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What Factors Affect My Energy Levels?

There are numerous things occurring inside and outside of our bodies that influence and affect our energy levels. With the complexities of our bodies, some factors affect individuals more than others (acid levels in the body, immune response, mental health, etc.) But there are four factors, which essentially affect everyone when it comes to energy levels: what we eat, what we drink, how we sleep, and how we exercise. Those four seem to pop up quite a bit in regard to our health: Eat. Drink. And sleep. And for good reason. Let’s take a brief look at each and try to understand how it affects our energy levels.


What we put into our bodies has one of the greatest impacts on our energy. Finding the right balance between nutrients, minerals, vitamins, fiber, fats, and protein are crucial elements for our energy levels. In many instances, finding just the right amount of natural energy can do the trick. Not eating enough can zap our energy levels quite a bit. Eating properly helps maintain the body’s energy levels because it can aid in absorption and how we digest nutrients. Eating too much can also cause us to have low energy levels. This usually involves increased intake of sugars and fats, resulting in higher concentration levels of glucose, which can then lead to energy crashes.


Staying adequately hydrated throughout the day will do wonders for our energy. Just a mild case of dehydration can affect our energy levels and give us a feeling of weakness, fatigue, and exhaustion. As if those weren’t bad enough, when we are experiencing even the slightest case of dehydration, those feelings are magnified especially if we begin to practice any form of exercise.

Make sure you drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up in the morning. When we are awake, it’s rare we go more than eight hours without hydrating ourselves. And since we don’t wake up every hour or so during the night to stay hydrated, it’s vital that we get some water as soon as we wake up. Exactly how much do you need? Follow the “Rule of 8” with water. It’s simple to follow with eight ounces, eight times a day (this comes to about half a gallon). Many health authorities recommend we consume eight ounces of water eight times a day.

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Sleep is one of the most underrated factors in health. Optimal sleep has unbelievable positives for the body, it’s good for stress, relaxation, memory, and weight loss. But sleep also affects your energy levels. The problem is most of us do not get adequate amounts of sleep. Lack of sleep can affect our metabolism and throw our appetites in flux, which can lead to changes in energy.

Tips for good sleep include reducing sugar, putting down technology at least one hour before you shut your lids, and getting into a regular sleep regimen.

Weight Loss And Tiredness

Losing pounds has significant overall health benefits. However, when you’re going through the process of weight loss you may feel yourself struggling with energy levels and unbelievable tiredness. This feeling has to do with restricting your calories. Some people may also experience this feeling from dehydration so make sure that you manage your water intake while you are going through the weight loss process.

Help your energy levels return with Xyng. The powerful blend of herbs and vitamins is known for maintaining and boosting energy levels. Through the use of Xyng, you can maintain your mood while you control your appetite and still maintain enough energy to tackle your day.

Other ideas include plenty of water, small and frequent snacks from the Xyngular approved food list, and a realistic exercise plan that can easily be maintained and modified if need be.

How Do You Fight Fatigue?

Adequate sleep, proper nutrition, and hydration are all the fundamental elements that affect your energy levels. But how do you amplify your potential to fight off fatigue once it decides to unexpectedly rear its ugly head at you? There is an array of approaches and philosophies behind fighting exhaustion and burnout. Here are a handful of fatigue-busting strategies you can implement right now.


One of the most important things you can do to fight fatigue is to exercise! The benefits of exercise on energy and fatigue are layered and related. First, exercise increases oxygen to the brain, which then enhances the functioning brain chemicals, and as a result, reduces stress hormones. From this, you’re more likely to see a boost in your overall mood, which also affects your overall health and well-being.

Another important point about exercise and energy deals with our body weight. Having a healthy body weight is also a major part of fighting fatigue. How else does exercise fight fatigue? Exercise helps you sleep better, improves heart health, helps manage stress (more about that below), and helps your brain achieve a balance of natural hormones. Each of these on their own play a role in how bodies can not only fight fatigue but help us sustain energy levels throughout the day.

Reduce Stress

Reducing stress can have a substantial impact on your ability to fight fatigue. Stress can literally alter the structure of the brain, increase the risk of mental illness and kill brain cells, which all have an impact on brain health and fatigue. It has been widely established that the brain uses more energy than any other organ in the human body. Many times that feeling of fatigue and tiredness stems from the brain, which is why reducing stress is one of those core strategies to think about if you are worried about energy levels.

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Reduce Sugar

Sadly enough, when we are feeling fatigued, one of the most common ways we fail is by combatting fatigue with sugar. In some cases, it will give you a brief spark of energy. But in the long run, you’re inevitably going to face a sugar crash. Sugar is one of the most influential culprits in sabotaging your energy. You can find study after study on the effects of sugar on your health and energy. It is one of the main drivers of weight gain, which also affects energy levels and fatigue. Sugary juices, soda, and energy drinks are packed with calories and carbs. Significantly decreasing your sugar intake will not only improve your health but will improve your ability to fight fatigue. If you need ideas on how to reduce your intake, check out this guide on tips for quitting sugar.

Avoid a Sedentary Lifestyle

This one is simple. It’s the easiest way out of all of these recommendations to fight fatigue. Get up and get active! Many of us are prone to being sedentary because of jobs or other circumstances. Sometimes, it is challenging to write that proposal, send an email, and do a coaching call while standing up and moving around. We understand. But getting up and moving around will get your energy levels active again. It doesn’t take much either. These short spurts of movement shouldn’t be confused or substituted for your regular exercise regimen but are wonderful ways to fight the feeling of fatigue that may be creeping up on you.

Try running up and down the stairs a few times, do 20 jumping jacks, try a sit-up or two, get down and try five pushups, go for a quick walk around the neighborhood or a brisk walk to the mailbox. These quick bursts of activity will help to break up the mundane routine of sitting and being sedentary.

Xyng: That Little Bit of Extra Strength To Carry On

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Xyng Features

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Is fatigue creeping in? Having difficulty finding the energy to just forge ahead? Xyng provides natural energy to help you fight fatigue, stabilize your mood, and find that little extra help. What this means is that you get the extra level of support for the next time you have a craving for an unhealthy snack or sugary drink that can sabotage both your energy and weight loss goals.*

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