Why Fat Shaming Will Prevent You from Losing Weight

Fat Shaming

Fat-shaming has become a prevalent part of our community both online and in person. Not only are individuals shaming others for their body image, but there are many who have begun using shame as a weight-loss tactic.

Those who use fat-shaming in an attempt to motivate themselves or others to lose weight need to know that this harmful mindset will only make matters worse.

What Is Fat Shaming?

This term is pretty much self-explanatory. Fat shaming is causing others (or yourself) to feel ashamed of their body or body image. Just like other forms of bullying and harassment, this harsh behavior has the poisonous potential to damage an individual’s feeling of self-worth, confidence, and belonging.

Fat-shaming occurs almost everywhere and from all kinds of people: classmates at school, strangers online, coworkers in the workplace, family at home, and—ironically enough—fellow members at the gym. And it comes in many forms, too! Types of fat-shaming include negative or derogatory thoughts, feelings, and behaviors from and to ourselves and others. It can be subtle or blatant, but the effects of fat-shaming are always damaging to our and others’ mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

Here are some common types of fat-shaming to be aware of, both from others and yourself!

  • Hurtful comments or other bullying directed at yourself or others based on weight or appearance of fat
  • Critiquing celebrity appearances, specifically weight or clothing choices based on body type
  • Focusing on someone’s weight gain or loss instead of more valuable qualities
  • Refusing to wear certain clothes until you weigh a certain amount
  • Not allowing yourself to eat in front of others or eat the things you want lest you appear or feel overweight by doing so
  • Shame directed at yourself or others for not weighing the “right” amount and that causing you to look a certain way
  • Verbally or physically discriminating against someone based on their appearance
  • Stereotyping a person based on their weight and assuming a certain lack of ability

Many experts believe that fat-shaming is the last socially acceptable form of prejudice in our culture. We often find ourselves practicing fat shaming without consciously realizing it, refusing to believe that not all fat is bad! But learn to pay close attention so you recognize those negative thoughts, words, and actions when they occur and put a conscious stop to them. Fat-shaming simply will not lead to healthy weight loss, increased body image, or positive relationships.

Why Fat Shaming Is Ineffective

Upon recent examination, it has been concluded that fat-shaming is scientifically proven to cause psychological damage that prevents victims from achieving their weight loss goals. Causing yourself to feel ashamed of your body image and weight is proven to cripple your confidence and wreak havoc on your self-efficacy—your belief in your own ability to accomplish unfamiliar or challenging tasks.

An enlightening study conducted by the Center for Advancing Health illuminates the harmful effects of a negative body image. In this study, more than 14,000 high school students were analyzed to determine the unnerving connection between BMI (body mass index) and suicide attempts. Researchers discovered that those who are overweight or simply believe that they are overweight run a greater risk of suicide than those with a positive body image.

Other studies have shown additional negative effects of fat-shaming as well, including:

  • Increased stress
  • Higher cortisol levels
  • Decreased self-control
  • Lower likelihood to seek medical help in times of need
  • Depression, anxiety, lower self-esteem
  • Increased likelihood of weight gain and obesity
  • Higher risk of death for any reason

If your weight bothers you and you haven’t found the right way to improve your health without practicing fat-shaming or body shaming in general, don’t lose hope! Start with positive self-talk and other practices that will help you create a foundation of wellbeing like getting enough sleep and managing stress in beneficial ways. And when you’re ready, adding a weight loss system like the Xyngular 8-Day Jumpstart to your life could be just the thing you need to kick bad habits and start yourself on a journey of self-love and healthy rapid weight loss. The two really can and should go hand in hand with the right attitude and weight loss system.*

Three Healthy Behaviors To Combat Fat Shaming

If you have adopted toxic fat-shaming behaviors into your ideals of health and fitness, it’s time to flip the switch and turn toward more positive techniques that not only make you feel better emotionally and mentally but are all-around much more effective for healthy weight loss and physical wellbeing. Use these methods to improve your state of mind and obtain your weight loss goals!

Keep it Simple

With so many different diet plans, weight loss programs, and unreasonably complex exercise equipment, it’s all too easy to get swept up in the mess and become overwhelmed and frustrated with yourself. Prevent this by making your weight loss journey a simple one. Skip the rigid and complicated meal plans and make simple dietary choices (including healthy fats!) throughout the day instead. Don’t confuse yourself with wacky and extreme fitness routines; good old-fashioned cardio and muscle training will do just fine.

And if you ever feel motivated to take it to the next level, just keep those simple lifestyle changes and add proven supplements to your routine that are easy to implement, honestly help you feel and see positive results, and help combat emotional eating and weight gain.

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Enjoy Your Exercise

Who said that exercise had to be dreadful? If you force yourself to engage in a workout routine that you absolutely hate, you’re bound to saturate your efforts with negativity, which will overflow into your body image.

“Why can’t I just be thin?”

“I’m doing this for nothing.”

“Ugh, I have to work out today.”

Sound familiar? Kick the stigma to the curb and start treating yourself to physical activities that you actually enjoy! Take a brisk walk around the neighborhood, go for a bike ride in the canyon, sign up for a Zumba or yoga class, or play outside with your kids! As long as you enjoy it and it gets your heart pumping, any activity will do.

Dr. Anne Smith, a Wimbledon champion and psychologist, has reported that using exercise as punishment creates fear, anxiety, and attempts at control rather than the encouragement and empathy we all need to succeed at physical activity...or anything else for that matter. So, take a deep breath and remember that exercise is a wonderful privilege and a powerful way to use our amazing bodies to improve our attitude, immunity, hormone balance, sleep, and body image!

Be Nice to Yourself

The most important part of your weight loss journey is to be nice to yourself. Start speaking kindly to yourself when you look in the mirror. Focus on what you like about yourself, instead of criticizing what you don’t. Learn to tune out that poisonous voice in the back of your mind, and especially the negative voices or actions of those around you.

No matter your body type, you deserve to feel comfortable in the skin you're in. Turn away from the fat shaming and embark on a positive, healthy path to achieve your weight loss goals today!

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