How To Build Your Business With Collagen

How To Build Your Business With Collagen

There are two things it’s never too late to start–a new business adventure and improving your health. Xyngular health and wellness products can help you do both. Are you interested in fewer wrinkles, better gut health, happier joints, and weight loss? If you answered yes to any of those things, then what are you waiting for? Complete Collagen is the tastiest way to start building both a healthier gut and a healthy network of customers!*

Collagen Features, Benefits, And What They Mean For Prospects

Collagen is so important to every part of your body. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. Your ligaments, tendons, cartilage, bones, muscles, organs, hair, skin and nails all have high amounts of collagen in them. So when we say your body needs collagen, we mean it!

As we get older, collagen production slows, but our body still needs the valuable benefits collagen provides. Xyngular Complete Collagen is an easy and efficient way to help promote natural collagen production, provide digestive support and promote gut health.*

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Aids In Natural Collagen Production

Complete Collagen uses vitamin C to help encourage your body’s natural production of collagen as well as help your body absorb collagen.*

Digestive Support

Collagenase is a collagen-specific digestive enzyme your body needs (alongside your protein) to make sure it can use essential amino acids.

Ethically Sourced Collagen Peptides

The type of collagen used in a collagen supplement is important. Xyngular uses collagen peptides, also referred to as hydrolyzed collagen. Collagen peptides are easier for your body to digest and absorb. Xyngular’s collagen peptides are ethically sourced from grass-fed bovine, wild-caught marine life, and cage-free chickens.

Collagen is something every single person needs. No matter your current level of health, body weight, activity level, or nutritional choices–your body will always need collagen. Don’t delay in giving your body a little extra love with Xyngular’s delicious collagen supplement, Complete Collagen.

Serve Your Audience By Telling Your Story

As you build your business, you’ll come to realize how essential it is to really connect with your audience. Relating to your customers and those seeking advice can be the difference between a successful business or just another social media post.

You can still build your business and create an honest following when you connect with your audience on a personal level. People want to hear your story. Tell them what drove you to make the choices you are with your health, business, wellness journey, and more. If you have a struggle to overcome (no matter how big or small), chances are someone else is facing the same thing and they’ll love to hear about your experience.

Find Your Story

Not sure you have a story to share? I bet you do! Ask yourself these questions and share your answers with your audience.

  • What problems or pain points did you have before you knew about Xyngular and Complete Collagen?
  • What health and wellness products had you tried before?
  • Why do you believe in Xyngular?
  • How has adding collagen to your diet helped you physically? Was it easy to add to your daily routine?
  • What has been your experience with it? Do you actually like the way it tastes?

Be honest! Don’t be afraid to show your passion, your pains, your struggles, and your successes. We all want to know that someone else was feeling down like we did (or are), but we also want to know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Be the light for your audience! Let them in and share how Xyngular has impacted your life, and what positive changes or benefits you have personally experienced through your wellness journey.

Here Are 6 Clever Ways To Tell Your Story

Don’t feel like going full autobiography? There are plenty of different ways to tell your story! Here are some fun and engaging ways to tell your weight loss story and share how Xyngular products have a healthy impact on your life.

  • Why did you get started with Xyngular? Share a favorite quote and why.
  • Have a Q&A with your audience.
  • Share a favorite tip or trick with Xyngular products.
  • Share a recipe that you love and that has helped you with weight loss.
  • Tell a funny story.
  • Share a mistake you made in the past and what you did to overcome it.

You can share these stories in email newsletters or social media posts on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook (to name a few). You can have a social gathering in person or simply chat with your friends and acquaintances throughout the day. The key is to make it simple and fun. If sharing your experience feels like a chore to you, your audience will feel that negativity! Happiness, excitement, and positivity are contagious!

Help Your Audience Understand The Importance Of Digestive Health

Building your business will come easy if you can find the pain points customers have that you have a solution to. You might come across people who are experiencing a few different issues that they think are just due to “getting older,” but could actually be eased (or even fixed) by improving their health!

This is where you can make an important impact on your audience. The more you know about each Xyngular product, the more guidance, and advice you can share to help them feel better.

So, why digestive health? Because digestion is the key to feeding our body everything it needs. What we put in our body provides every cell, muscle, tendon, and organ with life. If what we put in our bodies isn’t worth digesting, or isn’t being digested effectively, that can affect our entire mind and body!

