5 Reasons You’re Scared of Losing Weight

Reasons You're Scared

There are a lot of reasons why we don’t lose weight. Perhaps we eat too much (or eat the wrong things), or we don’t exercise enough. Some people can’t shed excess weight because of a medical condition or medication. But have you ever considered that you might be scared of losing weight?

That’s right, you might be scared to lose weight. It seems funny, but there is such a thing as a fear of losing weight. We may not consciously realize we’re afraid to lose weight, but somewhere in the back of our mind is something that is keeping us from starting a weight loss journey to shed those extra pounds.


It all makes more sense when we consider that losing weight is as much a mental battle as it is a physical one. Weight loss requires us to change our lifestyle, our routine, and our habits. We instinctively reach for that treat, crave that comfort food, or eat that snack. Our minds tell us we are too tired to exercise, or any number of other excuses. Making different and better choices is not easy and takes time. And so we become stuck in this place where we’re scared of not losing weight because we want to change but also scared of losing weight and all that that entails.


Besides the mental exertion, what is holding you back? We’ve identified the following five reasons you’re scared of losing weight, and we also have some simple ways to overcome each one.

1. Fear Of Failure

The Problem: If you’re like most of America, you’ve probably tried multiple diets, programs, pills, and who knows what else. Maybe you’ve even experienced successful weight loss with some of these methods. But again, if you’re like most of America, you probably found the diets and programs hard to keep up with, and eventually gained back the weight. This roller coaster of trying things and not seeing results, or backsliding, can be draining for even the strongest-willed person. Eventually, all those failed attempts at weight loss prevent people from even trying. They already have it in their minds that it won’t succeed, and may even blame themselves.

The Solution: You need a fail-proof weight loss plan. First, you have to recognize that YOU are not a failure. It’s the diet, pill, or program that has actually failed you. Research shows that there are 15 common causes of weight loss failure, and the things you’ve used in the past likely only address a few of those causes, at most.

That’s why you need a fail-proof approach. You need a weight loss and wellness program that gives you meal plans, products, support, and a clear path that addresses all 15 causes of weight loss failure.

The Xyngular X Advanced kit has it all. This Xyngular weight loss and wellness kit come with products that address the core reasons you’re not losing weight, and comes with a nutrition guide that is practical and sets you up for long-term success, and daily texts to keep you on track!. It’s a fail-proof way to help you shed the weight and keep it off.

2. Fear Of The Weight Loss Tool

The Problem: Maybe you aren’t afraid to give weight loss another try, but trying something new can still be intimidating, right? It’s normal to fear the unknown, and when it comes to weight loss products, diets, or programs, you never know how your body will react until you’ve tried them. There could be side effects, or it could be a bad fit for your ideal lifestyle. At the end of the day, how do you overcome a fear of the tool used to help you lose weight?

The Solution: Keep it natural. It should be noted that the best course of action is always to talk to your doctor before beginning any new weight loss regimen. Your doctor can guide you toward what is best for you and your overall health.

That being said, Xyngular’s weight loss bundles and kits are packed with products made with naturally-sourced ingredients, meal plans that have you eating real, unprocessed foods, and the support to cheer you on every step of your weight loss and wellness journey.

And with a 45-day money-back guarantee, you can try the X Advanced kit risk-free. If you don’t like the products or don’t see the results you want, you can return it within 45 days of purchase for a full refund

3. Fear Of Commitment

The Problem: Anyone can count every calorie they put in their mouth, or attend the gym three times a day in the short run, but finding a solution that works for the long run is much harder. The truth is that lasting, healthy weight loss doesn’t happen overnight and depending on how much weight you’ve got to lose, it could take longer than you’re willing to commit. Knowing that results take time can slowly kill your desire and motivation to reach your goals.

The Solution: Find a support system. Support and accountability are key when it comes to keeping focus and staying committed to your goals. Think of someone who will support you through your entire health journey. It can be a family member, a friend, or even someone who is on their own Xyngular journey. Whoever it is, make sure it’s someone you see or talk with often, so that they can keep you accountable and cheer you on when things get tough.

Besides your real life support member, you can rely on the Xyngular community to keep you in check and make sure you’re hitting you goals. With helpful texts from Xyngular for your first 30 days to remind you of resources, tips and tricks, and more you’ll have an accountability partner right on your phone! But that’s not all. Xyngular bundles and kits come with access to out support community on Facebook that will have you in the company of others who are on their weight loss and wellness journeys just like you!

4. Fear Of Results

The Problem: Believe it or not, some people actually fear getting the results they want. They worry they won’t like the way they look after losing weight. Maybe they will be too skinny, have saggy skin, or if they are losing weight in the face first, they stress that it might look sunken in.

The Solution: Think about the end results. All of them. The positive results of weight loss far outweigh the potentially negative ones. If you need some weight loss benefits to focus on, here are a few you may experience:

  • Greater confidence
  • Pressure relief from joints
  • Increased energy
  • Better sleep quality
  • Decreased stress
  • Improved sex life
  • Better mood
  • Decreased cravings
  • More active social life
  • Looser fitting clothes

The list doesn’t end there either. A quick scroll through Xyngular’s main Facebook page will show you video after video of people who’ve lost weight and are so grateful for the benefits they now enjoy. As you begin to lose the weight, excitement will kick in, and you will begin to notice all the positives and won’t want to turn back.

5. Fear Of Attention

The Problem: Weight loss is a transformation and a noticeable one at that. People are likely to see a difference in you. The only problem with that is you might not like being the center of attention.

The Solution: So how do you deal with this attention? It’s simple—embrace it and use it to help others. You should be proud of the things you have accomplished. Celebrating your wins and channeling the attention as a way to help others, will help you feel more comfortable in the spotlight of your success.

As you achieve your goals, people will ask you what you’ve done and how you did it, most likely because they are looking for a way to succeed on their own health journey. Share your story, let them in on all the details, and use your own excitement to inspire others and keep up your own dedication.


There are so many different factors that prevent us from losing weight, but our own fears shouldn’t be one of them. While losing weight is certainly a physical challenge, the mental aspect is just as tough. Picking the right weight loss kit for your needs and then focusing on the positive results you want to experience can help you stay mentally locked into your goal.


If the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, then the quickest way to achieve your weight loss goals is with a bundle or kit that gives you results without throwing your entire life into a tailspin. With the X Advanced kit from Xyngular, you can ditch the fear, get results, and start living your life to the fullest with overall wellness.*

Contact your Xyngular Distributor to find out more about how our products can support your healthy lifestyle, or log in to your Xyngular account and put X Advanced, X Plus, or X Bundle to work for you today!

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