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It’s been almost four years since we launched our answer to the complex issue of hormones. Prime for men and Shine for women have been helping people achieve hormone optimization ever since with some incredible results. It’s time you learned what these products can do!

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It’s Not So Simple

Our bodies are complex. Take for example, hormones—the chemical messengers that activate cells throughout our body. There are over 50 different hormones in our bodies created by various glands in our endocrine system, which sends the hormones all around our body to perform different functions.

It might be helpful to think of them like a stage crew who works behind the scenes, keeps the show running, and directs various parts of your body what to do and when to start and stop doing it.

Out of Balance

Even more complex than the hormones themselves are the hormone-related issues. Over time, and through small adjustments made over weeks, months or years, our hormone levels can become imbalanced.

There’s a wide range of ways your body can try to show you it is not quite up to speed, including fatigue, depression, anxiety, weight gain or loss, weak bones, abnormal menstrual cycles, diminished sex drive, and many others. If you feel like you may have a hormone-related condition, it’s always a good idea to talk to your doctor or endocrinologist to find out if it’s a hormone imbalance or another issue.

On the Surface

Most often people try to treat the symptoms of a hormone imbalance instead of addressing the actual problem. It might be an easy place to start and those options might provide some relief but ultimately won’t change the issue.

At Xyngular, we didn’t want to just treat the symptoms of hormone imbalance, but to really try to address the problems at their sources.

Enter Prime and Shine.

PRIME—for Men

Prime helps men naturally boost levels of testosterone, improve workout results, sculpt lean muscle, and heighten sexual performance. The potent, proprietary blend is safe and effective in optimizing testosterone to help men perform at their peak.

SHINE—for Women

Shine naturally balances women’s hormones to aid in fat loss, improve libido, and fight the symptoms of PMS. Shine contains no hormones or steroids. This synergistic formula will improve women’s moods, restore sexual drive, and give women the balance they need all month long.

What’s Inside

Let’s start with what Prime and Shine do not include—hormones or steroids. That’s right, we’re not addressing hormone issues by adding synthetic hormones to the mix.

Prime and Shine only include naturally-sourced ingredients that, when combined, create the most effective and complete male and female hormone optimizers available today.

Prime and Shine share some key ingredients including

—Ashwagandha Root Extract: Sourced from India, this historical plant reduces stress and anxiety, leading to a happier couple.

—Maca Root Extract: helps relieve fatigue and re-energizes the body.

—Zinc: aids metabolism, digestion, and growth.

—Diindolylmethane (DIM): found in broccoli, kale, and cauliflower, when used properly can help prevent conversion of testosterone into estrogen, which helps reduce the overall effects of estrogen in the body.

—Black Pepper Fruit Extract Bioperine®: enhances the absorption of nutrients.

Prime also contains

—Cnidium Monnieri Fruit Extract: Shown to have benefits for men’s libido and performance, cognitive enhancement, and liver health.

—Eurycoma Longifolia Root Extract: historically used in Malaysia to boost men's virility.

—Tribulus Terrestris Whole Herb Extract: a traditional herb that has long been used for male health, sexual well being, and androgen deficiency.

Shine also contains

—Vitamin B6


—Vitamin B12

—Chaste Tree Berry Extract: alleviates symptoms of PMS, shown to reduce hot flashes, bloating, irritability, sleep disturbance, depression, various mood disorders, and cramping.

Key Benefits

Prime and Shine give men and women’s bodies what they need to have natural, long-term energy without relying on harmful or addictive stimulants. There are many other benefits including

—Enhanced mood

—Increased energy

—Improve sexual function and desire

—Fat loss

—Long-term energy

—Better sleep, which improves how men and women feel night and day

Added Benefits for Men

—Aids men’s bodies in building lean muscle

—Helps address hormonal and sexual health issues typically associated with male aging

Added Benefits for Women

—Enhanced muscle tone to look more trim and toned

—Helps lessen cramping, bloating, and pain associated with PMS and PMDD

Because Prime and Shine address the real issues, they have the potential to replace the need for other hormonal products, anti-PMS products, aging products, natural pain relief products, and liver supplements, and bring balance to almost any man or woman’s life. They can help you live and feel better—in your prime and with your unique shine!

And, we have some really great news for you! Starting today, we’ve lowered the cost for Prime and Shine so that more people can have access to these incredible, valuable products to bring their lives back into balance.

Talk to your Xyngular Distributor or visit your Xyngular account to learn more.

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