The Importance Of A Healthy Microbiome

The Importance Of A Healthy Microbiome

Did you know that your microbiome is one of the most important aspects of your health? This network of bacteria and other microorganisms living in your gut is responsible for everything from digestion to immunity. A healthy gut microbiome contains 500-1000 species of bacteria and nearly 100 trillion organisms! Although small, these microscopic organisms play a vital role in nutrient absorption, immune system function, skin health, mood regulation, and supporting overall gut health. So, it's no wonder that maintaining a healthy microbiome is essential for keeping your body functioning at its best. Unfortunately, many people don't realize the importance of their microbiome until they experience problems like poor digestion and gut imbalances. But by then it can be difficult to restore balance to this complex system. That's why it's important to start taking care of your microbiome now before any problems occur.

Your Microbiome

Did you know that the bacteria cells located in the human intestinal tract outnumber your human cells by a factor of ten? This collection of microbes lives mainly on our skin and inside our intestines, and they also include harmful bacteria, like viruses and fungi. This might seem shocking, but it’s simply by design. Many people think of microbes as being harmful, but the truth is that most of them are actually helpful.

The majority of the microbes that live in the intestine are found in the large intestine and are often referred to as your gut microbiome. Because the microbes that hang out in the large intestine are so numerous and diverse, they are able to perform a variety of metabolic and digestive functions that human cells are only able to do in a limited capacity. In fact, we couldn't live without our gut microbes! The gut microbes that live in the microbiome help to break down food, produce vitamins, and protect us from harmful bacteria. They also play a role in weight loss and mood support.

How Do You Improve Your Microbiome?

Like fingerprints, no two people have the same gut microbiome. The food that we eat has a huge impact on the health of our gut microbiome. Most western diets are low on fiber, but full of fat, protein, and sugar–all enemies of a healthy gut. Besides diet, other factors that can have a negative impact on your gut include anxiety, drug or alcohol use, and exposure to pathogens in the air or water.

Believe it or not, research shows that diets high in sugar can actually decrease the diversity of your gut microbiome in less than a week. So if you’re feeling run down, prone to recurring infections, or have consistent gas or bloating, chances are good that the diversity of your gut microbiome has been disrupted. Probiotic supplements can play a key role in maintaining gut microbiome diversity. Whether you have a sweet tooth or have just finished a round of antibiotics, probiotics help keep your gut microbiome in balance. These microscopic organisms pack a big punch–their welcome presence in your gut leads to a wealth of benefits that leave you looking and feeling great.

5 Amazing Benefits Of A Healthy Microbiome

Most scientists agree that the benefits of a healthy microbiome are many. But if you’re still not convinced, check out these five amazing benefits:

Improves Digestion

The little microbes in your gut, although small, are actually pros when it comes to extracting energy and nutrients from your food. A healthy gut is often associated with a healthy gut microbiome. If your microbiome is struggling to mine energy and nutrients from the food you eat, you will see the effects come to play during digestion. Along with a high fiber diet and exercise, a probiotic supplement can help your body repair and maintain your gut microbiome.

Supports Immune System

A dysfunctional microbiome can negatively affect the immune system. There is mounting evidence that a dysfunctional gut can affect hormone production which can, in turn, affect our immune system. Our gut is essentially the place that our immune system calls home, so making it a functioning, healthy atmosphere will lead to healthy gut linings, the right balance of good bacteria maintaining gut health, and steady hormone production to promote healthy immune function.

Improves Metabolism

Because microorganisms are living, they need food to survive. Luckily for us, microbes that live in the gut love to digest more complex carbohydrates and proteins that our bodies have a hard time digesting. When our gut microbes feed on these types of molecules, they are broken down into short-chain fatty acids. As it turns out, short-chain fatty acids are responsible for providing the body with energy and regulating appetite.

Improves Mood

Have you ever heard that your gut is sometimes referred to as your “second brain?” This is because your gut and brain directly communicate along the gut-brain axis. In fact, The American Phsychology Association (APA) writes that the gut microbiome “is the only organ to boast its own independent nervous system, an intricate network of 100 million neurons embedded in the gut wall.” These two systems chatter back and forth, and when the microbiome is healthy, the signals are strong and persistent, whereas a weakened gut can only transmit weak or inconsistent signals. In addition, the APA finds that “gut bacteria manufacture about 95 percent of the body's supply of serotonin, which influences both mood and GI activity.”

Optimizes Inflammation Response

With a healthy gut microbiome, your body’s immune system is well able to defend itself against the invasion of pathogenic bacteria like viruses and fungi. However, if an imbalance occurs, this could trigger an immune response which could lead to inflammation. An inflamed gut will not efficiently absorb or break down food into nutrients, causing a ripple effect in other digestive functions that affect things like mood and metabolism.

Your Microbiome And You: Get Great Gut Vibes

Clearly, healthy bacteria, or probiotics, have a huge impact on your long-term health. Probiotics are often called, "friendly" or, "good" bacteria because they help keep your microbiome—the community of microorganisms that live on and in you—healthy. So, how do you keep your microbiome healthy and improve it if it's out of balance?

Research continues to discover the different ways in which our bodies' systems overlap and interact with one another, making the human body one of the most complex and amazing machines on this planet.

Here are five great ways to keep take care of your body and keep your gut microbiome in tip-top shape:

  1. Watch what you eat. Eat a varied diet that is high in fiber and low in sugars, artificial sweeteners, and processed foods. If you have the stomach for it, regularly include fermented foods in your diet, such as yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut, and kefir.
  2. Exercise on a regular basis and find time for de-stressing activities.
  3. Eliminate the triple threats of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs.
  4. Try intermittent fasting. Certain bacteria thrive in a calorie-scarce environment.
  5. Take a probiotic supplement. Xyngular products are high-quality supplements, specifically designed with your gut in mind.

You’ll be happy to hear that our microbiomes are remarkably resistant. And with a little help from a good probiotic supplement, your microbiome will benefit from the beneficial bacteria that will help it thrive and function like a champ for years to come.


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