The Benefits of Quitting Sugar

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We’re not going to lie—if you’ve been heavy into the sugar bowl, it may prove a tough ingredient to cut out of your diet. But rest assured that, not only will quitting sugar NOT kill you, the benefits of quitting sugar will far outweigh the momentary “pains” of the detox phase. And don’t worry, we’ve got plans to help you along the way! Read on to learn more about the benefits of quitting sugar, and why you should probably become a quitter (and a Cheater!) yourself.

What Are The Benefits Of Quitting Sugar?

Before we get into the many benefits of quitting sugar, let’s take a look at why we like sugar so much. What is it about that sweet, sweet goodness that keeps us coming back for more time and time again? First off, we develop a taste for sugar in our infancy. And hey, old habits die hard! But beyond that, it’s really what happens in our brains that makes quitting sugar such a difficult task. Consuming sugar releases the feel-good hormones—dopamine and serotonin—in our brains, which gives us a hit of “happiness,” if only temporarily. But our brains don’t care that the good feelings wear off quickly and leave us to battle the energy crash after a sugar splurge and deal with increased inflammation, a weakened immune system, headaches, and fatigue. Feels like a betrayal, but our brain is just doing its job. It wants more of that happiness high so grab another candy bar!

But hold up. Our brains don’t always know what’s best! It’s up to us to train our bodies and minds to crave and consume what will make us feel good and function well long-term and avoid what doesn’t. And quitting sugar is one of the best ways to do that.

Granted, steering clear of added sugar for a few days might have you questioning: is quitting sugar actually healthy for me?? And we get it. As you’re coming down off that sweet high, your body will likely experience a dip in those feel-good hormones, alongside some irritability, brain fog, and even some gastrointestinal upset. But push through! The benefits of quitting sugar will have a significant and positive impact on your health, and you can do it!

Once those first several sugar-free days are over, you’re likely to start noticing some of the benefits of quitting sugar in your own body. But how about after a month? Check-in with all these areas after quitting or significantly lessening your sugar intake and see just how many awesome benefits you’re reaping.

Benefits of Quitting Sugar

  • Increased and longer-lasting energy—Because added sugar is a simple carbohydrate, it gets into your bloodstream quickly and delivers that delightful sugar rush...and then the crash that inevitably follows. One of the benefits of quitting sugar (and replacing it with more fiber and protein!) is steadier blood sugar levels and more sustained, regular energy.
  • Improved sleep quality—Cutting out refined sugars will reduce the number of times you wake up in the night, allowing you to enjoy more restorative and healthful sleep at night.
  • Younger looking, clearer skin—Studies have shown that high levels of blood sugar can thwart natural collagen repair processes (think less plump, more sag) and cause increased inflammation (read: acne!) in the skin. Reduce sugar, reduce bad skin.
  • Increased gut health—When your gut’s microbiome is inflamed with too much sugar, your immune system has to work harder, your digestive system reacts poorly on both ends of the spectrum, and you tend to feel bloated and uncomfortable. Create a happy gut with fewer sugars!
  • Reduced inflammation in muscles and joints—Research has shown that inflammation from sugar is not restricted to your gut or skin. One key tip for improving arthritis and even muscle aches is to cut added sugar from your diet.
  • Reduced risk of disease—A major benefit of quitting sugar is reducing the risk for things like heart disease and diabetes, both of which have been associated with consuming too much sugar.
  • Healthy weight loss—When your body maintains proper insulin levels (which can’t happen if you’re consuming too many added sugars), your body stores fewer calories as fat, allowing you to reach healthy weight loss goals easier and more quickly.
  • Reduced belly fat—Insulin is the body’s natural response to a flood of sugar in the body. But when there is too much insulin floating around in there due to constant sugar intake, the fat it produces tends to settle around your middle...the riskiest placement for body fat, as it is associated with cancer and heart trouble.

How Are Consuming Sugar And Weight Loss Connected?

Unfortunately for us, added sugar is everywhere. But once you realize all the places added sugar is hiding in your diet, the relationship between consuming sugar and weight gain or weight loss becomes clear: cut sugar and you’re bound to lose weight.

But it’s not just as simple as making sure you’re not indulging in ice cream every night. You have to take a broader look at your pantry and diet to see how you can give yourself the best chance at cutting out the sneakier sugar sources. That processed sugar is lying in wait in almost every cracker, cereal, bread, granola bar, baked good, soda, juice, and coffee you come across. So while cutting out nightly dessert could go a long way for your health, your best chance is to find those added sugars in everyday snacks and foods and then replace them with something healthier.

Consider this: On average, Americans individually consume about 60 pounds of added sugar per year. That comes out to almost 20 teaspoons of sugar a day! (The American Heart Association recommends between 6-9 teaspoons, depending on gender—just so you know...) And those 20 teaspoons of sugar represent well over 300 calories that you could cut out or replace with healthy fats, protein, and fiber to help you lose weight and improve your overall health.

