The Biotics: Prebiotics, Probiotics, Postbiotics And You

prebiotic probiotic and postbiotic

You’ve probably heard about prebiotics and probiotics. You may even think you know all there is to know about good digestion. What else could there be? Experts in the health field are now referring to “postbiotics” just about anytime digestion comes up. Just when you think you know everything, something changes. Heraclitus, the well-loved Greek philosopher had it right when he said, “The only constant in life is change.” And we love that–continuing research in the wellness field means that we get to explore and refine the ways we keep our bodies healthy and safe.

If you're guilty of searching Amazon for the best-ranking supplements, we won’t judge, but just know that last we heard, Amazon was in the business of making money, not keeping your body healthy. Those algorithms they use to feed you the best supplements on the market? Those rankings are based solely on increasing Amazon’s bottom line, not actually giving you the best probiotic supplements on the market. That aside, there are experts in the field that can help you navigate the vast offerings in the wellness market. We love to share information and thrive on helping others make choices that will truly improve overall health and wellness. That’s kind of our passion. If you’ve been wondering what’s the difference between probiotics and prebiotics, you’ve come to the right place. We’re happy to shed light on what exactly pre, pro, and post biotics can do for you.

Pre, Pro, And Post Biotics 101

Think of prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics as the perfect trifecta of good gut health. Each of these players plays a distinct role in a healthy digestive system.


Your gut is full of beneficial bacteria and probiotics help support them! Often referred to as friendly or beneficial bacteria, these tiny microorganisms live in the human gastrointestinal tract. After much study and research, health experts agree that a healthy microbiome, consisting of a plethora of beneficial probiotic bacteria, is one of the most fundamental building blocks of good health. If you’re wondering if probiotics really work, the answer is a resounding yes! When it comes to probiotics, more is better. Studies have shown that the healthiest digestive tracts are home to a higher diversity of different strains of benefitial bacteria.


All of those tiny probiotic bacteria need fuel to do their all-important job of processing food, fighting toxins, and repairing cells. This is where prebiotics come into play. Prebiotics are essentially a type of fiber that the beneficial bacteria can digest and use as fuel. The key to a robust digestive system is diversity. The most effective way to create and maintain a diverse microbiome is to feed your probiotic bacteria with a highly diverse, fiber-rich diet with vegetables, fruits, and leafy greens. We know it’s hard to get all that prebiotic fiber into your busy lifestyle, so a prebiotic supplement is a great way to stay on top of your prebiotic intake.


You may be wondering what the difference is between good and bad bacteria. Turns out, that bad, or pathological bacteria, are “bad” because they secrete chemicals that are highly inflammatory and toxic to us. However, when probiotics, or good bacteria, feed on fiber molecules they produce chemicals that have a wide range of healthy benefits. To make a long story short, when good bacteria feed on fiber molecules, the chemical byproducts are things like Vitamin B and K, amino acids, neurotransmitters, enzymes, natural antibiotics, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory compounds.

The Benefits of Pre, Pro, and Post Biotics

You may wonder if one part of the healthy gut trifecta is more important than another, but the truth is that they all work in harmony and balance. A good prebiotic intake feeds a healthy and diverse microbiome which, in turn, responds by producing chemicals with vast health benefits. The cycle of healthy digestion takes teamwork from all three players: prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics.

Let’s jump into the benefits that each one provides because we think you’ll be amazed at all these tiny microorganisms can do for you.


Along with keeping your digestive system humming along at a good clip, probiotics offer these other amazing benefits:

  • Supports your immune system by keeping bad bacteria in check.
  • Creates vitamins like B and K
  • Strengthens cells that line your gut and prevents toxins from entering your bloodstream
  • Healthier skin and teeth
  • Increased energy
  • Natural weight loss


A number of different health benefits go hand in hand with fiber-rich foods and prebiotic supplements. These fiber-rich foods or prebiotic supplements can:

  • Protect the gastrointestinal tract
  • Support and maintain a healthy microbiome by providing fuel for good bacteria
  • Help stabilize healthy blood sugar levels
  • Regulate hormones
  • Reduce inflammation


Like we mentioned before, when probiotics feed on the fiber found in prebiotics, the byproduct are chemicals that provide a wealth of health benefits, such as:

  • Creating short-chain fatty acids supports a healthy microbiome and a healthy inflammation response
  • Regulating the immune response
  • Helping to support healthy blood sugar levels
  • Curbing appetite
  • Strengthening the cells in your intestinal walls

How To Choose the Right Probiotic Supplement For You

If you have gut-related issues, struggle with bloating or constipation, can’t digest fiber well, or you want added immune support and a healthy inflammation response, a digestive supplement will fit the bill nicely. This market is saturated, so how do you choose the right supplement for yourself? Follow this list of four essential criteria, and you can’t go wrong.

  1. High CFUs. You must choose a supplement that has a high count of Colony Forming Units (CFUs). Your intestinal tract is home to trillions of other bacteria, and you need a high dose for the probiotics to be effective. Look for a supplement that contains a minimum of 45 billion CFUs per dose.
  2. Clinically Studies Strains. Cheap generic strains are out there. These strains have not been proven effective in a clinical setting, and it’s best to avoid these and stick to the strains that have proven efficacy. Read the label carefully. A quality supplement will include a complete list of ingredients along with each strain’s substrain. This is a good indication that the listed strain has undergone clinical testing.
  3. Prebiotics. Ideally, your supplement will contain a prebiotic–fiber molecules that will feed and nourish the probiotics to do their best work.
  4. Shelf Stable. For probiotics to work, they need to have a stable shelf life. The Xyngular Complete Probiotic bottle is desiccant lined, keeping the bacteria alive and well without refrigeration.

Xyngular Tummy Tamer–a Bundle for Good Gut Health

Are you guilty of trying to tackle gut health with just one product? Your digestive system is made up of multiple parts like the stomach, intestines, esophagus, mouth, and more! You need a supplement that can target multiple areas within your digestive system.

Xyngular Tummy Tamer is a systematic approach to gut health and weight wellness. Loaded with prebiotic, probiotic, collagen, and digestive enzyme products, your digestive system will get exactly what it needs to run in top shape and leave you feeling great.* Xyngular Complete Probiotic has eleven strains of healthy bacteria specifically targeted to improve your gut, mood, digestion, and healthy weight loss. In addition, Xyngular Complete Collagen, with its blend of amazing prebiotics of acacia fiber and baobab fruit will nourish the good bacteria that live in your gut. Packed with collagenase (digestive enzymes), Complete Collagen helps regulate digestion, builds lean muscle, boosts collagen production, and supports healthy joints and skin.* Complete Prebiotic nourishes your beneficial gut bacteria with fiber, polyphenols, and botanicals.* Complete Digestive Aid helps break down the food you eat with 14 debloating botanicals, giving your gut the support it needs to absorb all the nutrients from your food.*

Each product in our Tummy Tamer is carefully curated and revolutionary on its own but taken together, they offer the most complete solution to support a robust digestive system AND lasting gut health. Take back control of your digestive system. With Tummy Tamer, you can beat bloat, improve digestion, and support your metabolic health all with one great bundle.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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