3 Real-Life Xyngular Weight Loss Success Stories


Losing weight can be a struggle, but it is a struggle worth fighting. When you are at a healthy weight, you not only look good but you feel good! You have the energy to play with your kids or go on adventures with your friends.

Maybe you think that you have tried it all and there is nothing out there that can help you. Just remember that it is possible to be healthier and happier and that you can lose the weight that is holding you back. If you are looking to make a change, Xyngular has the weight loss solution for you. Our products, coaching, and support systems can help you get back on track with a healthier weight. Read the real-life stories of these three people and their weight loss journey with Xyngular.

Bronc Fleming

Bronc Fleming struggled with his weight his entire life. It began to affect his attitude and then his relationships with others. He wasn’t happy with himself or the example he was setting for his children, so he decided to make a change. Xyngular showed him that it was possible to get to his ideal healthy weight; after losing the weight with Xyngular, Fleming was able to do things he never had the energy to do before. He was happier and more confident with himself and the man he was for his wife and children.

Naomi Woodfine

Naomi Woodfine had fought such a hard fight with her weight, that she believed there was nothing out there that would help her. She accepted who she was and that was that. But after learning that her weight was threatening her life, she knew she had to do something. Woodfine lost 232 pounds in 15 months with Xyngular, the most that anyone has lost with the program! Her motivation was her little boy, and now she is proud of the mother she is and the memories she is able to make with him. Her weight stopped her from doing the things that a mother does before, but not anymore!

Jen Gjonaj

After being stranded on the highway with no food or water in the Louisiana flooding of 2016, Jen Gjonaj realized there was a serious problem with her health. She had to start taking care of herself. With the help and support of her family and friends, she was able to make a lifestyle change and lose the weight. She found a workout routine that she loved, she started eating better, and she was excited about it all! Thanks to Xyngular, Gjonaj feels good and looks good. She is able to spend time with her daughter doing the things that she loves and feels better than ever before.

Use these real-life stories as motivation in your own journey. When you see that others have been through similar experiences as yourself and emerged victorious in their weight-loss efforts, you’ll be able to write your own success story!

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