10 Meal Planning Tips for Picky Eaters

10 Meal Planning Tips for Picky Eaters

You’ve decided it’s time to focus on your health and shed a few extra pounds. Good for you! But when it comes down to eating some of the recommended healthy foods, you may feel a little iffy. Picky eaters exist! There’s nothing wrong with being choosy about what you will and will not eat, but to successfully travel the road to better health, learning to meal plan is crucial. Xyngular wants your weight loss journey to be happy and successful. When it comes to meal planning, Xyngular provides loads of support as well as approved recipes and a wide list of food options to help you get started. Ready to jump in? Check out our 10 meal planning tips to help you tip the scales once and for all.

10 Meal Planning Tips For Picky Eaters

Maybe you just really, really can’t stand beets. Or maybe carrots are what you can’t handle. Perhaps you can’t eat any food that’s green. No judgment! But don’t let your pickiness get in the way of a healthier you. Keep reading for meal planning tips to keep you on track.

Evaluate Your Eating Habits

Be honest. If you can’t stand the sight of a beet, even if you know they are healthy, it probably won’t work for you to incorporate them into your daily lifestyle. Make a list of foods that you like and don’t like and let this approved food list serve as your guide.

Discover New Recipes

Explore new recipes! Xyngular recipes are simple and easy to follow. Find recipes that include nutritious ingredients you like and exclude the ingredients that you don’t like.

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Plan Your Meals

Get ahead of the game and plan out your meals for the week. Make sure they include a variety of different foods from your approved list! You’ll have a better chance of sticking to healthier choices if you have a plan and stick to it.

Cook With Creativity

Get creative with how you prepare vegetables. The most common way, and possibly the most boring way is to add butter, salt, and pepper. Consider steaming, broiling, or baking. Or add an interesting spice like cinnamon or add a little heat, like red pepper flakes. Roasting veggies can also be a game changer for people who “don’t like veggies”. You probably just haven’t had them prepared in a way that tastes good to you. Think outside the box!

Put A Spin On A New Recipe

Just because a recipe lists certain ingredients, it doesn’t mean that you can’t throw something extra in if that sounds good to you. Recipes can be adapted to fit your personal appetite style. If there’s an ingredient you don’t particularly care for, leave it out! Better yet, swap it for something you like better. Use your approved foods list as a general guideline and use your common sense, you can find a way to make it work. Don’t be afraid of searching out alternatives online if you’re unsure or not feeling confident in your kitchen skills.

Shop Ahead

Meal plan for the week and then shop for groceries based on the meals you’ve planned for. It will help keep you on track at the store, cut down on unnecessary snacking, and probably help you to save some money as well.

Keep It Fresh

Try, whenever possible, to cook with only the freshest and in-season ingredients!

Try New Things

Try something new. Really, be brave. You can do hard things! Even if you don’t like it at first, you might change your mind after a few tries. An 8-Day Jumpstart only lasts 8 short days…YOU CAN DO ANYTHING FOR 8 DAYS! And by then, you’re well on your way to laying down healthy habits for a new way of eating and lifestyle going forward.

Keep It Simple

It’s okay to keep it simple. It’s important to try new things and expand your taste buds, but there is also nothing wrong with keeping it simple by using sticking to the things you know you will eat. Most people who eat “healthy” tend to eat the same things over and over again because it’s easy, reliable, and convenient. If that’s what works for you too, do it!

Stay Organized

Meal planning helps you spend less money at the store, save time, and be more organized. Staying organized can also keep your stress level low. Picky or not, this is a no-brainer.

Meal Planning Made Easy With The 8-Day Jumpstart

If meal planning seems a little overwhelming, Xyngular can help. The Xyngular 8-Day Jumpstart is based on a two-pronged approach. The first part of the program is an eight-day reset—from bad habits, unhealthy foods, and harmful mindsets that can stop us from reaching our weight loss goals. The second part of the program is the implementation of the right habits, including a customizable Xyngular diet plan, and the proven Xyngular products you’ll implement to start losing weight quickly. Following this approach will increase your overall health in the long run.

If you don’t like veggies, or you don’t like meat, or you are going dairy free, you can put your fears to rest with the Xyngular approved foods list. Swap and substitute one food on the list for another that’s more appealing. Above all, focus on taking your products using the included product timeline, they work and are the key component of our approach to weight loss and healthy life.

The 8-Day Jumpstart can guide you at the start of any Xyngular bundle or kit, and can also be used completely on its own! Whichever you choose, the 8-Day Jumpstart will provide you with a guidebook, a supplement calendar, a meal planner, and recipe suggestions. The 8-Day Jumpstart program also provides tips and support along the way to ensure that the new habits stick.

Login to your Xyngular account or call your distributor and order the 8-Day Jumpstart today.

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