3 Unique Ways Digestive Enzymes Help With Weight Loss

Digestive enzymes and weight loss

When we think about digestion, we typically only picture the stomach and the intestines doing the work. In reality, digestion starts in the mouth as your teeth and saliva start to break down food. From there, food travels through the throat and esophagus, also part of the digestive system, until it gets to the stomach. Here’s where Digestive enzymes can help!

Digestive enzymes help break down food into a form that the body can use. They’re basically the power player in the digestion process. While processing food is the primary function of digestive enzymes, there is also a lesser known, but super important, correlation between digestive enzymes and weight loss.

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Can Digestive Enzymes Really Help With Weight Loss?

Before we get too deep into the connection between digestive enzymes and weight loss, let’s speak to the basics of the digestive process. For our bodies to benefit from nutrients, the food we eat must be broken down into a usable form. This happens in the stomach. Once food is broken down, it moves into the large and small intestines, where it is absorbed into the bloodstream and carried to cells throughout the body.

While digestive enzymes benefits are many, they mainly work to break down the food in the stomach. When your digestive enzymes aren’t working efficiently, you can feel bloated, gassy, or have an upset stomach. That’s why it’s important to keep your digestive system running smoothly.

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Digestive enzymes are produced in your pancreas and play a key role during digestion. Without them, we would become malnourished from a lack of nutrients, and would experience a wide range of gastrointestinal issues. A well-functioning digestive system is necessary for healthy and effective weight loss.

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3 Unique Ways Digestive Enzymes Help With Weight Loss

How exactly do are digestive enzymes and weight loss connected? The food we eat plays a large part in whether we gain or lose weight. But it’s not just about what we eat, it’s about what we absorb. Digestive enzymes make the absorption of nutrients possible.

The three main digestive enzymes, and really the best digestive enzymes for weight loss, are protease, amylase, and lipase. These enzymes are responsible for breaking down a specific type of food. Protease is the digestive enzyme responsible for breaking down proteins. Amylase breaks down starches and complex carbohydrates, and lipase helps your body digest fats. Here are three ways those digestive enzymes help with weight loss:

1. They Break Down Food

This one sounds obvious based on what we’ve already mentioned, but what we haven’t talked much about is what can happen when food isn’t properly broken down. This can lead to a buildup of waste and toxins. On the flip side, as digestive enzymes work to improve digestion, they help move waste products, optimize our inflammation response, and detox your system so your body is primed and ready for weight loss.

2. They Increase Nutrient Absorption

It doesn’t matter how healthy your diet is if your body isn’t absorbing the nutrients it needs to function properly. By breaking food down into usable forms, digestive enzymes help you get the most benefit from the things you eat. That means you can have more energy to live your life. If you’re taking other supplements or weight loss products, the digestive enzymes help break down those as well.

3. They Boost Energy

We’ve said it before, and we’re going to say it again—the more efficiently your body digests food, the more nutrients you get from the things you eat. The more nutrients you get, the better your whole body runs. This gives you more energy and can even speed up your metabolism.

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