According to the Mayo Clinic, losing about 1 pound per week will mean cutting between 500-1000 calories from your daily diet. So, those 300+ sugar calories you’re cutting out will go a long way in creating the calorie deficit required to lose weight. To say nothing of how much better you’ll look, sleep, and feel after quitting sugar. But then imagine quitting sugar and adding in more foods like avocados, leafy greens, and fish to your diet—you may just be shocked at the pounds you shed.

Ways Sugar Is Making You Fat

It may feel like we’re beating a dead horse, but let us say it one more time: one of the great benefits of quitting sugar is that you’ll set yourself up for healthy weight loss as your body performs almost every one of its critical functions with greater ease.

So, are you curious how many ways sugar is creeping into your diet and making you fat? It may feel like looking at your very own train wreck, but check out the list below to find out just how much sugar you may be eating without realizing it.

  • Low-fat foods, like yogurt. Foods advertised as “low-fat” often make up for their lack of flavorful fat in high amounts of sugar. One low-fat yogurt serving can have as many as 11 teaspoons of sugar!
  • Condiments. Ketchup, barbeque sauce, honey name it, but the door of your fridge is holding plenty of sugar on its shelves. Slathering your chicken in BBQ sauce could mean adding upwards of 4 teaspoons of sugar per 2T serving!
  • Granola. It may make you feel health conscious because of its whole grain content, but beware that some granolas can offer up to 7 teaspoons of sugar in just half a cup of the stuff.
  • Flavored coffees. This one shouldn’t surprise you but that delicious large flavored coffee you “need” to rev up for the day? It can contain 11 teaspoons of sugar which will likely leave you crashing soon thereafter, defeating its original purpose and preventing you from reaching your weight loss goals.
  • Protein bars. Again, they’re parading as a health food item, but they’re often packed with unnecessary calories coming straight from sugar. Look out for the kinds that sneak in around 5 teaspoons (or around 20 grams) of the white stuff along with your processed protein.
  • Bread. Even bread masquerading as healthy and whole grain can lend your sandwich an additional 2-3 teaspoons of sugar for lunch. That’s about half of the recommended daily dose of added sugar for women.

Keep in mind, this is just a small sampling of the myriad foods out there that seem healthy (Vitaminwater anyone?) or generally sugar-free (hello, canned soup!) but it’s these imposters that keep you from seeing just how much sugar is contributing to any number of health issues and weight gain you’re experiencing. Take inventory of your sugar consumption, for just a day, and you might be surprised to find just how much of it is contributing to you not living up to your full health potential.

Cheat: Overcome Unwanted Sugar Cravings And More

One of the common concerns about quitting sugar is wondering whether or not it’s going to leave you hungry and overwhelmed with unwanted sugar cravings. And you know what? We’re not gonna lie—the first few days could be rough, depending on your own sugar dependency. And you’re going to notice that quitting added sugar completely is going to be a serious undertaking upfront when you realize it’s basically EVERYWHERE.

BUT. Yes—there is thankfully a but.

Scroll back up. Check out that list of the benefits of quitting sugar. Do you want better sleep? Better skin? Do you want your knees to feel better? To stave off diabetes and heart disease? Do you want to get sick less often? Do you want more energy for the important things in life? Do you want to lose weight and become a healthier, happier you?

We all know you answered with a resounding YES. So we’ll cut to the chase—while the benefits of quitting sugar are many, it won’t be a breeze. So Xyngular’s got your back on this one, too.

Making Xyngular Cheat a part of your quitting-sugar-and-losing-weight journey is an easy way to give you a leg up on beating back the cravings, the hunger, and the general sense of overwhelm when you think it’s just your willpower against the seemingly indomitable supremacy of sugar in your life.*

Cheat is a proven way to help you control appetite, lose weight, and reduce calorie absorption, with the use of the Japanese konnyaku root. You just take a couple of Cheat capsules with 8oz of water 30 minutes before each meal, or between meals to further control hunger and fight cravings the right way. When the konnyaku (or glucomannan) combines with water, it expands to form a gel substance that not only traps a portion of consumed food, preventing calories from being absorbed by your body but helps prevent hunger before you even sit down for a meal.*

In short, adding Cheat to your wellness plan as you work to quit sugar can:

  • Reduce calorie absorption*
  • Control hunger*
  • Maintain healthy cholesterol*
  • Neutralize free radicals*
  • Curb appetite*
  • Make your stomach feel full longer*

And when you look at it like that, it seems strange not to have Cheat on your side as you work to quit sugar and reap all the benefits of doing so! Reach out to your distributor or log into your Xyngular account to beat sugar with the help of Xyngular Cheat today!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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