5 Must-Do Summer Activities


Summer is a great season for getting out and doing fun things. The sun, the water, the trees and flowers all bloomed and beautiful, what’s not to love?

But like all good things, summer will come to an end before you know it! To help you and your family take advantage of this summer and all it has to offer, try out one of our must-do summer activities here below.

Hit the Beach

Whether you have a beach, a lake shore, a river bank, or even a poolside lounge, get out and enjoy the sun! The sunshine helps your body produce vitamin D, helping you stay healthy enough for all your summer goals. And here’s why you shouldn’t sweat if you don’t feel “swimsuit ready.”

Shop the Farmer’s Market

If your area has a farmer’s market, there’s no better way to get your hands on that fresh summer bounty. Pack up the family and take a stroll around and see all the amazing colors and varieties you might not have seen in the supermarket. You’ll probably score a few free samples too! Pack up your fresh veggies, ripe fruits, and tasty treats, then make a big salad to take full advantage.

Catch a Ball Game

Even if you aren’t the biggest sports fans, check out a local sporting event this summer. There’s nothing quite like the atmosphere at the ball park. Cheer on the home team and enjoy the summer evening, even if it’s from the cheap seats. Tip: Check online to see if there are special themes that appeal to you (Star Wars Night, 80’s Night, etc.). Plus, sometimes you can catch a fireworks show after the game!

Give Back

Many people associate charity work or giving with the holiday season—that’s great! But many programs and resources run low during the summer months, making it a great time for someone like you to make a difference. Consider donating to a local food bank, donating blood with the Red Cross, or even just checking in on an elderly neighbor. We promise these will be lasting summer memories, and could start off great family traditions.

Get Healthy—and Bring a Friend!

Look, we know you probably made a resolution back in January to eat right, exercise more, lose weight, and get healthier. But here we are halfway through the year—how’s it going? If you’ve made progress on your goals, keep it up! But as much as everyone wants to “____ by summer,” it is a great time to start new goals. You’re more likely to stick to your goals if you have a friend or partner to keep you on track, so do it together!

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