Probiotics: What Are CFUs And Why Are They Important?

probiotic CFUs

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you've heard about the importance of gut health. But the term “gut health” can seem nebulous—what does it mean to have a healthy gut and why does it matter? Your gut plays a big part in your overall health, including your ability to support your immune system or lose weight.

So how can you support your gut to help you feel better? Probiotics with the right amount of CFUs.

Never heard of CFUs? That’s okay! We're here to help you understand the importance of CFUs in your probiotic so you can choose a probiotic that will help you feel better, support immune function, and lose weight.

Probiotics 101

Before we go into the importance of CFUs, we have to understand the basics of probiotics and why they matter.

Your gut has about 50 trillion bacteria that help your body function optimally. These bacteria help break down your food into nutrients small enough to pass from your digestive system through to your blood, delivering nutrients throughout your body. The bacteria also help break down waste and remove toxins. When the good bacteria are in balance, you have a healthy digestive system, and you’ll know it by your digestive system’s habits. But so many factors can throw your gut microbiome off, including a diet that is full of preservatives and toxins.

Considering how hard it is to avoid toxins, you have to give your gut the support it needs to stay balanced and keep you feeling healthy. That’s where probiotics come in.

Probiotics are healthy bacteria you take in to help balance your gut, leading you to better digestive health, mood, and even weight loss. You might need to consider adding a probiotic to your routine if you struggle with uncomfortable digestive problems, struggle to lose weight when you are exercising and watching your diet, or if you aren’t feeling your best.

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When looking for the right probiotic, think about these three things—delivery method, variety of bacteria, and CFU count. Probiotics come in different consumption methods, primarily powder, capsule and drops. The best form for ensuring the bacteria make it through your digestive system is capsule form, which is why Complete Probiotic—surprise!--comes in a capsule.

You also need to consider the variety of strains of bacteria—if your probiotic doesn’t have a variety of bacteria it won’t help your gut. Another factor to consider is the CFU count of a probiotic. If you have too many or too few CFUs in your probiotic it won’t be effective.

What Are CFUs In Probiotics?

CFUs are a unit of measurement called Colony Forming Units.

CFUs measure the number of live and active bacteria in a given sample. If a scientist were to take a sample of your probiotic and count the number of bacteria in that sample, the number of bacteria is the CFU count. Because CFU count measures the number of bacteria, this number is very important when choosing your probiotic—remember, getting that good bacteria into your digestive tract is the whole point of a probiotic.

You need between 10 and 20 billion CFUs in your probiotic supplement per day. This is to ensure you get enough of the healthy bacteria. Some probiotic products will claim that there are 100 billion CFUs in their product and then overprice the product, but the reality is that you simply don’t need that many in one product, especially if the product doesn’t have multiple strains of bacteria. There are around 400-600 types of bacteria found in your gut, so if you are taking a probiotic that has 100 billion CFUs of just one type, that can actually cause problems for your gut rather than solve them.

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While some probiotic products might give you just 5-10 billion CFUs, Xyngular Complete Probiotic has 20 billion CFUs. If it seems like overkill, it really isn’t when you consider that the chances of all 10 billion bacteria surviving every step of production and shipping are relatively small.

Complete Probiotic accounts for the fact that not all of the bacteria we measure will survive until they make it to your gut, so we give you more CFUs to ensure you are getting all the benefits you need from your probiotic.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Probiotic Supplement

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing your probiotic, and CFUs is the first. The number of CFUs in a probiotic is a good litmus test—if it has too many (like 100 billion) or too few (like 1 billion) you know that the product is subpar.

After considering CFUs, you will need to consider other factors like the number of strains in the product and what each strain does in your gut. Once you have a solid number and variety of bacteria in your probiotic supplement, you can look at other important factors like the method of consumption.

Remember, the best way to ensure the healthy bacteria make it to your intestines is to take it in capsule form.


Xyngular Complete Probiotic checks all the boxes for the best probiotic on the market. With 20 billion CFUs and 11 strains of bacteria helping balance your mood, support your gut, and aid in weight loss, Complete Probiotic from Xyngular puts the PRO in probiotic. Do your gut a favor and try Complete Probiotic today and enjoy the benefits of a healthy digestive system!

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