically-sourced collagen which includes the 5 optimal types of collagen for full-body benefits.

Common Questions About Collagen

We want you to feel confident in your collagen supplement provider. Here are a few more of our most asked questions about Xyngular Complete Collagen™.

Are there benefits to it being a powder versus a liquid?

Xyngular Complete Collagen™ was intentionally formulated as a powder so you could work it into your lifestyle with ease. The powder allows you to mix the collagen with anything and makes storage easy! No worrying about keeping it refrigerated. It’s also easy to bring individual scoops of collagen on the go.

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Is Xyngular Complete Collagen Ethically Sourced?

Absolutely! Xyngular Complete Collagen™ is sourced directly from grass-fed bovine, wild-caught whitefish, and cage-free chicken. Using these three sources not only helps the environment but also increases the quality of the collagen used in our supplement. The techniques used for extraction eliminate the need for harsh chemicals and keeps our collagen free of heavy metals.

What Types Of Collagen Are In Xyngular Complete Collagen?

A benefit to the Xyngular supplement over our competitors is that Complete Collagen has 5 types of collagen. Most competitors will only have 1-2 types. Complete Collagen has types I, II, III, V, and X. We wanted to have all 5 of these different types because each one benefits the body in a different way.

Discover The Benefits Of Xyngular Complete Collagen

The science of collagen tells us just how much our body could use additional collagen. Xyngular Complete Collagen™ supports your gut, hair, skin, joints, and muscles through the rest of your wellness journey. With two delicious flavor options— piña colada and unflavored—you don’t have to let aging tell you how to feel. Give your body the best care possible with a daily dose of our full-body benefitting collagen.*

Get your Xyngular Complete Collagen today! Visit your account online or give us a call to start seeing the benefits of Complete Collagen right away.

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