Leadership With Vision

Steve Profile

Steve Elder | COO

Steve has a proven time and again that unleashing greatness in others is the path to success. He’s been known to create order out of chaos throughout his 20 years as a business professional and serving as an executive leader. 

“I want to know what drives people and what their passions are. I love being in the position to help people live a better life. Whether it’s building a business or living a healthier lifestyle, people shine when they go after what they love. I’m just thrilled if I can be a part of that.”  

A graduate of Brigham Young University with not one, but two business degrees, he has the knowledge and the real world experience to turn ideas into reality. He is a thought leader on organizational leadership and strategy, and strives for operational excellence and customer service that makes our Members and Distributors say “Wow!"

Steve is an avid runner and loves spending his downtime with his wife and five children.  He is also an accomplished pianist and freely shares his solo piano music and inspiration.