7 Probiotic Benefits for Weight Loss & Overall Health


Bacteria get a bad rap. From anti-bacterial cleaning products to hand sanitizer, it seems that we’re always trying to get rid of them. But if there’s one place you should let them stay and do their thing, it’s your gut. Bacteria in your gut can have a tremendous effect on not only your health but your weight as well. Read on to learn ten ways probiotics can keep you healthy.

1. Probiotics give you more energy

The gut is the center of the human body—it’s where your fuel begins and ends. The better you can process that fuel, the more you can get out of it. When your gut is more capable of utilizing the foods you eat, you’ll experience energy that lasts longer, helping you get more done in your day.

2. Probiotics help food settle better

Let’s be honest—we’ve all experienced gassy pains and unfortunate bathroom visits that are anything but desirable. When your gut isn’t healthy, it can struggle to process even the simplest of foods. The result is persistent discomfort and a general sense of unease. But if you consistently take probiotics, your gut can build up the bacteria it needs to handle whatever you throw at it. So go ahead and eat that spicy salsa on your vacation to Mexico or the creamy pasta you decide to splurge on at dinner—your gut can handle it.

3. Probiotics strengthen your immune system

Like we said before, health begins and ends with the gut. Although your immune system is your body’s primary system of defense, where do you think your immune system gets its artillery? The gut. The gut also functions as a part of the immune system, making a healthy gut a sure ticket to a strong immune system.

4. Probiotics can help you lose weight

Weight gain can result from a number of factors in your body, but the way your body processes the food you eat is often a common culprit. If your gut is unable to fully process the food you put in, it may inadvertently end up turning much of what you eat to fat. It will also leave you feeling a sense of persistent hunger because your body feels like it’s lacking the nutrition it needs to function properly. Taking probiotics to encourage a healthy digestive system is a strong step toward reducing body fat and feeling fuller for longer.

5. Probiotics will make your skin glow

Probiotics have been shown to be great for the skin, which means a more healthy glow. The skin is the largest organ on the body, so when it’s feeling good, you’ll look really good. You’ll also have to rely less on beauty products because your skin will naturally exude the glow and vibrancy you pay to replicate.

6. Probiotics can reduce bloat

There is nothing quite like going out to dinner with your belt on the fourth hole and coming back from dinner with your belt on the third. Bloat after eating is something that is universally frustrating and embarrassing, but taking probiotics to curate a healthy gut will help food process more smoothly and more quickly, so you’ll have less gas and less feeling of bloat.

7. Probiotics can make up for the nutrition we lose in food

In the modern American diet, there are many foods we eat consistently that actually sabotage the healthy bacteria in our gut. If you don’t take probiotics to actively help those good bacteria repopulate, you may end up stuck on a gradual gut decline. Although there are many foods that also help foster healthy bacteria in the gut, like sauerkraut and yogurt, few of them can match the concentrated dose of healthy bacteria that probiotics offer.

Are you ready to make the easy health decision that will pay numerous dividends for years to come? Give probiotics a try, and prepare to experience a new level of health and well-being that you may have forgotten was possible. Learn more about why probiotics may be perfect for you.

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