3 Brilliant Business Lessons Learned from a Lemonade Stand

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What can you and your business learn from those adorable kids on the corner, waving at you to stop and buy a cold glass of lemonade? A lot, actually.

3 Brilliant Business Lessons Learned from a Lemonade Stand

1) Make It Personal.

You know the old cliché: “It’s not personal, it’s business.” Yuck. Toss it out like an old lemon rind because in this business, it IS personal—and not only that, it is a foundational rule for success.

Let’s face it—no one likes to be “sold” to. But you know what people do like? Authenticity, connection, and friendship. And obviously when you combine that with a (proverbial OR literal!) refreshing glass of cravings-curbing Trimstix Pink Lemonade from your very own stand…forget about failure!

The key is to make sure everyone who passes your stand (i.e. your social media accounts, your neighborhood, your contacts list, etc.) has a solid understanding that you care—and THAT’S the reason they’ll be able to trust the powerful and proven health-boosting products you’re promoting.

“So glad I said yes to this amazing system. I’m down 4 sizes and at 18.8% fat. I can see how all my body parts are shrinking! I have never been small so for someone that once was size 16—this is priceless!” -Tilita S., Facebook Community*

2) No Two Stands Are The Same.

No two lemonade stands are the same, which is great—since no two distributors or customers are. Your business is unique to you, just as the needs of each customer is. Which means that comparison is futile.

That’s not to say you can’t learn something from the greatest “lemonade stands” out there, but make sure to only integrate what you know will genuinely fit for you and your clients. If you’re not a great baker (cold-caller?), don’t add cookies (cold calls) to your menu. But if you see that someone has created beautiful signage (follow-up strategy?) that inspires you—integrate something similar into your own stand!

Just make sure that you can back it up. Because ultimately, it’s YOUR stand.

“My life has changed so much because of using these products that I want each person that asks to know that there is an option for them and there is an answer for what they are seeking.” - Xyngular Distributor

3) Trial and Error Are Part of the Business.

Do you remember the first time you sat at the curb selling lemonade? It’s likely been a few years, and things have definitely changed. But even if your stand opened up recently, there is room to learn and grow and improve—and that’s okay! Just make lemonade out of those lemons!

Adaptation is integral to serving up the best lemonade in the neighborhood. Whether that means shaking up strategy or location or product emphasis, or doing a deeper dive on clientele needs, don’t be afraid to make tweaks. You never know—this could be the summer your stand strikes gold! (Or Pink…)

“So I didn’t open my Trimstix for at least a couple of weeks after I got my box of goodies! Guess I was kinda overwhelmed with it all. But once I did, I have to have it every day! It goes everywhere I go! Flavor is great and gets me through my day.” -Kimberly C., Facebook Community

Ready to Start Your Own Summer “Lemonade Stand”?

And when all other advice fails or you just need a quick reminder of why you got into the biz, just remember—lemonade stands are meant to be fun. We opened them as kids not just because they made us a little candy store cash, but because they were a blast! We hung out with friends, we met new people, and we helped everyone enjoy the delicious lemonade we knew they’d love. And that, my friends, is what it’s all about.

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