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Are you trying to improve your gut health? Maybe you’ve been trying to shed that extra 15 pounds, and it’s not quite coming off with diet and exercise. Or maybe you feel like your immune system could benefit from a bit more support? You aren’t the only one. In fact, more and more researchers, scientists, and medical professionals are seeing how these same symptoms (poor digestion, weak immune system, and difficulty losing weight) are all related to maintaining a healthy gut. There’s an easy solution to these common, painful issues: probiotics.

Probiotics are a supplement you take to add helpful bacteria to your digestive tract, aiding your existing gut microbiome with digestion. When your gut microbiome doesn’t have enough or varying amounts of good bacteria, it can’t adequately digest or absorb the nutrition you consume, leading to issues like gas, poor immune function, or difficulty losing weight. There are high-quality probiotics on the market, but many don’t have the best bacteria, or they have too few or too many bacteria, or they are too cumbersome to consume, so customers don’t take them often enough to see results.

We’ve solved all those problems with our Complete Probiotic™. By using some of the most researched and highest quality bacteria, you can enjoy better digestive health and more productive weight loss. What’s more, Xyngular Complete Probiotic is easy to take, just one capsule each day! *

What Is Xyngular Complete Probiotic?

Complete Probiotic takes probiotics from the rookie leagues to the pros. This probiotic takes the best parts of any probiotic and adds more benefits like better digestion to support weight loss, reducing bloating and cravings, and support with balancing your mood. Not only will you get the benefits of a standard probiotic like better gut health, but you could benefit from the long-term benefits of healthy weight loss. Your body needs a healthy gut microbiome to absorb nutrients from your diet as well as protect your body from harmful substances you may ingest. We knew that in order to support gut health, we would need more than one helpful bacteria and that we’d need to add other prebiotic ingredients like organic acacia fiber to help your body experience the complete benefits of a probiotic. We called the product Complete Probiotic because it is a one-stop-shop that provides what you need to create a healthy gut working at optimal levels.*

Why Do I Need Multiple Strains Of Healthy Bacteria?

Just like a hospital needs multiple types of doctors to cure different ailments, your body needs multiple strains of bacteria to help your body stay healthy. You wouldn’t call a neurologist to help you with a broken leg, but both types of doctors are important for different problems. Having both a neurologist and an orthopedic surgeon in your hospital makes it more likely that your hospital can help with whatever issue the patient has. Your gut is the same–it performs many functions in your body, but without the right strain of bacteria it might not be able to complete one of its crucial tasks.

When your gut contains a variety of strains of healthy bacteria, you are staffing your gut with a variety of “doctors” to heal and support your body's functions. Without that variety of doctors at a hospital, you might have an orthopedic surgeon trying to fix a brain injury, and either the surgery will go very poorly or not happen at all. Not having the right doctor is a problem for a hospital, and not having the right bacteria is a problem for your gut. You need a wide variety of specialized, healthy gut bacteria to support your digestive tract, support your mood, and aid in healthy weight loss.

Women specifically benefit from a daily probiotic, as probiotics are helpful in balancing the flora in the urinary tract and reproductive organs. Women can also benefit from probiotics if they are considering adding to their family, as some research has shown that a healthy gut can be a contributing factor to fertility.

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What Makes Xyngular’s Complete Probiotic Unique?

Gut Support

Ingredients like Lactobacillus plantarum, Bifidobacterium longum, and Pediococcus acidilactici may sound like a mouthful, but they are crucial components of Xyngular Complete Probiotic. These ingredients support the gut by helping repair the intestinal lining which helps support healthy digestion.

Mood Support

The gut and brain communicate through a pathway called the gut-brain axis that involves the neural, endocrine, and immune systems of the body. The messages sent back and forth between the brain and gut move through the endocrine and autonomic systems of our bodies through chemicals like hormones and neurotransmitters. Without a healthy, robust gut microbiome, the messages may not make it to the brain or gut, or they might be less effective when they reach their destination. Hormones that help balance your mood like serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin may have trouble reaching your brain if you don’t have the appropriate amount or variety of gut bacteria. When you support your gut health, you support your brain health, which leads to a better mood.


In recent years, the scientific community has become increasingly aware of the genetic makeup of bacteria, specifically those that live in our gut. In fact, the bacteria that live in our gut have 250-800 more genes than the human body. These bacterial genes make substances that get into the human bloodstream that affect our body chemistry, which means that not only does our gut microbiome directly affect the gut, but it can directly influence our overall body function as well.

When we eat food, the primary role of the digestive system is to break down the food, extract the nutrients into small enough pieces to get absorbed into the bloodstream, and then remove the waste material from the body. The primary way we break down our food is through gut bacteria, and you need a variety and an abundance of gut bacteria to ensure that your body is getting the full benefit of the nutrition you eat. Some gut bacteria specialize in breaking all food down so small that it can pass into the bloodstream, and while that is a good thing when it’s balanced, if that type of gut bacteria grows out of control it can break too much food down, and that extra food gets turned into fat. Additionally, our gut microbiome impacts the production of hormones that stimulate hunger and feelings of satiation, and if those are off-balance it can make it difficult to lose weight.

Where Do I Get Xyngular Complete Probiotic?

You’re ready for a life where your digestion doesn’t dictate your day. Or maybe you are ready to lose that extra weight that won’t go away with diet and exercise. Maybe you’ve noticed a dip in your overall mood, and you are ready to take the next step to help you feel better. You could have great gut health, a better metabolism, and a more stable mood with Complete Probiotic.*

All the benefits of a healthy gut are just a click or call away. If you are an existing Xyngular Member, you can log in to your account and add Complete Probiotic to your order. If you are ready to become a member or join as a distributor, you can join here. Or, if you’d like more information or want more information over the phone, contact us.

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