7 Things You Can Do Now to Support Your Immune System

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Want to know how to support your immune system? Join the club. How to support your immune system has been an extra hot topic these days, which is why we’ve put together these 7 ways to support immune system function fast.

Immune System Basics

Your immune system is your body’s first line of defense against environmental assaults. When any foreign invaders attack, your immune system gets to work eliminating them from your body. (Thanks, white blood cells!) Factors like stress and poor diet can lead to a weak immune system, while exercise and proper nutrition can give you immune system support.

7 Things You Can Do To Support Your Immune System

Whether you’ve noticed signs of a weak immune system, or just want to know how to support immune system performance, here are seven easy ways to strengthen your immune system:

Get Moving

The immune system benefits from exercise in many ways, including increased blood circulation, reduced stress and inflammation, and increased power to fight off infection, just to name a few.

Sleep More

If you want an easy way to support your immune system, just go to sleep. Your body heals and repairs itself during sleep, and not getting enough of it takes a toll on your immune system.

Reduce Stress

Stress causes our body to produce excessive amounts of cortisol, which weakens our immune system response. Cut your stress and support your immune system fast.

Get More Vitamin C

Your body doesn’t produce or store Vitamin C, so it’s important to include a daily dose in your diet or supplement for immune system support. (Xyngular Immune is a great source of Vitamin C.)

Eat a Balanced Diet

Make whole grains and antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables part of your regular routine to feel good, curb cravings, and help you know how to support your immune system.

Cut Sugar and Alcohol Intake

Sugar and alcohol can cause a weak immune system because both hamper the body’s ability to fight off environmental assaults and foreign invaders.

Improve Relationships

Believe it or not, having strong connections to family and friends actually provides immune system support. Maybe it’s the shot of serotonin you get from happy relationships.

You can read more here about these immune-supporting methods here.

Optimize Your Immune System With Xyngular

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