The Facts Behind Brain Fog That Will Make A Huge Difference In How You Deal With It

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Brain Fog Causes

Have you ever walked into a room just to realize you have no idea why you’re there? Annoying, right? But if that kind of forgetfulness and lack of clarity is persistent in your daily life, you may be suffering from brain fog.

What Is Brain Fog?

Brain fog is exactly what it sounds like—well, maybe not EXACTLY. While there is no literal fog forming inside your skull, that can be just the effect it has. Brain fog makes it so you can’t think clearly, you have difficulty remembering things, you can’t concentrate…in short, your mind feels foggy and uncertain. You may even have difficulty piecing together sentences or just generally feel more disorganized than normal.

It can be upsetting, but brain fog isn’t as severe as total delirium and, in and of itself, is not an actual medical condition. Rather it is a set of symptoms relative to something else that is happening within your body, technically a “side effect” of another issue entirely.

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What Is Brain Fog A Symptom Of?

Brain fog can be the symptom of a host of other bodily conditions. Don’t worry—if you’re experiencing mild brain fog, it’s likely something easily treatable and reversible! Here are some common conditions that can cause brain fog.

Chronic Stress Or Depression

Both chronic stress and depression take a toll on a person’s physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Both conditions wear on one’s ability to think, process, and handle sometimes even everyday mundane problems, causing the brain to respond in that foggy, unmotivated manner.

Lack Of Sleep

Everything is worse when you’re overtired, including your brain function. Too little sleep makes it difficult to concentrate, recall, and make much sense of anything.

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Poor Diet

Lacking proper nutrients and essential vitamins takes an incredible toll on your body as well as mind. A diet lacking powerful brain-boosters such as Vitamin B can be a big contributor to brain fog. Common allergens like dairy and MSG can also contribute to that cloudy head feeling.

Hormonal Changes

Pregnancy brain much? Big shifts in hormones like estrogen, particularly for women who are pregnant or experiencing menopause, are major culprits when it comes to that fuzzy, cognitive impairment.

Medical Conditions

If your brain fog feels pervasive and lasts for a long period of time, it’s possible that something more serious is the cause. Medical conditions that attack the immune and/or nervous systems (like multiple sclerosis or lupus) often come complete with heavy brain fog.

Thankfully, most of these conditions can be addressed and treated with a combination of lifestyle changes, exercise, supplements, and sometimes medication and therapy.

How Do You Get Rid Of Brain Fog?

The cause of your particular brand of brain fog will help determine how you treat it. But getting rid of it can be easier than most people think—it’s really not a condition that has to be permanently endured for most brain fog sufferers.

A doctor should be consulted before any major changes are made to your lifestyle, especially since simple tests and some blood work can help determine the cause of your fuzzy brain function and therefore guide your recovery. But once the cause has been pinpointed and any immediate medical requirements satisfied, most people can reduce brain fog and increase their cognitive function with a few simple DIY solutions.

  • Increase vitamin and nutrient intake with healthy greens, proteins, and fats
  • Boost immunity with a balanced diet and helpful supplements
  • Increase blood flow and circulation through exercise
  • Get enough sleep each night
  • Manage stress in positive, healthful ways

How Does Diet And Food Affect Brain Fog?

It may be surprising to learn that brain fog can be largely affected by what we choose to eat. Food feeds our brains, as well as bodies, and intellectual function and clarity can fluctuate based on our diet. Which is why it is so important to be somewhat picky about what it is we’re putting into our mouths.

The good news is that foods that fuel a healthy body and can even aid in weight loss, are the same ones that can assist in maintaining a clear mind. Dark leafy greens rich in B vitamins (think kale and spinach—hello delicious smoothies!) and healthy fats found in salmon and avocados are great ways to increase cognitive clarity. Conversely, foods high in sugar, saturated fat, carbs, and additives, as well as overly processed foods have long been associated with brain fog and shouldn’t have a regular place in your diet.

Bonus: a well-balanced diet can also increase your immune system, thereby giving you yet another leg up on brain fog.

Brain Fog And Your Immune System

Your immune system is your body’s defense against infection and illness, but it also plays a big role in how your brain functions on the daily. Many immune disorders and diseases (such as chronic fatigue syndrome) are now being tied to symptoms such as brain fog and chronic exhaustion. We’re learning more and more that it’s critical that your immune system function properly in order for your mind to operate clearly.

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