Stay Cool at the Pool

Exercising in the pool

Did you know the world’s largest swimming pool is the Crystal Lagoon at the San Alfonso del Mar resort in Algarrobo, Chile? It’s a whopping 3,324 ft in length with a total area of 19.77 acres. That’s a whole lot of crystal-clear water to enjoy! And chances are, even if you’re not headed to Chile anytime soon, you’ll probably hit up one of the 10.6 million pools in the United States sometime this summer.

There are many benefits to swimming, including improved flexibility and strength, increasing circulation, rehabilitating muscles, better balance, and more. Not to mention, hanging out at the pool is fun. It’s a great way to stay cool during those hot summer days.

If you find yourself at the pool, why not get in your workout while you’re there? There are plenty of ways you can get it done while soaking up all the fun.

  1. Swimming Laps—This one is the most obvious, but also burns a lot of calories and doesn’t require thought or planning (other than knowing how to swim of course). Because water bears more resistance than air, you know you’re getting a good workout. The total calories you burn will depend on your weight, how fast you’re swimming, and the type of stroke you use, but you can find online calculators to help you determine what you’re burning.
  2. Water Jogging—Again, because of the water resistance, water jogging (or walking) is nothing like jogging on the ground. It’s a great alternative if you have an injury that is preventing you from walking or jogging for exercise. It’s easier on the joints and bones, and burns about 17 calories per minute, which is more than on land. Start with 1-3 minute intervals.
  3. Aquatic Aerobics—From Pool Planks, Spiderman Climbs, to Fly-Backs, there are so many effective exercises involved with this endurance workout. You can join a group or put together your own routine by combining your favorite moves.
  4. HIIT Water Workout—If you love HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), why not mix it up in the summer by taking it to the pool. There are so many great videos online to get your routine together. Don’t forget your water-resistant speaker to add some tunes to your training.
  5. Water Volleyball/Basketball—This one requires some set up, but it really turns up the fun too! Get everyone involved in a friendly game of volleyball or basketball and you’ll forget that you’re burning calories too. Also, check out this new game for the pool called Spikebuoy—it’s another fun ball sport that gets everyone moving.

There you have it—five fun ways to get you moving at the pool this summer! Whatever you choose, make sure to stay safe, keep a constant eye on those little ones, talk to your doctor about the best options for you, put on the sunscreen, and as Sheryl Crow recommends, “soak up the sun!”

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