Those struggling with digestion issues or an unhealthy gut may experience some of the following symptoms:

  • Bloating
  • Gas
  • Stomach discomfort
  • Constant fatigue
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Food intolerance
  • Food avoidance
  • Sugar cravings
  • Mood changes

Digestive health impacts literally EVERYTHING. Educate your audience on what an unhealthy gut means in each of these areas. Do your homework and learn what products Xyngular offers that will truly make a difference in overall wellness and weight loss goals.

4 Reasons For Xyngular Collagen

Complete Collagen is a lifeline to gut health. With essential digestive enzymes, Complete Collagen can aid in nutrient absorption, break down food to help it move more slowly through your system, and increase energy, while also building happier and healthier joints and improving weight loss.*

Here are three reasons Complete Collagen is worth adding to your shopping cart today.

Reason 1: Gut Health For The Win!

It’s hard to see the effects of poor digestion in your own life until you’re on the healing side of it. Your gut is critical to your overall health and should be the first stop on the path to a healthier you. Collagen will get your digestion back on track with digestive enzymes doing the microbial tasks that no one else can do.* Once Complete Collagen has helped get your gut in working order, you’ll wonder why you waited so long.

Reason 2: Fewer Wrinkles and Improved Skin Hydration

Our skin relies on collagen for that youthful plumpness and elasticity. Collagen will strengthen your skin and help with hydration.* Age is bound to bring a few wrinkles, but keeping your collagen production elevated will definitely keep you a step ahead.*

Reason 3: We Love You Au Naturale

The type of collagen you choose to supplement with matters. We prefer Complete Collagen with natural ingredients. Our ethically-sourced collagen provides the highest quality of collagen for the easiest digestion possible and best results.

Reason 4: We Have Multiple Flavors

Choices matter, and offering both the Piña Colada flavor and the Unflavored Collagen gives unlimited options for taking collagen daily. Some collagen enthusiasts like the Unflavored Collagen to add to their existing health drink, whether it’s a protein shake or a kale smoothie. Others like the sweet treat of the Piña Colada flavor, and mix it in plain water or create a delicious new recipe, like the recipes we’ve created. Collagen works over time, which means consistency is crucial to see benefits. Having both the Unflavored Collagen and the Piña Colada flavor on hand gives you the variety you need to make sure you are taking it every day.

These are just four reasons why we love Xyngular collagen, but there’s more! Take the time to document your journey with Xyngular collagen and share why you love taking Complete Collagen. We can all relate to wanting improved digestion and improved joint health, and just feeling kind of... blah. Let your audience know why collagen is worth adding to their daily routine and just how beneficial it can be! Speak from experience and speak with passion. We all want to improve our lives and experiences, and if you have a product or routine that can do that, don’t keep it a secret! Share why you decided to make an effort to include collagen supplements in your daily life.

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Understanding The True Value Of Complete Collagen and The Xyngular Opportunity

Xyngular health and wellness products, like Complete Collagen, are just one of the many ways people can start to improve their quality of life. Enjoying each day and feeling better is something everyone wants. Share with your audience how Xyngular can be a tool to help achieve these goals!

If you’re interested in sharing your success story, encouraging others to live more intentionally while also earning some financial independence, then becoming a Xyngular Distributor is a no-brainer.

You can build a successful business and audience by first understanding the features and benefits of Xyngular products like Complete Collagen. Take the time to dig into Xyngular Complete Collagen and other wellness supplements to discover for yourself why they work, how they work, and what they can do for you and your audience. As you come to understand the many benefits of Xyngular products, you’ll be armed with options and solutions for customers who come to you with health and wellness struggles. Make sure you understand all the benefits of Complete Collagen, especially the benefits of having both a piña colada flavor as well as the benefits of the unflavored collagen. The piña colada flavor is creamy and delicious, making it easy to sell and use yourself. unflavored collagen means unlimited possibilities—add it to anything and get the results with almost no extra effort.

Grow your business with Complete Collagen! Become an answer to those who are unhappy with their current health. Show them how they can come to love themselves again or love themselves even more with improved digestion, better joints, healthier skin, and knowledge that they can start making improvements to their health at any time.* Be the motivation for your friends to improve how they feel while also building your business. You may have started with Xyngular for weight loss, but ended up staying for so much more!

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Ready To Start Your Own Xyngular Business?

If you’re ready to start your own Xyngular business, learn more about the perks and rewards of becoming a Xyngular Distributor on our Opportunity page. Already know a Xyngular Distributor? Reach out to them and get your Xyngular business started today!

As a Xyngular Distributor, you are becoming your best self, living your best life, and achieving your goals. You are making a difference and changing lives--starting with yours! You’ll be recognized each time you advance and get special awards to mark your achievements. Your personal recognition program will grow with your dreams.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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